Hair Transplant Surgery? Is It A Wise Or Dumb Decision?

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Hair transplant surgery is an option for men who have trouble balding and receding hairline. This post provides you the essential information as well as an honest review of this hair replacement method. 

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Hair transplant surgery — a solution to baldness

What is hair transplant surgery?

The surgeon removes small pieces of grafts of the scalp from healthy hair growth areas. These may be microscopic pieces that only have one or two hair follicles, small pieces containing several strands or large pieces that can hold up to 40 follicles.

Hair Transplant Surgery? Is It A Wise Or Dumb Decision?
what is hair transplant surgery

The implants are implanted into small holes that the surgeon makes on the scalp and bald spot. Micro-grafts are often used for the soft hairline. Small pieces will be inserted after the pieces. Next, the big pieces will do the same. As a result, your hair gradually becomes thicker. The hair on the back and sides of the head will usually grow continuously, so you don’t have to worry about balding in this area after your hair transplant.

Furthermore, hair transplant surgery lasts up to eight hours, but you can go home during the day. Depending on the thickness of the hair you want and the range of baldness, you may need, you may need multiple hair transplants with a few months’ gaps between surgeries so that the scalp and hair can recover completely. It might take up to 24 months for the whole process.

How much is hair transplant surgery?

Hair transplant surgery itself is an extremely complicated method and requires extraordinarily meticulous and precise. So, if you do not choose the best hair transplant method and choose a reputable and safe address, the consequences will be very unpredictable.

 Currently, there are many establishments across the country, hair transplant clinics with different prices. Usually, doctors will test hair follicles, and a preliminary examination can quote on a case by case basis. However, in general, the cost of conventional hair transplant surgery is quite expensive compared to other types of surgery.

Hair Transplant Surgery? Is It A Wise Or Dumb Decision?
hair transplant costs a fortune

Moreover, the cost of a hair transplant depends on factors such as:

 — The number of hair follicles to use for transplanting. It means that the less the amount of hair follicles, the less the transplant cost.

 — The hair transplant area

 — The number of hair follicles. In case, if there are still many hair follicles, it will save lives, medicine will be used to minimize the cost of hair transplantation.

Side effects of hair transplant surgery

About 3 to 4 hours after transplanting, the person who receives the hair may experience a headache because the anesthetic was gone. In some cases, there may be swelling or bruising around the hairline. This condition will go away in a few days.

For self-implanting, during the next few days, the implanted person may have itchiness or a feeling of tightening, and the implanted skin will be pink. This is a normal phenomenon. By now, the scalp is forming small hard scales. The flakes will fall off in a few days. New hair will grow from the place of transplant.

Hair Transplant Surgery? Is It A Wise Or Dumb Decision?
transplanting hair is an itching process

Besides that, the risks that can occur when performing bald hair transplantation techniques include infection, folliculitis, hump on the scalp, excessive bleeding, scarring, and so on. These are rare risks. However, there is a more common risk. It is an unnatural new hair. These depend heavily on the method, the physical facilities performed and the skill of the physician.

Also, sometimes, during the first period, a new implanted hair area will fall out. This condition is called shocking hair loss. Often hair will grow back later. On the other hand, for cases where the graft is removed, the doctor must perform the surgery again.

It’s better to go for a hair replacement system

Although hair transplant surgery will bring you hair like you are lucky, it also has hidden a lot of risks. Therefore, if you cannot afford the medicine or are worried about the risks associated with hair transplant surgery, you may want to consider using a toupee.

Hair Transplant Surgery? Is It A Wise Or Dumb Decision?
it’s better to go for a hair replacement system

The hair is made from fragile, breathable material and makes it difficult for the opponent to know if you are wearing a hairpiece or not.

 The solution is considered unique and extremely useful in helping the men with beautiful thick hair in any view, eradicating your inferiority about damaged hair. Furthermore, the bald wig covers extremely easy to use. You only need to clamp the back of the wig on the hair (the top of the head). With new advanced technology to help you comfortable with daily activities such as exercising, swimming without worrying, it gives you complete confidence in work and life.


Human hair toupee and topper at Laylahair

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— The toupee hair is made from human hair, which meticulously processed to create a silky shine.

— The hairline is extremely thin so you can rest assured that it will not give you the freedom to style your hair


Hair Transplant Surgery? Is It A Wise Or Dumb Decision?
hair systems at Laylahair

— Ultra-thin, super-thin scalp membrane gives you a smooth, unobtrusive look all day long, even when you touch your hairline.

— Diverse styles and designs

— In particular, committed to extremely competitive prices. 

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To Sum up

Hair transplant surgery is one of the popular baldness treatments. Part of the reason is that believing it can give bald people thick, beautiful hair as quickly as possible. However, this method is quite expensive, not suitable for people with low average income. Besides, bald hair treatment is a complex process, not as simple as we imagine. Therefore, Laylahair hopes that after the post, you will know more about hair transplant surgery and have the right choice for your own.

For any interest in getting a human hair replacement system, feel free to contact us via our hotline at any time. We are always happy to support you.

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