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If you are a girl who loves beauty and want to refresh yourself to keep up with the latest trends, you can not miss one of the hot accessories of girls: hair topper.

Like the dress, toupee or topper is considered a girl’s accessory. A suitable type can help conceal your defects.

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Previously, when referring to hair topper, you immediately thought of rough, hard, less natural hair. Currently, with advanced technology and how to make algae, hair topper is more beautiful and softer. That makes it hard to distinguish a hair topper and real hair.

So what does a hair topper mean? Laylahair will help you update the necessary information about it.

What Is A Hair Topper - Be The First To Read What Experts Are Saying
Hair topper is the ultimate solution to baldness

Firstly, what is a hair topper?

A hair topper is designed to conceal hair loss, thin hair, and different areas of the scalp. It comes in different shapes and sizes.

Some toppers are to cover the top, while others aim to cover the sides or back of the head. Additionally, some extensions are designed for the only purpose of creating new hairstyles.

What Is A Hair Topper - Be The First To Read What Experts Are Saying
Hair topper

There are two types of toppers: one made from real human hair and one from synthetic fibers. If you are looking for an affordable type, choose hair topper made of man-made fibers with heat resistance. But if you are seeking a product with good quality that would pose no harm to your real hair, the virgin hair is the right one for you. It might be a little bit expensive, but it’s definitely worth it.

What does a hair topper look like?

A copper hair consists of a hooded mesh and hair section. The hooded mesh acts as a protective barrier that covers your real hair and prevents the scalp from coming into direct contact with the wig. It also helps to position the wig on the head. And the hair section has many styles and colors based on the user’s choice.

Who can benefit from a hair topper?

What Is A Hair Topper - Be The First To Read What Experts Are Saying
baldness causes loss of confidence

Anyone, especially those with hair loss, can benefit from a topper. Baldness causes people to lose confidence in your appearance, thus affecting significantly in other aspects of life. A wig or hair extension, hence, helps to cover the empty space on your head, thus offering a much thicker look. You can also use it to create a new style for yourself.

If you wish to have thicker and healthier hair, a toupee/topper is the perfect solution that you should look for. 

How to choose the best hair topper?

Using hair topper is a great way to boost your look. However, with the overwhelming sources of hairpieces in the market, how to choose a good one? Here LaylaHair is giving you some tips on must-consider criteria when buying any hair products.

  • Source of origin:

What Is A Hair Topper - Be The First To Read What Experts Are Saying
Vietnamese topper

Recently, hair pieces from Vietnam and Cambodia have dominated the market. They are famous for their thickness, length, and smoothness. There are also products from other origins (China, India, or unknown places), which could pose harm to your hair if you can’t realize which one is good or bad. The hair topper is in direct contact with the scalp, so never choose poor-quality female wigs and unknown materials. It might hurt your scalp and cause unwanted infections.

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  • Material:

The material is the second factor affecting a beautiful female wig. Currently, there are two main types of wigs: artificial nylon and real hair. Artificial plastic hair toppers are often very recognizable. It looks somewhat hard and less natural. As for real hair, you will get a smooth, harmonious color with the hair form.

  • Your type of hair loss:

What Is A Hair Topper - Be The First To Read What Experts Are Saying
Several types of hair toppers for different requirements

You need to understand your hair loss status to choose the right topper type. In case you have no ideas on which hairstyle to choose to accentuate the beauty of your face, choose a frizzy tail curly hair. Don’t choose straight hair because they look less natural so it’s easy to spot them as wigs.

For bangs, you should choose a thin roof, it will cover the connection between the hair and the forehead.

  • Choose hair color:

In order to have a beautiful hair topper, in addition to choosing the style, color is a remarkable issue to help you express your personality and balance the beauty on the face. The dark brown and chestnut brown colors are more popular.

What Is A Hair Topper - Be The First To Read What Experts Are Saying
Toppers vary in colors
  • Hair topper size:

This is a very important note that is often overlooked. Sometimes girls choose a model of hair that only cares about the style, the color of the hair but forgets the size that fits them or not. Choosing a hair topper which is too tight can cause hair loss and headaches.

  • Accessories:

What Is A Hair Topper - Be The First To Read What Experts Are Saying
Using accessories to make your hair topper look more natural

In order to have a beautiful natural topper, you can use additional accessories such as headbands, braids, hats, etc. The accessories are small but play a very important role in your hair. A headband not only creates a highlight for the hair but also keeps the hair from buckling, covering the seams on the wig.

  • Where to buy hair topper:

Layla Hair is a leading brand of hair extension products, especially types of hair toppers. Here we provide all kinds of hair toppers with good quality, reasonable price, and a variety of styles and colors. Especially, we also make customized products as per special requests.

What Is A Hair Topper - Be The First To Read What Experts Are Saying
Topper from Layla Hair

Rest assured that our items will not affect your real hair because all of our products have been made of good material and have high elasticity. It even helps you feel comfortable and does not cause skin irritation or affect users’ health.

The bottom line

Toupee is increasingly becoming a popular beauty tool. If you know how to use, take care of them like your real hair, the benefits bring us quite a lot. Layla hopes that the above will help you understand what is a hair topper and gain more knowledge in choosing to buy the right one as desired.

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