Hair Dye Too Light – Will Washing Make It Darker?

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For women, beautiful hair plays an important role to make them feel confident. Hence, selecting the suitable hair is key to help you get the hair you desire. But dyeing your stress is never a piece of cake. Sometimes, the result is not like your desire. The hair color may appear darker or lighter than the shade you want. If you have too light hair color after dyeing, it’s high time for you to read this blog post carefully. Scroll down through the post to find some simple tricks on hair dye too light will washing it make it darker. You will be satisfied with the finished look if you follow these tricks properly. 

What to do if you dye your hair too light?

Working in the hair field for many years, we’ve received tons of questions related to dyeing hair. “My hair turned out too light after coloring. What can I do to tone down hair color?” or “How can I darken my hair color that is too light?” Don’t worry, everything can be fixed if you do it in the right way. You know, our hair grows half an inch per month. The new growth appears and gradually changes the colored hair. It will be back your natural hair hue but you need to wait for a long time. 

You really want to tone down your hair color immediately. You don’t want to wait anymore. Is there any way to repair the hair color? How to fix hair dye too light? Will washing make it darker? Luckily for you, we’ve found some top tips to help you get your hair back to looking its best. 

Hair Dye Too Light - Will Washing Make It Darker?
too light hair dye

Wash the colored hair with clarifying shampoo daily

Don’t panic when your hair color turns too light compared to your desire. One of the best solutions for “hair dye too light will washing make it darker” question is washing your mane frequently. Also, use a clarifying shampoo instead of using the normal one. Take clarifying shampoo and wash your strands. The shampoo works to remove product build-up and unwanted color in your natural locks. Bear in mind that the less you shampoo your curls, the longer the hair color lasts. Therefore, washing hair daily to tone down hair hue. 

However, this method may be quite harmful to your tresses. You should combine to apply a hair mask or conditioner to add more moisture, avoid dryness. Besides, gently brush your hair to avoid shedding and tangle. 

You can check expert advice carefully before fixing your hair hue. Reach items that are researched and manufactured for colored hair. It helps you cleanse, soften, and change the hair color, as well. 

Hair Dye Too Light - Will Washing Make It Darker?
use clarifying shampoo to darken your dyed hair

Make use of black tea to repair your hair color

Wash your natural locks with black tea remedy twice or three times per week. You should check the color regularly after applying this method. It needs time to get the finished look. 

How to correct dye blonde hair too light:

You pour 3-5 black tea bags into two cups of boiling water. Let them sit for 10 minutes. After the limited time, you take all tea bags out and you allow the rinse to cool down at room temperature. Pour the tea rinse in a spray bottle. Add the salt and shake the mix well. Then you apply the rinse to your natural locks and leave it on your head for at least 30 minutes. Rinse your hair thoroughly with fresh water and repeat the process if you want. Reapply the tea mixture day by day and you find your hair becomes shade darker.

Bonus: Don’t shampoo your hair after rinsing black tea out as it may cancel the effects. 

How to tone down hair color with coffee

Hair Dye Too Light - Will Washing Make It Darker?
black tea vs coffee

You may not be strange with coffee. But do you know that it can help darken your hair naturally? You will get the best result when using coffee, without using bleach or chemicals. 

How to fix your hair if you dye it too light? Remember that the darker the hair you want, the more times you apply the coffee mixture. You add 3 cups of coffee into boiled water to make strong coffee. Then let it cool down before applying to your head. Don’t use hot coffee as it burns your scalp. Wash your hair as you would normally do and rinse it with coffee. Let it sit for about an hour and wash your hair with lukewarm water again. Reapply this method for a month or more until you satisfy the result. 


Naturally darken your curls with soy sauce and apple cider vinegar

This is another safe way to correct your hair color if it turns too light. Reach ingredients available in the kitchen to get rid of unwanted color on your natural locks. The process is straightforward to follow. 

Firstly, you mix soy sauce and apple cider vinegar in an equal ratio, about half a cup of each. Shake it well to create a good rinse for your tresses. You shampoo your hair normally and then apply the mixture you’ve made. You use the mixture as a final rinse after washing. Don’t worry about the scent since it will evaporate quickly as your hair dries. Don’t forget to reapply the mix to achieve a good result. 

Hair Dye Too Light - Will Washing Make It Darker?
soy sauce and apple cider vinegar

These simple tricks on how to fix hair dye too light have their own strengths and weaknesses. Most of them are natural solutions, so they are great and gentle to the hair strands. It will not damage your natural locks, on the contrary, it darkens the hair hue and helps you reach a healthier and shinier hair look. 

However, they need time to remove the color you don’t expect. They are still semi-permanent solutions, so you have to reapply it regularly. 


Hopefully, after this writing, you have a deeper insight on hair dye too light will washing it make it darker. Try one of them and find the best way to tone down the hair color naturally without dye. Then, you can savor your beautiful hair every day. 

If you decide to wait until your new hair grows, you can wear a hair wig to conceal the hair color. It’s a great idea. It changes your hair look instantly without causing damage. To get the right hair system at affordable prices, drop Layla Hair via WhatsApp right now. We commit to selling real human hair extensions for you. 

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