Struggling Hair Loss Front Of Head Female? The Easy Way Out!

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Hair loss can affect anyone, but women have a higher tendency to experience this kind of disease. And the most affected part is the hair loss front of head female. In this article below, LaylaHair will help you understand more about this problem and give you some solutions to treat your hair.

What is hair loss front of head female?

Even though hair loss can happen with anyone, both men and women, hair loss in front of the head is more popular than in females. That gives people the feeling that their hair is not as thick as usual, especially in the front head area. The hair falls out and the scalp is invisible.

What causes hair loss front of head female ?

As normally, each day people will lose an average of 50 to 100 hairs. If the number of hair loss is more than this one, your hair is in an alert situation. When talking about hair loss, there are plenty of reasons, for example:

Struggling Hair Loss Front Of Head Female? The Easy Way Out!
hair loss in front of head female


Some studies show that the gene plays a factor that can cause hair loss. Hair loss front of head is more popular in old and middle age, but sometimes it appears earlier.  


It is easy to understand that aging and hair loss is a natural mechanism of the body. The older you are, the more hair will be lost. However, this ratio is much higher in females. 

The changes of hormonal

Pregnancy, giving birth or menopause are some of the factors that cause hormonal changes. That leads to patchy hair loss or makes your hair weaker and easy to fall down.

Hairstyle treatment

If you style or pull your hair too tight, it can cause traction alopecia. Hair is also affected by heat treatment or your scalp gets an allergy to one of the ingredients of shampoo, conditioner, or hair care products.

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Can people get hair loss front of head female in their 20s?

The answer is yes and no. Yes, normally, females in their 20s are less suffering from hair loss front head because they’re still young, the hair follicles are still strong and fertile. 

No, it’s when you smoke or use stimulants such as alcohol, caffeine or drugs. 

Hair loss front head female treatments

Struggling Hair Loss Front Of Head Female? The Easy Way Out!
hair transplant

Medical treatment

To stimulate your hair growth, you can use Minoxidil to apply directly into your scalp everyday. This treatment also prevents hair thinning, giving your hair an extremely different appearance. But one minus point of this kind of treatment is that the time to see Minoxidil is quite long, it’s from 6 months to 1 year and the users need to follow the route.

Hair transplant

Hair transplant with various techniques is also a good choice for hair loss in front head female. With this treatment, the doctor will remove hair from a part of the scalp and transfer it to the area where the hair is lost or thin.  

Laser treatment

To help your hair regrow or make the baldness gone , you may consider the laser treatment. Doctors will use the laser on your scalp to stimulate hair follicles to regrow. The studies show that 75% of women over the age of 65 benefit from laser therapy. 

Use hair pieces

There is also an option to help women overcome hair loss front head. That is using hair pieces, of course it’s a temporary solution but fastest one to bring you a gorgeous hair appearance. LaylaHair highly recommends two types of hair pieces which are wigs and hair toppers. It is a great idea for hair loss front of head female gets a wig. These are made from 100% Vietnamese and Cambodian human hair collected directly from vendors. The hair wigs and hair toppers can cover your baldness, make it look like natural hair coming out from your scalp. No one can tell the difference with naked eyes. Please visit our website to find for yourself the best product. 

Struggling Hair Loss Front Of Head Female? The Easy Way Out!
use a topper to cover hair loss

Take a look at our topper hairpieces:


Prevention is always better than cure. So to avoid the hair loss front of head female, these are some tips you need to consider:

– Remember to always be gentle with your hair in any activity, do not tug or hard pull the hair when combing it. 

– Avoid using heat treatment as much as possible like using hot oil, hairdryer, hot roller, curling irons, and so on.

– Limit the time your hair contacts with sunlight or the light with ultraviolet.

– Stop smoking or use products with caffeine, because it makes your hair easier to fall out.

– Maintain a healthy diet and balanced routine, it’s not only good for health but also good for your hair. 


Long story short, hair loss front head female is so annoying and makes you lose confidence. In the article above, LaylaHair indicated the reasons and gave you some tips as well as suggested treatments. However, for the best improvement, you need to go to the doctor or hair expert to diagnose the hair condition and then apply the most suitable treatment. 

Hopefully, with all the information above, you find it interesting when reading about hair loss front head female. If you want to read more, please browse our website. We provide not only informative articles about hair disease, how to take care of your hair, but also the best products to fix your hair problems. Please let us know if you need any further help.

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