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Also called a “half wig”, hair topper is an item that people use to cover the thinning top of their head. Human hair toppers come in various shapes and sizes, being able to fit different scalp sizes of wearers. 

Human Hair Toppers For Thinning Hair

Hair loss and its impact

Hair shedding is a common thing that everyone has to experience. However, if you noticed that your hair was falling out in big clumps, then you might be suffering from alopecia or hair loss.

This symptom happens in both men and women and leads to negative influences in your life. Not only does it make you no longer feel confident about your appearance but it also is an obstacle that stops you from reaching your life goals. 

What is human hair topper?

And that’s why hair toppers are born. This hairpiece is designed to cover the bald spots on wearers’ heads. It might be in the front, back, or side part of your scalp, depending on where your hair is going bald.

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Hair toppers might go with or without clips. Clip on hair toppers are preferable because they are easier to apply. But still, you can totally attach the toppers without clips just by using tapes and bonds. 

In today’s market, there happen to be 02 types of hair toppers for short hair: one from human hair and one from synthetic fibers. Obviously, human hair toppers would be of better quality, as it is made from top-notch human hair sourcing from healthy donors. The hair is less prone to tangle and breakage. It is easier to style, also. 

How to make a hair topper?

To form a complete human hair wiglet or topper, hair manufacturers would ventilate human hair onto a base, which might be made from monofilament, skin, lace, or silk materials. The base, hence, plays as a firm foundation for the hair to rely on. It is also where you will place the tape or adhesive to attach it to your scalp. 

Regarding the types of base, there are three main types as follows. 

Monofilament toppers human hair

Monofilament is the most popular material to make the base for hair topper and toupee. It is actually a fine mesh fabric that looks like grid lines. Mono hair toppers are quite stiff so it could last for quite a long time. 

Furthermore, it allows air and light to go through, thus it would be great for those with sensitive skin or those sweating a lot. 

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Lace hair toppers for thin hair 

If you are seeking a balance between breathability and naturalness, human hair toppers made with a lace base is what you should opt for. The lace is both lightweight and natural-looking. Similar to the conventional monofilament base, lace is breathable, too. 

At Laylahair, we use two major laces: the normal lace (French lace), and HD Swiss lace. 

French lace

This is the more popular lace between the two types, as it is more durable. French lace can last for quite a long time (4-6 weeks). It is the best to from the front part of human hair toppers. 

Still, French lace is easier to be detected than HD lace. 

HD Swiss lace

It is a superior variant of lace material. HD lace is exceptionally thin, transparent, and soft. It gives off almost no feelings of irritation or uncomfort when blending on your head. At the same time, it looks invisible and undetectable, also. 

[caption id="attachment_8158" align="aligncenter" width="960"]HD lace | Laylahair HD lace | Laylahair[/caption]

However, kindly notice that because it is super thin, it is easier to be torn apart. Hence, pay serious care when attaching or removing it. 

Skin hair topper

If you do not want to risk the natural appearance of your real hair toppers, skin base is your ideal choice. It is actually a polymer base (either silicon or PU) that looks exactly like your skin. Hence, it looks invisible on your scalp. 

The popular grades of skin thickness are 0.08 mm, 0.06 mm, and 0.03 mm. 

Silk human hair crown toppers

Silk closure is the most favorable material to form the base around the parting line. It has two layers: lace at the bottom and silk at the top. With this design, the knots on the lace become totally invisible when looking from the outside. Furthermore, it is more versatile and able to part in different styles. 

Of course, everything has its shortcomings, so do silk toppers. Due to its construction, the base is then far thicker than other materials. Consequently, it might be harder for the topper extensions to conform to your head-shape. 

How long do human hair toppers last?

The lifespan of a hair topper and toupee depends largely on the quality of hair, base material, ventilation technique, and maintenance. 

At Laylahair, we always use the best human hair to form our toppers so you could rest assured with its quality. It will be less prone to shedding and tangling. Additionally, we tend to use the split knots, V-loop, and injection techniques to ventilate the hair so that it could be not easy to loosen. Our craftsmen always pay meticulous attention to every step of making a toupee, also. 

In terms of the base material, monofilament seems to be the most durable one, followed by silk lace toppers, and lastly skin base. For such super thin materials like HD lace and skin, you need to be really careful when attaching and removing them, or it would be torn easily. 

How to care for human hair toppers also pose a great impact on the durability of your hair enhancers. It needs taking care of in a meticulous and gentle manner. 

Where to buy human hair toppers?

Having scanned through dozens of human hair topper reviews, you might feel messed up with the long lists of hair vendors and suppliers available online. So how to decide the best place to buy? 

To get the top-notch toppers at affordable prices, it is better to go with a factory-based company. They are the ones who manufacture the products, so they could understand everything about these toppers well. Moreover, as there will be no middle man in your purchase, you will get the best rates ever. 

If you still have no idea on “where can I buy human hair toppers”, Laylahair is definitely worth your consideration. We are a manufacturer with 02 large factories in Vietnam. We have produced thousands of hairpieces each year for your dear clients worldwide. 

The main sources of our hair are Vietnamese and Cambodian women, who are famous for their healthy and shiny long hair. Laylahair does not take our hair through any chemical processings (of course the coloring process is a must for colored toppers), so the hair well maintains its initial condition. 

We offer good policies for both individual buyers and wholesalers, so do not hesitate to contact us directly to get consultancy on hair toppers and get the best deals! 

Below are some of our in-stock human hair toppers and toupees for both men and women. Come check it out!