How Much Hair Loss Is Normal? Be Cautious!

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Throughout decades, people care for their hair in different manners. But your hair falls no matter how careful you are. There is a limit for hair loss to be normal, but sometimes you go beyond that limit without the awareness, especially if you have long hair. Hair loss has more negative effects than you can imagine, apart from the discomfort of having to clean. Then you ask, how much hair loss is normal? This is the answer.

Why I Lose Too Much Hair A Day?

You lose your hair in many different ways.

Health Problems

Hair is a non-essential tissue, then it reacts to the smallest stress placed on your body. Unusual health problems like fever, stomach bug or long-term stressful working conditions can bring about excessive hair loss 8 to 10 weeks later. It may sound very bad but not as serious as you think. Your hair will itself stop falling down once you pay attention to the problems and solve them and you will gain the natural hair thickness back afterward. 

How Much Hair Loss Is Normal? Be Cautious!
hair loss due to health problems

Too Often Hair Washing

The amount of hair you lose sometimes depends on how often you wash your hair. It’s why you may lose more hair in summer and less in winter. In summer, you usually have a lot of outdoor activities. They come with direct contact with environmental factors including sunshine, debris, and smoke. In addition, high degrees make your hair more oily than usual. Everything tells you that you need to wash your hair at least once a day. But it is recommended that you do it three times a week for the best result.

How Much Hair Loss Is Normal? Be Cautious!
washing hair too much causes hair shedding

Genetic Characteristics

This is one of the most common causes of hair loss. You may wonder why your friend feels fine with the hair they lose while you have to deal with twice or even three times of it every day. It may be all about a hereditary hair loss called male/female-pattern baldness. This is a normal health condition that occurs gradually with aging and will stop at a certain point in your life. Your losing hair will not grow back but it also has no effects on your health. 

Chemical Hairstyling

Chemical processing like hair dyeing, bleaching, curling, straightening, as you know, does not affect your natural hair growth, but its inner protein core is what suffers from damages. It weakens the hair shaft and leads to breakage. Given that breakage was not known as hair loss, it severely reduces the thickness of your hair. In this case, using biotin supplements, sulfate-free shampoos, and executive condition hair mask will gradually bring your natural hair back.

How Much Hair Loss Is Normal? Be Cautious!
chemical styling is another cause of hair loss

Daily Hair Routine

There are not many differences among hair colors and textures in the amount of hair you lose every day, but in how you comb your hair. Women with thick, curly hair will come with more tension to brush and comb their hair, which can turn out to be hair loss caused by damages. 


How Much Hair Loss Is Normal?

And now, this is the answer to how much hair loss a day is normal.

In general, a person has about 100 000 hair follicles on his/her head. Hair growth is a circulation that lasts up to 8 years and there is a resting stage where there is not any increase in length for 6 months. 

How Much Hair Loss Is Normal? Be Cautious!
some hair falling under the shower is normal

Losing your hair means leaving space for new hair growth and the circulation will restart.

When Can I Realize That Things Went Wrong?

It would be fine if you lose 80 to 90 follicles at one time, then if it goes beyond that limit, for example, 125 ones per time, it does not turn out to be just ‘hair loss’. 

This condition is known as ‘telogen effluvium’ which temporarily happens when you are stressed or in a traumatic event.

How Much Hair Loss Is Normal? Be Cautious!
but if it appears in big clumps, then you should be worried

What To Do When I Lose Too Much Hair?

After getting the answer to how much hair loss is normal, we will tell you something to do to deal with this problem. 

Let’s take some advice on reducing the amount of hair you lose every day. 

First of all, you need to be relaxing. There is no point in stressing on losing too much hair every day, then try getting a massage instead and take advantages of endorphins.

Some researches showed that a balanced diet with positive iron intake will help a lot in hair loss treatments as iron deficiency will result in excessive hair loss. 

How Much Hair Loss Is Normal? Be Cautious!
wear a hair system to cover hair loss

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You look for an alternative after having thin hair because of hair loss, so how about purchasing a wig extension or a hair toupee to improve your appearance? This is a good solution for people having problems with losing their hair excessively. 

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To Wrap Up,

Hair loss, with its discomfort and risk to serious diseases, poses threats to many people, especially women (due to the negative impacts on their appearance). However, most of you underestimate its power, some just don’t know how much hair loss is normal and when to realize if it goes wrong. 

This post shows you some causes of hair loss including health problems, too often hair washing, genetic characteristics, chemical hair styling, and daily hair routine. Remember that there are a lot of different ones that we cannot mention enough, but they are commonly known to lead to excessive hair loss. And you also find out something to do with the amount of hair you lose. 

We hope that this post would help you a lot in solving problems with hair loss. We are always here in case there is any question. 

Have a nice day and enjoy your healthy hair. 

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