5+ Little-Known Secrets On How To Add Volume To Fine Hair

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You may want to be skinny to put on most kinds of fabulous outfits. Still, it can be the other way around for your hair. Rapunzel’s smoking hot prince could not have done his best to rescue her if she had thin, fine hair. Do you wish to add volume to fine hair, becoming a gorgeous princess who is her own lifesaver rather than in need of a prince’s rescue? Then check out the tricks below.

Eat more greens

Healthy growth of hair should be from the inside. You’d better increase the intake of nutritious ingredients in your meals. They include foods abundant in iron, zinc, and biotin (beans, spinach, chard, bananas, salmon, eggs, etc.). Also, you need protein for thick hair. Get it from whole grains, seafood, chicken, etc. Plus, cook with olive and coconut oil. Avoid alcohol, coffee, tobacco, and processed foods.

5+ Little-Known Secrets On How To Add Volume To Fine Hair
eat more greens

Select your brush wisely

Skipping round metal brushes is the best. They will likely heat up considerably when you use a blow dryer with them. Hard bristles made of plastic isn’t a smart choice. They can break your hair. We recommend that you get the most out of soft nylon brushes or natural boar bristle ones.  They will glide through your hair with ease, causing no excessive stress on it.

Switch the part of your hair

Do you favor any specific place to part the hair, by any chance? Unfortunately, it’s where your hair looks flat. To add volume to fine hair constantly, flip the part to another side.

5+ Little-Known Secrets On How To Add Volume To Fine Hair
change your hair part

Cleanse and condition the hair properly

The best options are volumizing conditioners and shampoos. This type of shampoo cleanses your hair gently. You won’t have to worry about whether they leave any unwanted build-up. Also, it makes the hair look fuller and feel thicker. For these conditioners, they do a great job of softening.  You should put them only on the hair ends and mid-shafts instead of your scalp, which will make your hair less oily looking. 

Add volume to fine hair by blow drying upside down

Blow drying hair needs techniques. Whether your hair is short or long, you should let it dry RIGHT. Just flip the head upside down. By doing so, your roots will automatically lift off the scalp.

5+ Little-Known Secrets On How To Add Volume To Fine Hair
sleep in a loose bun

Sleep in a loose bun

This way is advantageous with no required heat! Pull up your hair in a high bun. Make it loose so that it doesn’t tighten or crease the hair. Secure the bun with a fabric tie. When you take it down the next morning, the hair will look thicker and softly wavy. 

Another way to add volume to fine hair while sleeping is making use of stretchy fabric headband. Put it on across the forehead and wrap hair sections around it. You can secure it with pins if necessary.

Add volume with color

Hair color can be your close friend if your hair is fine, thin for some good reason. 

5+ Little-Known Secrets On How To Add Volume To Fine Hair
use color to make hair look thicker

You can put the color strategically to make the hair look thicker.  For instance, if you have dark hair, you can make lighter highlights to minimize the contrast between the scalp and the hair. 

Besides, the color gives a slight expansion to the shaft of your hair. That’s why it will have a fuller appearance. That said, make sure you don’t use excessive bleach. Otherwise, your hair will suffer breakage or so.

Volumize with the wavy or curly style of hair

It will give your straight hair an instant boost, making it look more voluminous. To better your wave’s look, apply a volumizing mousse to your hair. Be sure the hair is damp and clean. Place each half of the hair in a big braid. Then allow it to dry. 

5+ Little-Known Secrets On How To Add Volume To Fine Hair
have a wavy or curly hairstyle

Massage the scalp

Doing so will improve the blood circulation, thus nourishing your hair health. Massage your scalp regularly. The steps are simple to do. Pour some drops of hair treatment oil into your fingertips. After that, rub them on your scalp circularly for some minutes before shampooing.

Know what type of your hair is – oily or dry

If you want to choose a shampoo right, decide whether you have dry or oily hair.  A good one for oily hair will get rid of excessive oil gently. Meanwhile, the one for dry hair will moisturize it light but not weigh down the fine hair.

Add lift to the roots

5+ Little-Known Secrets On How To Add Volume To Fine Hair
use a roller to curl the roots

It’s one of the best ways to make your hair look fuller. Blow dry the hair gently. Finish after it is slightly damp. Next, set the illusive lift by applying a volumizing item to the roots. Also, you can rely on a roller set, power curlers, or a curling iron, to volumize. Keep in mind that you should use a heat protectant to protect hair from the thermal factor.

Make your strands thicker

Volumizing items these days can raise your strand’s size. Not all, they help make your style of hair longer lasting. So, you won’t have to worry about your fine hair losing the shape fast. There are various formulas for these products – for example, sprays, lotions, gels, etc. Whatever it is, make sure you avoid thickly formulated ones. For the best, ask your hairstylist about the best fit for your hairstyle.

Reduce the heat

5+ Little-Known Secrets On How To Add Volume To Fine Hair
reduce using heat to dry or style your hair

Your hair will thank you if you give less heat to its styling. Heat can dry the fine hair, making it more brittle and breakable. You don’t need that. That’s why you should often air dry the hair. Control it well when you use a blow-dryer.

Save the hair from heat-related damage

Thermal protectants are necessary anytime you use heated rollers or curling irons.  Their formulas are hair-friendly so that they can create a barrier between the friction and heat of the thermal equipment and your hair. After your application of the volumizing items, use them. 

Do you finish reading through the post? Have you tried any of the tips above to add volume to fine hair? Do you have any other tricks? We would love to hear from you!

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