The Underlying Causes Of Matted Tape In Extensions And How To Solve It

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You wear hair extensions to get a nice hair look. But when you wear or take care of the hair improperly, it becomes matted and tangled. Matted tape in extensions is the most wearers’ worst nightmare. The hair makes them feel uncomfortable and ugly. Most wearers find it difficult and even impossible to fix this hair problem and they cut the affected hair part. 

So what can be done to fix matted tape in extensions? How to keep extensions from matting? Here’s how.

Why the tape in hair becomes matted?

– Low-quality hair extensions: The quality of hair affects directly on the extension. It decides whether the hair would be good or not and durable or not. If you buy a cheap synthetic hair extension, it maybe not as good as human hair. Synthetic hair extensions are made from artificial fibers, so its quality is lower than the human hair system. That’s why many wearers choose human hair extensions to add volume to their tresses. The hair is harvested from healthy donors and stored carefully. Also, it is chemically unprocessed. Hence, tape in hair extensions matted is obviously unavoidable if you buy low-quality hair. 

The Underlying Causes Of Matted Tape In Extensions And How To Solve It
tape in hair extensions are easy to get matted

– Improper use leads to hair extensions matting: Your lack of attention in wearing and removing the hair extension is another reason entailing this problem. It is necessary to learn how to apply tape-ins correctly. Once you are careless in applying or removing, the hair could easily become a mess and difficult to fix.

– Lack of maintenance causes matted hair: If you don’t take care or store the hair carefully, it will become a mess. Especially, the hair extensions matted after swimming is a common problem. Many wearers don’t take the hair out or have no swimming cap when swimming. Chlorine in the pool water will make the hair dry out quickly and matted over time. After swimming, you should shower with fresh water as a way to protect your skin and your hair, as well.

How to untangle sereverly matted tape in hair extensions

To fix matted tape-ins, you will need to follow a hair treatment, such as a deep conditioner. The followings are a detailed guide to gain your beautiful hair.

Step 1

Wet your hair slightly with water to prepare it for hair treatment. Remember to spritz the hair with water, no dip all your hair into the water.

Step 2

The Underlying Causes Of Matted Tape In Extensions And How To Solve It
apply the conditioner to the matted extensions

Apply conditioner on the hair as a hair treatment option. It does an amazing job of adding moisture and restoring the hair, making them easy to untangle. If you don’t use hair conditioner, choose another option. Try using natural oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, etc. as a deep conditioner. In case you don’t like the greasy feeling, use hair detangling spray instead.

Some say that mayonnaise also works to untangle matted tape in hair extensions, but this causes your hair to smell unpleasant. It is not as effective as the options mentioned above. 

Step 3

If you apply an ordinary conditioner, it takes only a few minutes to completely moisturize your hair. But with oils, like coconut or olive oil, you should leave it on the tresses for about an hour for maximum effect. Or you can apply a hair conditioner at night and let it on your head overnight. 


Step 4

After applying hair treatments, you gently pull tangled and matted hair sections apart using your fingers. Or you can gently brush the hair with a wide-toothed comb. Brush the ends first and move it higher up. Hold the hair when combing to avoid the hair shedding. 

Step 5

After detangling your hair extensions, rinse your hair with fresh or lukewarm water. Make sure that you remove all left conditioner or any treatment products on your mane. Let it dry and enjoy beautiful hair days. 

The Underlying Causes Of Matted Tape In Extensions And How To Solve It
use your fingers to untangle the matted hair

How to prevent tape in extensions matting at root

Get the right brushes

Many wig wearers are afraid that brushing the hair extension may cause tangling and matting. But here is the hard truth: you have to brush the hair to make them last longer and look better. To prevent the hair from problems, you have to invest in a special brush with soft bristles. Find an item that is specially made for hair extensions. When brushing, make sure that you don’t pull it upward. Start from the bottom and gradually move to the hair root. Brush the hair as gently as possible to prevent your hair system from pulling out. 

Secure the hair when sleeping

Your hair gets easily to be tangled and matted when you sleeping because you move around a lot more than you know. Put your hair in a loose braid or wrap it in a soft towel when you go to sleep. Make sure that your hair is secured somehow. This way helps prevent hair from rubbing and matting.

The Underlying Causes Of Matted Tape In Extensions And How To Solve It
be careful when applying or removing the tape-in extensions

Be careful with the hair conditioner

As we all know, hair conditioner adds moisture and boosts hair health. However, we have to use it correctly. Don’t over condition the hair and don’t apply it directly to the bonds because it causes greasy hair and extra matting. Apply the conditioner at the hair ends and work way up, far about an inch from the bonds.

Once you’ve washed tape-in hair extensions, don’t put the hair up on the top as it may make a big tangled mess. To avoid hair extensions matting at nape of neck and hair roots, let’s the hair free and air dry. 

Our conclusion

We have provided you with everything about matted tape in extensions. You may know what causes matted hair, how to prevent and fix the hair problem. Follow our guide to reach the perfect hair.

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