7 Amazing Hair Extensions Hacks Only Few People Know About

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Hair extensions are magical methods that can turn short hair into long hair, thin hair to thick hair in a split second. If you are newer to the extensions world, you might want to learn some hair extensions hacks to keep your hair look great and gorgeous. 

In the market today, hair extensions are available for both men and women. They are like close friends, so let take care of them carefully. You can find on the Internet many resources about how to wear, style or remove hair extensions, but what about those hidden hacks no one reveals? In this post, Layla brings to you some tips for hair extensions from the experts, and let follow carefully.

Keep Your Hair Extensions Clean

Each type of hair extensions has its own specialized features, but one thing Layla can sure that all of them need to be wash regularly. Depending on how often you use your hair extension, it needs to be shampooed and conditioned regularly. 

Feel free to wash your human hair extensions like your own hair. You know proper shampoos not only remove any dirt, chemicals, and buildup from extensions but prolong its lifespan.

To keep your hair systems in tip-top condition, make sure that you regularly using the right products on them. After washing, remember to use conditioner as it will provide shine to your hair. Moreover, the conditioner can make your strands of hair smooth, soft and more ready to hold the volume. 

7 Amazing Hair Extensions Hacks Only Few People Know About
Keep your hair extensions clean

There are many shampoos and conditioners in the market, but you should choose products that have natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals. If not sure, you also visit hair your hairstylist or a salon, and they will give you the best advice.  

– Wash your hair extensions with cold or lukewarm water

– Massage your hair from root to tip

– Avoid adding conditioner to the root of the hair 

– Never rub hair together because it may become tangled

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Dry Your Extensions After Washing

After finish washing, get rid of access water by gently wringing out your hair extensions with a towel. Then hang your extension on a stand and allow them to dry naturally. This will encourage and enhance the natural texture of the hair. When air drying, you will need to prevent your hair extension from tangling in the meantime. Running your fingers through the hair is necessary to ensure hair stays neat and tidy. You can also dry your extension while wearing it.

7 Amazing Hair Extensions Hacks Only Few People Know About
let your hair extensions completely dry

However, if you have no time to leave hair air dry, you can use a blowdryer. Don’t blowdry in one spot for too long because that will be too much heat for your hair extensions. Also, you don’t need a super hot setting, a moderate heat setting is ideal. 

No matter what type of hair extensions you have, never leave it air-dry overnight. Before sleeping, ensure that it is completely dry because only. Well! You all have to avoid using heating tools for making your hair more healthy.

Don’t Use Too Much Heating Tools

Well! You all have to avoid using heating tools for making your hair more healthy and bouncy. Remember not to press or rolling your hair extension frequently. And avoid bleaching your hair or high exposure to chemicals are ways to protect your hair because they damage and dry your hair quickly. 

7 Amazing Hair Extensions Hacks Only Few People Know About
avoid using heating tools

There are many ways to style for your hair without heating like using headband curls, pins, hair rollers, fabric curls, braid your hair… All of them have no damage to your hair and easy to use. 

However, if you need to use extensions immediately after washing them, you can use heating tools but have to spray heat protectant before. It can prevent any heat damage and remember not to brush the hair until it is 90% dry. And also choose hair tools with adjustable heat settings. Layla’s advice is always to choose the lowest heat level, especially when you style your hair often.


Install Hair Extensions

Using extensions in the right way will actually prolong their lifespan. If you don’t know how to install your extensions, ask your hairstylist to advise you. Remember that a wrong installation can result in damaged hair, lead to tangles and shedding.

7 Amazing Hair Extensions Hacks Only Few People Know About
install your extensions properly

You can find on Google and there are various ways to install an extension. Hence, it is important to pick the right type of installation that is suitable for your own hair.

Gently Brush Your Hair

Brushing your hair can not be easy when you are wearing a type of hair extension because of the risk of tangling or knotting. Hence, it is important that you make sure that both your own hair and extensions don’t get damaged with improper hair brushing.

7 Amazing Hair Extensions Hacks Only Few People Know About
keep hair extensions tangle-free

Proper hair brushing is also the key to keep your hair systems in good condition, and even prolong lifespan. Combing your hair 3 times per day is perfect to keep hair free-tangled. You should hold the root of hair and brush gently by starting at the ends and working up toward the scalp. Go downward to preserve the hair’s natural direction. 

Remove Hair Extension Carefully

Our last sharing about hacks for hair extensions is properly taking your extensions out. Whether your extensions are tape-in or clip-in, you want to be careful in order not to damage your existing hair.

Different types of hair extensions offer their own removal solutions. At the end of the day, you should remove hair extensions so that your natural hair has rest to breathe. This thing will protect your own hair and keep your extension longer as well. You can easily take some types of extension at home, but Layla would highly recommend going to a salon or visiting a skilled stylist to take down your sew-in or glue in.

7 Amazing Hair Extensions Hacks Only Few People Know About
remove hair extensions carefully

After removing, you wash your natural hair with a clarifying shampoo and use a conditioner to help put nutrients back into your hair and scalp as well. Keep in mind that waiting at least 2 weeks before putting more extensions in your hair because your roots of hair need time to recover.

Store Your Extensions Safely

Why should you store your hair extension? Many wearers said that they don’t store their hair after using that resulted in unwearable extensions. 

Hence, to maintain your hair system, please hang it up on a wig stand or a hanger and then store it correctly. This hack will keep your extensions tangle-free and prevent any damage from occurring. You should wash and dry it completely before storing it.

7 Amazing Hair Extensions Hacks Only Few People Know About
store hair extensions safely and cleanly

Proper hair storage is actually simple and it also doesn’t require any special containers. It only needs some basic requirements:

– All strands of hair must be placed in a dry place, without much moisture.

– While not in use, extensions should be away from sunshine. 

Store your extension correctly only takes a couple of minutes, so let do it if you don’t want to wear a mess extension.

Above all are useful hair extensions tips from Layla Hair that can keep your hair beautiful, long, and healthy.

The Bottom Line

Hope that the blog will help you know and have more hair extensions hacks to keep them in tip-top condition. They would somehow help you to take better care of your hair. 

If you have any questions or want to purchase some packs of human hair extensions, don’t hesitate to drop Layla Hair via line (+84)98 963 34 24 (Tel/WhatsApp/Snapchat).

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