How Can I Speed Up Hair Growth?

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Is there any way to make my hair grow faster? How can I speed up hair growth? Read on to see useful tips to help you get your hair goals. 

Your natural hair grows slowly, it’s kinda annoying. No matter how many hair growth supplements or vitamins you take every day, your hair strands will not grow butt-length overnight. It is a long process. Experts explain that our hairs grow about 1/2 inch per month and about 6 inches per year on average. 

The good news? However, we can follow some interesting tips to promote the rate of hair growth. How can I speed up hair growth? If you feel that your strands are not growing fast enough, Layla Hair will help you find the best way to grow natural hair faster. Let’s get started! 

Here’re simple and proven ways to stimulate hair growth: 

Do a scalp massage

Bear in mind that scalp care will impact the hair growth speed. In other words, scalp massage is an ideal way to provide numerous benefits for hair and the body. How to stimulate hair growth? Just use your fingers or specially-designed devices to massage your scalp for about 5 minutes a day. When you press some points on your scalp, you indirectly stimulate many nerve roots and hair growth. Thus, scalp massage can do to promote natural locks.   

Also, scalp massage works to stimulate blood circulation, reduce the risk of hair shedding. This tip helps blood flows to vessels on the scalp, and hair strands become stronger and grow faster. After the massage, your head and body seem to be different and relaxed.

How Can I Speed Up Hair Growth?
scalp massage

Utilize hair conditioner more often than shampoo

We do mean that you should shampoo your hair less often. Many think that shampoo removes all dirt and dandruff on the heads, but it also moves natural oil away from your hair and scalp. This makes your strands get drier and weaker, slow down the hair-growing process. Shampooing your mane twice time a week is ideal. 

How can I speed up hair growth? Maintain a hair care routine to stimulate new hair to grow faster. You should invest in a good hair conditioner that is suitable for hair type. The conditioner works to repair damaged hair, keep hair stronger, and promote hair to grow faster. 

Take biotin to speed up hair growth

What is biotin? To be precise, it is a type of vitamin B – B7 and vitamin H. The main roles of biotin are to metabolize food and create energy for the body as well. The biotin for hair-growing power is available in two main sources, food and medicine. To boost your hair growth, let’s eat more fresh vegetables and fruits like bananas, carrots, avocado, etc. They are excellent sources for biotin. Nevertheless, if you take biotin supplements, consult your doctor to find the best product and determine the right biotin dosage. 

How Can I Speed Up Hair Growth?
biotin can speed up hair growth

Studies show that vitamin B7 and vitamin H activate to promote new hair growth and slow down hair loss rates. Bition improves keratin that is necessary for hair, offering good hair growth results in men and women. 

Apply a hair mask

Have you ever applied a hair mask on your natural locks? There are numerous products out there created to give you beautiful hair look. Besides, they help in promoting your hair lengthen faster. Opt for items with ingredients like peppermint, coconut oil, and so on. 

If you have not found any good product, find a home remedy for hair growth. You can use available ingredients in your kitchen like eggs that are rich in protein. Egg yolk mask treatment will protect your mane from getting dry. 


How to promote hair growth? Let’s start

– You crack an egg into a bowl and whisk the egg yolk until it gets smooth.

– Mix egg with yogurt and continue whisking the mixture until it becomes creamy. You can use olive oil instead.

– Wet your hair and apply the mask. Leave it for about 20-30 minutes.

– Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Leave it to air dry. 

You can repeat this method once or twice a month to stimulate hair growth. 

How Can I Speed Up Hair Growth?
apply hair mask

Rinse hair with cold water

How cold water influences your hair growth? How to promote hair growth? As we all know that temperature affects the rate of hair growth; hence, rinsing cold water can boost the hair-growing power. Cold water works to seal hair follicles, preventing moisture loss and hair loss. Rinsing hair with cold water for a few seconds gives your locks more smoothly and avoids heat damage. 

Trim your hair ends regularly

It sounds counterproductive if you are trying to speed up your hair growth. However, regular trims help remove dry split ends and important for healthy hair growth. Depending on your hair type, you should trim natural locks every 6-8 weeks. 

How Can I Speed Up Hair Growth?How Can I Speed Up Hair Growth?
trim your hair regularly

Brush natural hair gently

Combing the hair is another way to stimulate blood circulation, stimulate hair to grow faster. Obviously, remember to brush the hair gently, preventing it from shedding. And never brush your wet hair as it is very vulnerable and more susceptible to breakage. Buying a wide-toothed comb or paddle brush is a good option for gently brushing. 

Also, stay away from the heat and chemicals to speed up hair growth. We cannot feel but it does not mean that it does not influence human hair. If you are trying to promote new hair and grow faster, the best way to do is leave it natural, don’t bleach, dye, or iron it. After washing, let the hair air dry instead of using a hairdryer. 

Hopefully, you find your answer to the question «how can I speed up hair growth?” To summarize, we do hope that which we have introduced to you about boosting hair growth is useful for you. Try these tips and remember to share with us which one works most fantastically for your own hair!

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