Wondering How To Make Your Hair Gloss Treatment Work? Read This!

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Everyone dreams of having shiny and silky hair like models and stars on television. Therefore, we often use chemical products and hairdressing tools to make them smoother. But these processes can damage the hair and scalp. Say goodbye to chemicals and hairdressing tools instead of using hair gloss treatment at home to get the same results.

Haircare when shampooing

Do you know that the way to wash your hair can affect your hair much? Therefore, if you want to have nature and gloss hair, you should care your hair while cleaning it.

All of you know how to wash their hair, but surely there are a lot of people do not know the right way to do it. If so, stop some wrong actions that could damage your hair and apply the following tips.

Wondering How To Make Your Hair Gloss Treatment Work? Read This!


Hot water dries the scalp and damages to your hair no less than the harms of curlers, stretching your hair with heat. Hair will become dehydrated, leading to lack of vitality and split ends.

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Therefore, washing your hair by cold water is the right washing way because cold water will help lock the cuticle on the hair shaft and maintain the moisture content of the hair.

Reduce the amount of shampoo

Wondering How To Make Your Hair Gloss Treatment Work? Read This!

We often take 2-3 times to apply shampoo for each shampoo. But using too much shampoo can remove the natural oils of the scalp and dry the hair. You should only take 1-2 times to press the shampoo, foam it with plenty of water and wash with foam that is enough.

Massage your hair – essential hair gloss treatment

Don’t scratch your scalp with your nails or mess your hair when cleaning. Thus, the scalp is vulnerable, scratched, and the hair broke more. You should smooth your hair before shampooing.

Wondering How To Make Your Hair Gloss Treatment Work? Read This!

Furthermore, while shampooing, you should use gentle fingertips to massage your scalp with a spiral motion to clean your scalp and enhance blood circulation.

How to apply conditioner

Many people mistakenly think that applying conditioner from root to tip is good for hair. The fact is that the amount of conditioner will be redundant, and when it is difficult to remove the conditioner, it will increase the amount of hair loss.

You should only apply oil from the hair shaft to the top and rinse after 2 minutes. Hair gloss treatment at home for oily scalp people, you should do the opposite. It means that you will use a conditioner before shampooing. Thus, the hair is still smooth.

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Take care of your hair after shampoo

After shampooing, you still need to pay attention to the next steps carefully, because when wet is the weakest hair easily damaged.

Using a microfiber towel

After washing your hair with a soft cloth, it has a quick and soft absorbent material such as microfiber which is better than a regular cotton towel and prevents hair from being damaged and splitting.

Wondering How To Make Your Hair Gloss Treatment Work? Read This!

Drying at damp hair

Dry hair naturally is the best way to care for hair. But if you still want to dry, you do not dry when the hair still drenched, then the epidermis in the hair body expands because the wind and the high temperature will cause the steam to escape, the hair will dry and break.

Natural ways to hair gloss treatment at home

Most people don’t know exactly “what is hair gloss treatment?”, so we introduce the easy way to hair gloss treatment at home by natural materials.

Wondering How To Make Your Hair Gloss Treatment Work? Read This!

Lemon and honey

Mix lemon juice with a glass of milk and store in the refrigerator to thicken the mixture. Then rub it all over your hair and gently massage it to make the mixture work more deeply. Brush your hair and incubate it with hair.

After half an hour, when the hair is dry, wash it with water and gently brush it. Repeat this activity 2-3 times per week for smooth and shiny hair.

Recipe from celery

To make the mixture, you need to put celery, 25ml water into the blender. Then, place it in a closed container or glass jar, and leave it overnight.

Next morning, shake the mixture well before applying it directly to the hair. Gently massage from root to tip for about 10-15 minutes. Then shampoo as usual. For best results, repeat this activity 2 to 3 times a week.

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Hair gloss treatment by rice water

Rice water will make hair smooth because it is very rich in starch. Boil rice with water twice as much as traditional cooking. Take the water and let it cool. The mixture will thicken.

Spread the mixture over your hair and massage with your fingers. Leave on for 15 minutes before shampooing. For better results, do it at night before going to bed. Leave the mixture on your hair overnight and rewash it the next morning.

Wondering How To Make Your Hair Gloss Treatment Work? Read This!

Hair gloss treatment Aveda

This essence is sold everywhere in stores. You can make your mask at home and add ten drops of this essence, two tablespoons of linseed oil, and two tablespoons of butter oil.

Mix well and smooth over hair. It’s best to stay overnight and wash your hair the next morning

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Hair gloss treatment at home with olive oil

Olive oil is good for hair conditioning. You can apply some of this mixture after washing your hair. This mixture includes 1 part 4 cup of olive oil, one tablespoon of jasmine oil, and 1 part 4 cup of conditioner.

Wondering How To Make Your Hair Gloss Treatment Work? Read This!

Mix this mixture well and apply to hair. After 10-15 minutes, rinse with warm water. Let your hair dry naturally so that the hair can be smooth and shiny.

Hope that after the post, you will know more about hair gloss treatment at home to help your hair look natural and smooth. If you need more information about hair or hair extension, don’t forget to visit our website to get more useful tips.

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