9 Best Hair Weave Glue Remover To Deal With Your Hair

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Do you are looking for the best hair weave glue removers for your own? When speaking of hair extensions, besides learning more about the best hair extensions, people will think about the glue removers. As you know, how to remove hair weave glue when you want to change your hairstyle is always the biggest problem, if you don’t want your hair tangle and weak. Check out this post to see the awe-inspiring idea on hair weave glue remover to cleanse your hair. 

Vegetable oil – most popular hair weave glue remover

Vegetable oil is considered the best natural hair weave glue removers with good effect and cheap price. Therefore, if you don’t want to use the chemical product to remove your hair weave glue, vegetable oil is the ideal choice for you.

8 Best Hair Weave Glue Remover To Deal With Your Hair
olive oil

To remove hair weave glue, you must take a small amount of vegetable oil such as coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil and so on into 1 piece of cotton, then rub on the candy-covered area for 2 to 3 minutes. Then use your hand or comb many teeth to remove the glue.

When applying this method, you should put a towel or piece of plastic close to your neck to prevent oil from getting dirty and the neck and shoulders.

Peanut butter

If you think that peanut butter spends only in the kitchen to cook delicious cakes or dishes, you are the wrong thing because the butter has an amazing and awesome function in beauty. Remove hair weave glue is one of its functions. Furthermore, peanut butter is known as the best of hair weave glue remover with the highest effective.

8 Best Hair Weave Glue Remover To Deal With Your Hair
peanut butter

Moreover, the way to remove your hair weave glue is very simple and easy with the butter. Take a small amount of about 80g to 100g peanut butter rub on the area that is sticking glue. You can also mix a little more toothpaste to increase efficiency. Leave for a few minutes and then rub your peanut butter with your hand or brush. The piece of gum that is stuck will gently peel off with the butter.

You should also use a towel or plastic to cover the collar when applying this tip and after removing the weave glue, and wash your hair immediately to remove the sebum on the hair.


There are a lot of wonderful and useful functions of Vaseline in which you can not miss out removing hair weave glue. When applying the Vaseline as hair weave glue remover, you will protect your hair effectively.

Apply Vaseline to the part of the glue that has been sticky and leaves it for 2 to 3 minutes. Then use your hands or a light brush, then swipe. Smooth Vaseline will pull the glue out of your hair. However, you should remember to rinse your head to remove oil stains.


Lemon – the cheapest hair weave glue remover

Lemon is always an awesome product in beauty’s book. So, when speaking of weave hair glue remover, you can not forget to lemon.

8 Best Hair Weave Glue Remover To Deal With Your Hair
remove hair weave glue with lemon

Squeeze fresh lemon into a cup and add more water to dilute. Then apply directly to the affected hair and wait for the results. However, this measure should simply be applied to new glue and less sticky hair as well as small areas of hair weave glue.

Lotion and lip balm

Do you think about lotion and lip balm to remove your hair weave glue? Yes, lotion and lip balm will make your surprise about hair weave glue remover ability.

Mix a little mixture of lotion and lip balm together to increase smoothness. After that, apply directly to the piece of glue, and lightly rub. 5 minutes later, the piece of hair weave glue will be easily removed from the hair.

8 Best Hair Weave Glue Remover To Deal With Your Hair
Carbonated soft drinks

Carbonated soft drinks

Besides known as the delicious drinks, carbonated soft drinks are also the best hair weave glue remover.

If the tips above cannot remove all the glue from the hair, you should choose a soft drink. The ingredients in this water will soften the glue and then easily remove them from the hair.

WD-40 spray bottle

Besides products from nature as above, you can also refer to products which are sold on the markets. WD-40 spray bottle is the best one. This is the most effective way to remove hair weave glue from your hair. Spray some WD-40 on the area where the glue is, then rub it gently until the glue peels off.

8 Best Hair Weave Glue Remover To Deal With Your Hair
WD-40 spray bottle

Although WD-40 spray bottle is the best effective product to remove hair weave glue, it can cause a fire. Therefore, when using it, you do not smoke while making or leaving places near the fire to make safety.

How to remove glue in hair extensions with acetone

– For the best result, you should check the label and brand of the item. Opt for a remover that is 100% pure acetone. You can use nail polish remover to get clumps of glue out of your hair as it is acetone-based. 

– Before dealing with your hair, you should wear gloves because acetone can dry your skin and hand. How to remove matted hair glue? You need a bit of acetone and a sink. 

8 Best Hair Weave Glue Remover To Deal With Your Hair

– Take your hair system and carefully pour acetone over the wefted part or glue of the hair. You only pour acetone in the section where you want to get rid of the glue. Avoid getting the harsh chemical anywhere else on the tresses since it may lead to hair dryness and tangling. 

– Let the acetone sit on the hair extension for around 1-3 minutes, giving it time to break the glue bonding. Once the time up, you will see that glue becomes harden. 

– Then, you use an old towel or T-shirt and gently run it along the hair track. Let the towel soak up all excess acetone on the hair. Also, this step makes the glue fall away from your hair. 

– There will be some remaining glues on the hair, you should use your fingers to take hardened glue out. Gently pull them away from the hair extension. You can apply acetone and the same techniques on how to get super glue out of hair

Get glue out of hair with the ice cube

8 Best Hair Weave Glue Remover To Deal With Your Hair
ice cube

How to get clumps of glue out of your hair? If you are afraid that acetone may damage your hair extension, use ice cube instead. You use ice to freeze the glue or gum off. Then, an ice cube can reduce the stickiness, allowing users to remove the glue out of the hair system much easier. You don’t have to cut the hair anymore. 

To get medical glue out of hair, you rub an ice pack to the glue affected area. Leave it for 5 to 15 minutes or until you see the glue hardens. You can cover the hair system in a thin cloth with a few ice cubes inside for an extra boost. Then, you can easily pull it off the hair. However, this crafting method works most effectively with a small amount of glue in the hair. 

To Sum Up

After the post, hope that you will know more about hair weave glue remover naturally when you want to change your hair extension. Furthermore, if these products above can not help you get rid of the glue on your hair, you should visit hair salon where hairdressers will help you remove the glue in the right way.

Besides that, if you need more useful and necessary information for taking care of your hair or hair extension, don’t forget to visit our website to get more.

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