How Long Do Hair Extensions Last? – These Numbers Are Real!

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Are you so into charming waist-length waves? Or do you want to try an amazing ponytail? Then, hair extensions will solve your long hair concern instantly.

Importantly, you know decently about what types you will get. That includes answering the question, “how long do hair extensions last?” Below, we get you covered!

How long do extensions last in your hair?

On average, human hair extensions last about three to six months. Meanwhile, synthetic ones have a lifespan of about one to two month. You can make your extensions last longer (one year or so) when having proper care and attention.

Now let’s get into the length of time for which each type of extensions will work well.

Tape-in hair extensions

How long do hair extensions last? Their lifespan is usually from three to five months. Here we suppose you use Remy human hair with good quality.  This might not sound much, but these are today’s averages, for better or worse.

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last? - These Numbers Are Real!
tape in hair extensions

Unsimilar to other kinds of fusion, tape-ins tend to remain intact month after month. They do not last that long if you wash your hair constantly. Also, you engage in plenty of procedures – for example, drying and curling. 

The extensions are attachable thanks to a tape. For it to secure well, you can choose to get tapes with double sides. By so doing, you can remove and attach the extensions again when necessary. Well, it is a pro tip that lets you lengthen the life of this extension.

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Weft hair extensions: How long do they last?

They can last as long as six to nine months. They are transformable into any type. That is why they are applicable to sew in hair as well. 

How long do clip in hair extensions last?

Do your clip-in extensions are quality Remy ones? If so, its lifespan will be from ten to twelve months with the right hair care. You should go by the instructions for maintenance.

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last? - These Numbers Are Real!
clip in hair extensions

Synthetic ones will typically last about two years. That is mostly because women put them on twice at most each quarter. With human hair ones, they may want to wear daily. So, their lifespan is about 50% less. 

How long do fusion hair extensions last?

First, let’s talk about cold fusion ones. Do you apply human hair? Are they I tip extensions? With micro ring loop? Then their lifespan is from three months to half a year. However, more strands will need to be higher up every seven weeks or so, depending on how fast your bio hair grows.

One of the benefits of this extension is, you can refit it with ease. Doing it at home is possible. How much time do you need? No more than thirty minutes. We do not recommend the use of syntenic ones fro this kind. They tend to ruin your hair. Not all, they are likely to make your scalp itchy.

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last? - These Numbers Are Real!
fusion hair extensions

How about hot fusion? The length of time for Keratin extensions is about five months. Do you have glue-ins? The strands are U tip? Then, you can expect their durability to be around three months.

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You should not opt for synthetic extensions with bad quality. They will not be long-lasting. Well, one month at least. Advisably, you stay away from them if you want the permanent hair extensions. Also, keep in mind that Remy strands have the lifespan of as many as half a year and more. But it does not mean putting them on continually is okay. Your hairstylist will need to refit them monthly or the like.

How long do flip in hair extensions last?

Similar to clip-in extensions, how long this type last has to do with the frequency you wear it and your attention to it. Do you use it daily? And do you take good care of it? If so, the lifespan expectation is at least eight months.

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last? - These Numbers Are Real!
flip in hair extensions

What if you use these extensions from time to time? Then, they will last considerably longer. It, for sure, holds true to human hair ones. For synthetic choices, you can wear them for about twenty times.

How do you increase the lifespan of your extensions?

Each type of extensions is amazing in its way. Still, they generally add volume to your hair, increase the fullness. Also, they make the color more fantastic. In fact, many wearers find it a big investment to purchase new ones after every couple of weeks. They prefer extending their lifespan.

Are you wondering how to do so? Below are some easy tips you can apply.

Synthetic hair is not always the wise choice

Synthetic ones are not as good as their human hair counterparts. Let’s say, the latter gives you more wears than the first. You see, by synthetic hair, people do not often mean it is quality and long-lasting.

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last? - These Numbers Are Real!
use human hair extensions

Install properly

Be sure you apply them correctly. That way will increase the longevity of your extensions. Otherwise, many harmful things will affect them and your natural hair.

Brush the extension routinely

Easy, right? As simple as it is to do, this habit helps out a lot with your extension’s durability. Brushing will remove tangles with ease. You can avoid hair matting and frizz by doing so. Your hair will remain its smoothness and shine.

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last? - These Numbers Are Real!
take good care of your extensions

Wash with care

Extensions do not require frequent washing. Still, they need your patience and attention when you rinse them.

Do not use thermal tools too often

We do not recommend you use them daily.  When you need these tools, do not forget to spray thermal protectant prior to their uses.

The bottom line

How long do hair extensions last? It has to do with the type you choose, your frequency of wears, your maintenance. For most effective tips on how to take care of your extensions, do not hesitate to read through other informative and interactive posts at Layla Hair’s blog. We have everything you want for the most amazing hair. 

Laylahair is also reachable via our hotline: (+84) 98 96 33 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp), so feel free to contact us at any time to get support. We are always willing to be of service!

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