Homemade Dreadlock Wax – The Untold Secret To Win The Dread Game

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Beauty needs are increasing these days so people find many natural recipes and products to take care of their hair and skin. For hair, especially for dreadlocks, they need high maintenance to hold its shape. People use hair care products to take care of their dreads but product buildup causes many hair problems. If you have the same problem with your dreadlocks and you prefer homemade products than off-the-shelf ones, this blog post is portable for you. Layla is going to share with you some popular recipes to make homemade dreadlock wax. Hope you will find a suitable one for your dreadlocks.

Wax for dreadlocks

For dreadlock-wearers, the wax is a magic product as it helps tighten and keep the dreads shape longer. The item is also produced to add moisture to the hair strands, protect the hair from dryness and break. Let’s see what amazing advantages the wax has.

– Many loc lovers report that the wax item works to boost hair health. If you have thick hair, just apply a bit of this fantastic product, your locks can be kept as tight as possible. Also, it prevents hair from shedding. It does not matter if you are white or black, wear the fashion hairstyle and utilize this magic item.

Dreadlock cream wax can add moisture to the core of your locs. When you wash your hair, the excess wax will be melted and seep through the dreadlocks. Thus, the remainder still stays on your hair and moisturizes it from inside. You can stay away from dry hair when wearing dreadlocks.

Homemade Dreadlock Wax - The Untold Secret To Win The Dread Game
dreadlock wax

– There are different types of dreadlock wax out there that are made of natural and herbal ingredients. Consider the label before buying an item. Not only work better for dreadlocks, natural waxes are also safe for your scalp. It contains organic and vegan ingredients, no additives or harsh chemicals.

Nowadays, many male and black female dread wearers make their own dreadlocks wax instead of using on-shelf-goods. Some apply aloe vera freshly scraped out of the leaf to moisturize and condition their dreads.

How to make dreadlock wax with beeswax and hemp

Organic dreadlock wax helps hold the hair dreads together as well as moisturize the hair strands. It contains no petrolatum or petroleum derivative like most commercial waxes in stores. Beeswax has long been used in the traditional dreadlock wax recipe as means of hair care. Now, it is used as an aid in locking dreads. If beeswax does harden the mixture, hemp seed oil or shea butter has a sticky feature that is beneficial for locks forming. Plus, hemp seed oil has high protein content. The combination of these ingredients offers a crazy fragrant, as well. Dreadlockers can, of course, add any essential oils they like.

Here’s a detailed homemade dreadlock wax recipe from beeswax and hemp seed oil that can keep your dreadlocks looking and smelling lovely all the time:

Homemade Dreadlock Wax - The Untold Secret To Win The Dread Game
make dread wax with beeswax and hemp

First, you fill half the pot of water and bring it to a boil. Continue taking about two grams of beeswax to a small pot and place it in the larger one. Let the beeswax melt.

Then add the hemp seed oil, coconut oil, or shea butter into the melted beeswax and allow the mix to melt together over medium heat. Remove the mix into another pot or a container and let it cool for about five minutes. Or you can leave the mix cool until it is closer to room temperature. Done! Store the homemade wax in your fridge.

Bonus: You can add some grams of vegetable glycerin or honey if needed.


Utilize aloe vera

Instead of using wax, you can create a gel for your dreadlocks. As we all know, aloe vera is a natural cactus-like plant and has many benefits, such as being used in many traditional remedies. If you want to skip beeswax, try aloe vera as a DIY dread wax to retwist your locks comfortably.

The advantages of this wax are that it dries extremely quickly and leaves no sticky residue or unpleasant oil. Plus, the vera’s medicinal properties help create nice locs.

– You buy a big aloe vera leaf and clean it. Depending on the size of the leaf, you can cut into small pieces.

– Remove the outer layer on one side of the leaf. Then scrape all the liquid gel from the aloe vera leaf by a spoon. Repeat this step until you have scraped the gel from all rest pieces.

– Now, you pour the gel in a bowl and proceed to beat it evenly with a fork. Add some drops of essential oil if you don’t like the smell of aloe vera. Continue beating for 5 minutes so that it smells amazing.

Homemade Dreadlock Wax - The Untold Secret To Win The Dread Game
aloe vera

– Pour the gel into a glass container and store it in the fridge. You can use it for about 2-3 weeks.

Try using this dreadlock wax for black hair to see how it works effectively. You can combine aloe vera and beeswax in the early stage of your dreadlocks, but when they become tighter, you can use aloe vera alone.

In addition, dreadlock-wearers also use spray and other natural products to care for their locs. Most of them are working to protect your hairstyle and moisturizing your strands. You should follow recipes that create products that are based on water because it is much easier to wash out, leaving no residue.

In a nutshell

Layla hopes that you love our homemade dreadlock wax recipes. They are natural and don’t hesitate to experiment with them to find the best for your mane. Whether you make yourself a dreadlock wax or buy from the hair store, remember not to overuse it.

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