«I Dyed My Hair And My Curls Are Gone» – How To Fix It?

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I dyed my hair and my curls are gone is a serious problem that all people are concerned about. Because nowadays, there are different ways to apply personality and versatility to curls. And one of the most popular is colored curls. However, there is a problem is after dyeing the hair, the curls are gone. 

Now, we will discuss how do I get my curls back after dying it, the reasons why this happens, and the fix – solutions for the issue.

Reasons why after dyeing my hair, my curls are gone


Why do my natural curls fall flat is hormones. Hormones can easily change the hair texture. When we go through different life stages like puberty, menopause, or even pregnancy, you can see the different curliness their hair displays.

However, there are no source scientific studies that can explain this problem. It appears very little research on the topic. And the only thing we know is hormones can change the curl patterns.

"I Dyed My Hair And My Curls Are Gone" - How To Fix It?
curls loosen after coloring hair

Heat damage

When excess heat damage and dye color can damage curls pattern. If you blow-dry with a diffuser of flat iron the hair, the curls will suffer. This can be solved in three ways:

Lay off the heat

I dyed my hair and my curls are gone, you can choose plenty of ideas for beautiful wavy and curly styles which don’t use heat. If you want the curls pattern to revive, you should stop using heat and keep a distance. This can make a great difference in getting the curl pattern back and also allows the hair to recover.

Deep conditions like crazy

Warming the hair after heating damage will help the curl come back. Moreover, it can also help the hair healthie. You can combine protein with moisture is the best choice. Briogeo Don’t Despair, Curls Blueberry Bliss Mask, and Repair Masque are two favorite products.

Cut the excessive damage

How to take care of curly hair after dying it is to cut the excessive damage. However, for starters, cutting ends that are damaged by dying is a good way to change the appearance of the hair.

Other issues:


I dyed my hair and my curls are gone with a reason is products. Please pay attention to ingredients. Each hair can react differently to ingredients, so the trial and error thing is very important.

You should avoid sulfates, silicones, and parabens. It can make a great impact on the own hair. If you use CG Method longer, the consistent and defined curls will be clearer.

Something else that can be considered is weight. If you have fine hair, easily get weighed down and you also use a product with oils and butter. Two ingredients are too much for the hair and can make weigh it down. And then causing the curl pattern to stretch. 

How to care for curls after coloring hair

My hair is naturally curly but won’t curl anymore. This is a wish all people want. Like natural curls, colored hair develops on moisture. When you add more color, you also need to add more moisture. In general, curls get easily dry. Factor in deciding how the color takes to the hair is a whole process of opening the hair cuticle for depositing dye. In addition, it also uses ingredients such as bleach and alcohol to deposit color. 

"I Dyed My Hair And My Curls Are Gone" - How To Fix It?
use products to define curls

And the first thing to remember is to replenish moisture among washes. These are also all elements that can affect hair health and hydration.

Use the right products

How to get my curls back after bleaching or coloring is to use the right products. Nowadays, there are some natural hair-care products that are designed for colored hair. They can serve clear purposes such as toning down brassiness and also preventing yellow. Options you can choose like Goddess Strength Fortifying Shampoo with Castor Oil, e Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Hydrating Conditioner has extra oils and moisturizes that can restore lost hydration into the hair.

Start in the shower

Hair color changed my hair texture and your moisture process also begin in the shower with the shampoo and conditioner. When coming to choosing the best conditioner and shampoo for color hair, make sure that it is free of sulfate. And the last thing the colored hair needs to be more stripping. 

You should find out a gentle shampoo for colored hair such as Wash Day Delight. The product nourishes ingredients such as glycerin and aloe leaf juice. All ingredients can help to push moisture to the hair. 

And now, we will discuss the best conditioner for colored hair when I dyed my hair and my curls are gone. You should also focus on the ingredients. Conditioners with oils can settle into the hair shafts and help seal in moisture. The Almond Milk Restoring Conditioner and the Sacred Tiare Fortifying Conditioner can do this. Please make sure to carefully detangle the hair while using the conditioner. Wet hair is fragile and is very sensitive to breakage when it is color-treated. So you have to coat it well with some conditioners – even better the Black Vanilla 4-in-1 Combing Creme and then apply a wide-tooth comb to wash through some knots and tangles from the bottom to the roots.

Remember to apply a moisturizing leave-in like the Monoi Star Strength Leave-In Cream before changing to the other styling products.

"I Dyed My Hair And My Curls Are Gone" - How To Fix It?
deep treatment for curly hair

Dive into deep treatments

Curl pattern loss after coloring hair, so you should dive into deep treatments. You don’t go overboard on moisture when you color the hair. So, please add a weekly hair mask to the wash-day mix. They are rich in moisturizing oils that can help replenish and keep the hair from losing moisture among washes. If you are unsure which product to try, the Almond Milk Ultra Nourishing Hair Mask is a good place, to begin with, its medley of nourishing oils.

To sum up, through this article about I dyed my hair and my curls are gone. We hope that you could understand more about the topic and also choose the best solution for my hair to make the colored hair healthier, vibrancy, and keep the curls longer.

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