Find Hair Extensions That Don’t Damage Hair? Here It Is!

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In this post, we will take you right into the world of hair extensions that don’t damage hair. They are safe and lightweight to be installed on your head. 

What are the best hair extensions for fine hair? If you are a newbie or first-time buyer in this space, keep reading to help ease your mind and have the best solution for your thinning hair. 

Do hair extensions damage your own hair?

When you are on the market to find hair extensions, you may have heard some myths or disconcerting stories about these systems. You may have heard that a hair replacement system would leave your natural locks damaged and extremely thin. Is it true? Nope, as long as you buy high-quality hair systems and apply it correctly, it is completely safe for your own hair. Believe us!

For example, some say that many types of hair extensions using clips for installation damage their locks. But, in fact, clip-in extensions are the safest form of hair systems for wearers. They are easy to apply and draw out of the hair as needed. You can wear the hair daily or whenever you want to add the length and volume of your hair.

Find Hair Extensions That Don't Damage Hair? Here It Is!
hair extensions might cause damage to real hair

Also, there are different ways to install the hair; hence, do research and choose the best method. Whether you use a temporary or permanent form of hair extension, you wear and care for it properly,  you can achieve longer and thicker hair with zero damage to your natural locks. 

If you are not confident to wear hair extensions at home, the best way is to find a good hairstylist and ask for his/her help. He/she knows how to install the hair correctly and how to minimize the damage to your locks. We’re sure that this way helps you have peace of mind. 

Least damaging hair extensions for fine hair

We’ve listed some options if you desire to have hair extensions that don t damage hair. 

Clip-in hair extensions

Clip-in hair extension is a type of temporary hair extensions that can be installed easily at home. Some are afraid that the extension may weigh the hair down, but it does not. At the first time wearing, you may feel some discomfort. But this feeling will disappear when after several wears as you get used to the added hair. 

If you have a sensitive scalp, clip-ins are the best option. It uses sensitive-pressure clips to install the hair to the head. Just like most types of hair extensions, clip-ins work to add more length and volume to your hair look. You can use this hair on different styles, even for bridal hairstyles. Its price is reasonable that will not break your bank. 

A good hair system can last 3-6 months or more, depending on how often you wear and take care of it.


Tape-in hair extensions

We’re sure that you will love this hair. These least damaging hair extensions will lay flat on your scalp when being installed properly. Hence, no one can spot that you are wearing added hair. That’s why people evaluate as among the best hair system for those with fine and thin hair. 

If you are a first-time wearer, we advise you to go to a hair salon and ask for a hairdresser help. They know how to apply the hair to help you get a beautiful hair look. Compared to clip-ins, this hair is a little more expensive. 

Working in this field for years, we notice that tape-in extensions are among the most requested items by wearers around the world. It may take about one hour and a half to install, and you will have fuller hair without damage. You need to remove or reapply the hair extensions after 2-4 weeks. It looks so incredibly realistic. 

What’s more, this hair is super flexible since you can tie it up or wear it in a ponytail. It’s easy to take care of at home, too. 

Find Hair Extensions That Don't Damage Hair? Here It Is!
clip in vs tape in extensions

Halo hair extensions

One more type of temporary hair replacement system, Halo is one of the best least damaging hair extensions for fine hair. It is a unique system that does not attach to your mane. It has a hidden wire and a hair weft that place on the top of your head. The invisible “fishing line” can be adjusted to fit your head size, creating a natural and seamless look. It is designed to add extra hair volume to your own hair. 

Halo hair extensions require no adhesive or clips to stay on the crown of the head. If you get a human hair product, it is safe to wear and last longer. Like clip-ins, you can wear your halo whenever you need and remove it before going to bed. 

We advise you to choose the hair color that is the same as your natural hair hue. It is very comfortable. You can wear the hair every day, and just have to take care and brush it after each use. Made of human hair strands, you can trim, dye, or style the hair to blend in with your own haircut. 

If you have never worn halo extensions before, there are countless videos on the Internet that show you how to put them in. It is super easy! Try and enjoy your beautiful hair.

Find Hair Extensions That Don't Damage Hair? Here It Is!
halo human hair extensions

In the last words

Have thin hair, please utilize safe hair extensions such as clip-ins, tap-ins, or halo hair extensions. They will cover all your hair defects without weighing your own hair down. 

You want to buy hair extensions that don’t damage hair, Layla Hair is not a bad place to get the top-notch one. We supply all types of human hair replacement systems, no mixing synthetic or animal hairs. Our hair is raw and all cuticles are kept running in the same direction, avoid tangling problems. We offer good hair at wholesale prices that you cannot find in other brands. Purchasing our hair, you will have gorgeous and natural hair. You will have no issues with hair damage, breakage, and not affecting the health or growth of your own hair.

Feel free to drop us via the WhatsApp link in the corner of the screen. We’re always willing to serve you.

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