Your Hair Looks Dull After Coloring? Here’s How To Deal With It

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Hair looks dull after coloring is a serious thing that all people worry especially for women. If you don’t know how to care for the hair when coloring, it is difficult to have smooth, shiny, bouncy, and vibrant hair. But don’t worry about this, it has some ways to restore the colored hair’s healthy appearance. Let’s Laylahair find reasons and ways to revitalize the crown.

5 reasons for hair looks dull after coloring

Washing with hard or hot water

As you know, taking a shower after a tiring working day is very perfect. But water is a reason that makes the hair looks dull. For example, hard water is very high in minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and metallic ingredients. They naturally make the colored hair appear faded, dull, and dry. Moreover, hot water can strip off the outer cuticle layer, which can easily speed up the fading process.

Your Hair Looks Dull After Coloring? Here's How To Deal With It
hair looks dull after coloring

Using excessive heat styling tools

How to make my hair shiny after coloring? It is a question that you easily found on the internet. Other than the style of hair coloring, you can change the hairstyle by curling or straightening. Similarly, hot water contributes to hair damage with emission heat.

Having too much chlorine and sun exposure

Summertime is considered the perfect chance to get the tan lines and also take a dip in the swimming pool. Moreover, it is also the time that the sun is the most unforgiving with some harmful UV rays. 

Besides, chlorine is used to keep free of bacteria. The bacteria are very bad for each strand because they can strip off the natural oil of the hair, keratin, and also color.

Other issues:

Skipping regular trims

In general, normal hair, colored hair or not can get damaged over time. It can easily develop split ends and become frizzy. So how to keep hair shiny after coloring is that you should make a schedule for a hair cut and don’t usually cut it every day.

Using regular conditioner with shampoo

As you know, not all hair care products are used for all different types of hair. So you have to research what shampoo and conditioner are suitable for your hair. Because when choosing the best shampoo, hair looks natural and shiny. Especially the dyed hair must have a different composition included chemical elements.

Your Hair Looks Dull After Coloring? Here's How To Deal With It
using the improper shampoo might make hair color go wrong

How to fix hair looks dull after coloring

Try a Treatment

When finding a reason why hair looks dull after coloring, you should also find a solution for how to get shiny hair after coloring. You can choose a color therapy depositing hair mask or another called hair gloss treatment. It can enrich the new hair. You also enjoy smooth, hydrated hair with color boost and even go longer among coloring treatments the next time. These treatments are used instead of conditioner every 2 – 3 times. 

Moreover, color therapy Caffe will also ad smoky ash tones for neutralizing some brassiness in brunettes. The color therapy in Perla can do the same for yellow hair when applying violet tones. Color therapy in Castagna adds warm chestnut tones to brunettes while the color therapy in Dorato has golden and honey tones for both blondes and brunettes. 

Apply a treatment

Applying the pro boost to shiny hair dye. Shine can easily deep conditioner treatment to the routine. It will help keep the hair healthy-looking and moisturized with hydrating hyaluronic acids and argan oil. As you know, the hair always needs a moisture boost and shine, you can use a deep conditioning treatment instead of using a regular conditioner to create the hair a radiant boost.

Begin with the Right Stuff

Finding a question Does hair dye make your hair shiny? You should choose the color wisely. Because radiant hair color is not only gorgeous, but also free from ammonia, resorcinol, parabens, gluten, PPD, phthalates, and titanium dioxide. The color is very specially formulated with various tones blended to make a natural-looking and multi-dimensional color. It never makes it flat and dull.

If you will lighter, try something product such as Prime for Perfection. With the formula has no ammonia, bleach, parabens, phthalates, gluten, and peroxide, it is the best perfect pre-color prep step for removing excess color build-up when coloring. The way for woking is by penetrating the hair cuticle to release excess color and give you an optimal base for the color. It can help to avoid that brassy, dull, and dark look. It is also recommended to use very 2 – 3 times when colored hair.

Your Hair Looks Dull After Coloring? Here's How To Deal With It
apply treatment to colored hair

Take care of  the hair on the regular 

How to get shiny hair after coloring is to look after the hair regularly. Preventative and daily care in a long way can keep the color vibrant and healthy-looking. Use a shampoo that will shield the hair from the harsh sun like Color Protecting Shampoo. This product can avoid UV rays.

Moreover, the color-protecting shampoo is also gentle enough for use every day, it doesn’t strip the color when cleansing. Blast the hair with cold water’s soak after taking a shower by using cold water can seal the cuticles, helps amp up the shine, keeps the color locker, and also gives the glossy locks.

Call to professional experts

Does hair dye make your hair shiny? To keep the color-treated hair vibrant and shiny requires some attention and a little color hair know-how at home. If you don’t know where to begin, you can easily always check out some complimentary Video Color Consultations and The Color Crew in all real-time. All licensed colorists are always ready and waiting to answer all of the questions and get the hair back more vibrant and fabulous self.

To sum up, through the article, Laylahair hopes that all customers can easily understand why hair looks dull after coloring as well as solutions for each reason we mentioned. If you still wonder about this, please contact us:

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