Halo Hair Extensions Reviews: 5+ Frequently Asked Questions

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Hair extensions have become increasingly popular worldwide. Many women want long and voluminous hair but some cannot naturally achieve that. Hence, most of them have been looking for hair extensions as one of the best temporary methods to add length and volume to their natural hair. But these vary in types with different lengths, textures, and colors so it is hard to choose. Therefore, Layla Hair has decided to help you find the most suitable one through this article about halo hair extensions reviews.

In this writing, we will briefly provide you the basic information of the latest and the most common type of hair extensions – halo hair extensions.

What are Halo Hair extensions?

Halo hair extensions is a method using a thin, invisible wire to gently secure hair extensions onto the top of your head, instead of using the clip or tape, like other ordinary extensions. Halo hair extensions are the simplest way to gain longer and fuller hair look, just by one step. They are ideal for the newbie to use since it is easy to apply for daily use with a couple of minutes.

Halo Hair Extensions Reviews: 5+ Frequently Asked Questions
halo hair extensions

Though Halo hair extensions emerge not long ago, they are becoming one of the most popular types of extensions quickly. The quality of them may not different from are the type but hey have different application techniques. Hence, if you want to know what is the differences between halo hair extensions and other types, check it out below. We will compare Halo hair extensions with the most common extensions, clip-in.

Halo hair extensions vs clip in extensions

Clip-in hair extensions Halo hair extensions
Length In all lengths Prefer medium to long hair
Weft pieces a full set includes 9-10 wefts ( depending on weight and length) a full set included on lace weft
Installation all rely on pressure-sensitive clips  use nylon wire with some extra clips to secure
Suitable for Both are perfect for thin, medium and hair
Applied for Not for weak hair and vulnerable scalps for very weak hair and vulnerable scalps
Speed of application with medium skill level, it takes a few minutes with a low skill level, it takes about one minute
Hairstyles Flexible. 

A high ponytail, updos, high buns, so on are possible.

Suitable for down or half up half down hairstyles
Halo Hair Extensions Reviews: 5+ Frequently Asked Questions
halo hair extensions vs clip-in extensions

Pros and cons of Halo hair extensions


– Easy to wear and remove

– Washable

– Natural-looking

– Don’t even budge while you are moving

– Can be combed while being attached

Halo Hair Extensions Reviews: 5+ Frequently Asked Questions
halo extensions are easy to wear and remove

– No heat and glue is needed for applications

– No damage for hair


– Not suitable for some certain activities such as swimming and sleep

– Difficult to style hair in updo hairstyles

Halo hair extensions reviews: FAQs

Do halo hair extensions fall out easily or stay in?

If you apply them correctly, they will never shred or fall out but stay in firmly. Once you put them on, the weight of halo hair extensions will focus at the crown of your head, which keeps them in You can move your hair back and forth without fear of their budging.

Halo Hair Extensions Reviews: 5+ Frequently Asked Questions
it won’t fall out easily

Can you curl halo hair extensions?

Sure, like your natural hair, halo hair extensions made from human hair can be curled or straightened. To protect and prolong their lifespan your Halo extensions Layla Hair advice you to use a heat protectant before starting styling.

What is more? Remember to keep the heat of styling at a low setting (120C/250F). If it is higher your hair will be damaged. The reason for using a low heat setting is that we want you to have a good experience with your halo hair extensions. Though human hair acts the same as bio hair, it is no longer grows from scalp do it won’t receive any nutrients from our body, so your natural hair can resist to high heat setting but Halo extensions cannot.

Halo Hair Extensions Reviews: 5+ Frequently Asked Questions
you can definitely curl or dye halo extensions

Can you dye halo hair extensions?

Sure, you can. Halo hair extensions can be color with dark tone by your hair professional since it made with 10% virgin human hair. But they cannot be lightened or bleached since these processes will damage your hair. Make sure to keep your nylon wire away from the dye as it needs to be clear and transparent

Do halo hair extensions work on short hair?

Halo hair extensions are ideal for medium and long hair lengths with thin or medium hair types. Short hair girls are not recommended to wear halo extensions because you will need to use more wefts and hair for a natural hairdo. 

Halo Hair Extensions Reviews: 5+ Frequently Asked Questions
you had better use halo extensions to medium or long hair

How long does halo extensions last?

Halo hair extensions can last up to 6 months or a year depending on the way you use and take care of them. Brushing your extension in the right way, treating them with proper products and not washing them so often are tips for prolonging halo hair extensions lifespan.

Do halo hair extensions damage your hair?

Definitely no, we assure that halo hair extensions will help to add length and volume to your hair without any damage.

Final words

Hopefully, this article about halo hair extensions reviews has helped you in choosing your best extensions. We have just briefly mentioned so if you interesting in halo hair extensions, feel free to contact us.

If you are confused when finding the best place to purchasing halo extensions, visit the Layla Hair website or drop us a message via our hotline: (+84) 98 96 33 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp). We promise all the products we provide you are 100% Remy human hair so you can trust us totally! Furthermore, when you come to us, you will receive useful help from our professional service teams.

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