How Long Does It Take To Go Bald? Sooner Or Later…

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Baldness is a common type of hair loss, especially in men. It is uncertain that you will or not experience hair baldness in the future, but you should prepare yourself first. Baldness often takes a man 5 to 25 years to go bald, but it can be quicker. Your hair will get thinner before you realize that you are experiencing baldness. Gradually, the bald patch is visible and leave a patch on the head. In some cases, men get a completely bald scalp. So how long does it take to go bald? The answer is: it depends.

How long does it take for someone to go bald?

Let’s take a closer look at the million-dollar question. Remember that each one of us is not the same. Hair loss experts agree that men usually lost their hair about 5-25 years. It means that some men may experience receding hairline very early, at the age of 20, whilst others go to bald at 35 or 40-year-old. 

Researches show that there are nearly 30% chance you will face baldness if you are in the 30s. And the rate will grow when you are age, you notice hair loss when you see thinning hair and a receding hairline. 

How Long Does It Take To Go Bald? Sooner Or Later...
baldness in men and women

How long does it take for a woman to go bald? Also, women are affected by baldness, more common after the menopause. However, women experience receding hairline later than men do. According to a statistic, there is a third of Caucasian women in England have baldness when they reach the age of 70. 

The good news is that we are living in a modern era and baldness can be accepted in many cases. Even some guys shave all hairs on the head because they lose some hair. Do you like a man with a shiny dome? It’s not too bad. 

Why am I going baldness?

Once you understand when you start to go bald how long does it take, you should answer «what causes baldness?» Why me — not others? As we said earlier, hair baldness is gradual and not-so-gradual. Your hair strands get become weaker, shedding, and gradually go to bald. 


Hereditary is among the most common factor of baldness. Bear in mind that it is not a disease, just a natural condition. If your dad or mom lost his hair, you should prepare yourself as you may experience hair loss in the future. Simply put, genetic DNA causes hair loss and it is out of your control. 


How long does it take to go bald once your hair starts getting thinner? How long does it take to go bald from steroids? We’ve already mentioned that it typically takes around 5 to 25 years to go bald. And the level of dihydrotestosterone hormone in the body affects the hair state. DHT is a male steroid hormone that makes the hair die and stops growing back. When testosterone is converted to DHT, it inhibits hair follicles, preventing hair growth.

How Long Does It Take To Go Bald? Sooner Or Later...
genetics and hormones might be the reason for baldness


There is nothing complicated as when we get older, natural hair grows slower. When do we start going to bald? One-fifth of men around the world will face to bald by the age of 20s, then the percentage will increase with age. There are 30% will face baldness in their 30s, 40% in 40s, and so on. 

Other factors

Hair baldness is also a side effect of medications, such as drugs for cancer, heart disease, gout, depression, etc. These drugs work to attack cancer cells, but they also influence other cells, including hair follicles. 

Other studies indicate that other causes contribute to hair baldness, like smoking, unhealthy diet, alcohol use, pollution, and so on. For instance, following an unhealthy diet causes protein deprivation, leading to hair shedding and baldness. 


What should I do if I’m going hair baldness?

Although going bald is not the end of the world, but it affects your appearance overall. Let’s examine some of these methods below to improve your hair condition.

Use products stimulating hair growth

Supplements and hair growth products are available out there, you can easily find them in any cosmetic or drug store near you. Here are some common hair growth products you can examine:

How Long Does It Take To Go Bald? Sooner Or Later...
use products that stimulate hair growth

— Finasteride: it is a smarter option for stimulating hair growth. It works to strengthen hair strands and stop falling out. Taking this medicine, no more receding hairline and baldness. Finasteride can be utilized to treat excessive hair growth in women.

— Minoxidil: is a hair loss medication for women. It is formulated to reduce and stop the strands from falling out. The drug is available in both liquid and foam formula. Experts recommend using it for hair loss after giving birth.

What’s more, you can take other products to regrow natural hair, like Lipogaine, Dutasteride, diary supplements (protein, vitamins, etc.) Remember to use hair growth products continuously and if you want to get full hair on your head. And never exceed the dosage as it may cause side effects. 

Hair transplant

People use the hair transplantation method as it gives a permanent and natural result. To cure your hair condition, doctors fill the balding area by utilizing natural locks growing strongly in other areas. After 6 months, your hair will grow naturally. However, this solution is expensive and you may experience a headache or itching after taking surgery. The recovery time of hair transplantation is long and your hair will fall out within 6 weeks of the surgery. 

Hair replacement systems

How Long Does It Take To Go Bald? Sooner Or Later...
wearing hair topper and toupee can help you cover your bald spots

People use non-surgical hair replacement because they are affordable and easy to use. They look for human hairpieces as they cannot wait until their hair regrows. In general, human hairpieces like wigs, topper, and toupee have a lot of benefits. 

You will pay less money for hair systems comparing to taking hair transplantation while still have full hair on the head. Just apply the hairpiece correctly, the hair looks so realistic. Also, users can restyle the hair to blend their natural locks or want to change their hair look. Straight, wavy, curly, or colored hair, feel free to dye or perm the hair if you use a top-notch hair system. Furthermore, with a hairpiece, you don’t suffer unwanted effects, it is completely safe. 

In conclusion

How long does it take to go bald with alopecia? Hope that you have a deep insight into your hair condition after reading this post. Remember that baldness is caused by numerous factors, but some treatments help reduce and slow your baldness. Don’t hesitate to try these solutions and get a nice hair look. Anyway, just be happy!

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