Hair Highlights – The Great Hairstyle To Amp Up Your Hotness

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Why should you go for hair highlights? Whether you prefer sun-kissed or dramatic hair look, highlights hair will meet all your demands. These styles are the perfect method to enhance your natural hair hue and offer fashionable appearance. Our following post will guide you with everything about this coloring technique and help you find which style works best for you. Here we go!

What are hair highlights?

Put simply, hair highlights are to change someone’s hair color, using the dye or lightener to paint strands. If your natural hair color is dark brown, add blonde hue to lighten and make your tresses appear fuller. For blondes, we highly recommend red highlights. 

Hair Highlights - The Great Hairstyle To Amp Up Your Hotness
hair highlights

It is vital to note that there are various types of painting techniques. Four main basic techniques are hair painting, foil highlights, frosting, and chunking. Whether your hair is a natural or unnatural color, highlights are a great way. For example, foil highlights are a traditional technique, they are used to isolate sections of the tresses in different shapes and patterns. It creates a soft and bold contrast. However, Balayage – a hair painting is a new and hot technique today. The hairstyle is most hand-painted onto random small sections of hair. It gives a more lived-in-look. 

To highlight the hair, people use four types of hair dye, temporary, semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and permanent. Highlighted hair makes your hair look fuller and more lively. Permanent hair dye will provide permanent color. 

Why should you go for highlights?

Whether you use any coloring technique and shade for the highlights, this style is still outstanding. Some say that highlights help them look fresh and youthful. Depending on your hair base color, you can choose the best one for you. You can choose from highlights for dark brown hair, highlights for black hair, and more. Sporting hair highlights, you should spend time for fewer salon visits to maintain your tresses.

Hair highlight techniques

Here are 4 main methods of highlighting hair:

Basic foil highlights

As it sounds, the technique uses foil to separate hair and lighten on some pieces. Often, hair colorists apply lightener to your natural locks. Then they fold the foil during the processing time to protect the hair and surrounding areas. The waiting time allows you to get your desired hair color. We recommend this method for those wanting to apply lowlights to your tresses. 

Hair painting

Hair Highlights - The Great Hairstyle To Amp Up Your Hotness
Balayage hair technique

This is a common coloring technique that may be done at home. It is often permanent and uses a simple hair-painting brush. Sometimes, one may employ combs to highlight or paint thin-sized strands of highlights hair

In this technique, people prefer Balayage referring to a free-form coloring technique on clean and styled hair. It is a French word that means scanning or sweeping. Compared to other techniques, Balayage results in subtle and more natural-looking hair. Women among the aged 18-27 love this trending style, especially in the America South. 


It is a free-hand lightening process. Remember, the technique works best on men or women with short haircuts. 


Chunky highlights give a thicker and bigger highlighting rather than offering highlights. As a traditional method, it gives a bold, natural color as well as artificial, thinner highlights.

Best hair highlights ideas 2020

Golden blonde highlights

We will start off with the most popular choice of dark brown hair with highlights. Add some golden blonde highlights into your dark hair color, creating a stunning contrast. Deep brown and light golden blonde, the combination is unusual yet offering a gorgeous hair transformation. Let’s style your tresses in curly texture, no one can ignore your hair. Blonde highlights for brown hair look particularly striking. Again, use a curling iron to create some big waves on your tresses. Or you can braid your hair and leave it overnight, you will have a beach wave hairdo in the morning. 

Hair Highlights - The Great Hairstyle To Amp Up Your Hotness
Golden blonde highlights vs red hair with blonde highlights

Red hair with blonde highlights

If you are ready for something new and fun, this sexy with cherry red hair color is what you are looking for. When done right, your hair color looks shiny and vibrant. It brightens your whole hair look, providing a gorgeous look and magnificent contrast and depth. Highlights for hair is a subtle combination of soft and bold. Both red and blonde are light hues, so they need high maintenance. Hence, please try to protect the hair from fading. Use the right and safe shampoo to wash your hair and rinse with cold water. Avoid high temperatures.  

Brown hair with caramel highlights

Delicious color such as caramel makes it an excellent choice for highlights. This soft tone mixes well with dark tones such as brown tresses. Freshen up your tresses and add more intrigue to the whole look with natural-looking caramel highlights. To show all your hair beauty, straighten your natural locks. We think that these beautiful highlights on dark hair are the best bet for your hair looks every day. Remember to opt for the right and high-quality hair dye products, your curls will look shiny and eye-catching. If you are searching for a contemporary style with brown hair color, why not try this color idea.

Navy blue highlights for dark hair

Hair Highlights - The Great Hairstyle To Amp Up Your Hotness
Navy blue highlights for dark hair

Try these highlights on black hair to boost the brightness of your natural hair hue. If you are obsessed with the bob style, this highlight is for you. The combo of black base color and navy blue highlights creates gorgeous locks that are close to vibrant precious gems. Concentrate the blue hue on at the hair tips and black shade on the roots. Doing this helps add excellent texture to your tresses. Try this black hair with highlights today and get your perfect solution for your fashion problem. 

Balayage blonde ends

Hair Highlights - The Great Hairstyle To Amp Up Your Hotness
Balayage blonde ends

The form of blonde highlights on brown hair is a lovely hair trend that looks good on all skin complexions. The hair technique changes your natural hair hue and offers lots of movement. This coloristic solution brings a dramatic final look to otherwise lifeless hair. 

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Why should you see your hairstylist for highlights?

In the 4.0 era, you can learn everything from the Internet. You can find tons of at-home highlighting kits and tutorials on Youtube, but we don’t encourage you to do the process by yourself. It would be better if you take yourself to a hair salon and professional colorists will do it for you. They customize and tweak the color application go the best boost the beauty of your hairstyle. They are trained to apply coloring techniques, so they know what exactly to do. To get the right hue and haircut, it also depends on your skin tone and eye color. Not to mention that your hair health is good or not. If you apply the wrong method, it may damage your bio hair. Hence, learning and knowing the pros and cons of each technique is very important. When highlighting your strands, hair colorists can combine strengthening treatments to protect your hair and maintain the color. 

In Conclusion

If you are bored with the current hairstyle, you can resort to changing up with your favorite color by highlighting it. Don’t have to color full of your head, this way helps minimize the risk of your existing hair damage. 

We hope that you understand more about the hair highlights and find out your best hairstyle. To experience different highlights hair, you can buy a quality wig from Layla at an affordable price. We always welcome you to our site at any time. 

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