How Much Is Silk Flat Weft Hair? Does It Worth Your Money?

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Wearing silk flat weft hairs are not strange today since there are more and more women who are facing thinning hair problems. The hair system is a new design that giving thickness hair to the users. Micro-sealed weft hair extensions are flat, thin, and durable, as well. Many people today choose to wear the human hair system instead of wearing artificial fibers counterpart because of its benefits. How much is silk flat weft hair? It totally depends on the features of the hair replacement system. Check out the post from Layla to buy the right hair at a reasonable price.

What is the best silk flat weft hair extension?

Before knowing the silk flat weft price, you’d better know what it is first. If you follow our website or blog, you can find out more about this hair. Silk flat hair weft extensions are used to add more hair thickness on your head. In busy lives, you may have not enough time to take care of your tresses. It may become thinner and thinner. You feel annoyed when looking at your hair in the mirror. Catch the customers’ psychology, many sellers and manufacturers create and design silk flat wefts. This hair is considered as a non-surgical method, offering wearers comfortable feeling. Also, it will not hurt the scalp. 

How Much Is Silk Flat Weft Hair? Does It Worth Your Money?
human hair silk flat weft extensions

Human flat silk weft can blend seamlessly with your natural locks. Determine your head circumference, the hair length, and color, and send your requirement to the hair seller. They will customize your own hair. The hair is available in single and double layers for customers to select. Plus, the hair is durable. However, some people find difficult to tell apart good hair extensions with the best quality. We have an interesting tip, it’s the flat silk weft extensions costs

Factors that decide how much does a silk flat weft hair cost

Please follow these criteria below to determine the silk flat weft price. 

Hair quality and material

If the hair is made with raw human hair (virgin hair), it is the highest grade of hair systems. Many manufactures, like Laylahair, only use unprocessed hair that is gathered and maintained properly to make hair extensions. 

What’s more, all hair cuticles are kept intact and stayed align in one direction. It means that this hair looks like your existing hair. Human silk flat weft hair costs are higher than other normal hair wefts, but it is versatile and long-lasting. Take care of your hair carefully and reuse it many times. It’s a reason why the human silk flat weft is more expensive than others. 

How Much Is Silk Flat Weft Hair? Does It Worth Your Money?
different hair qualities

The length of the hair weft extension

How much is silk flat weft hair? It also depends on the length of the hair extension you opt for. Often, you can cut the hair extension to fit your head. Thus, ask the hair manufacturer to design the hair as your wish. 

Micro-sealed weft hair extensions have become so popular that many women wear it and hair experts spend time to master the hair making. Therefore, the hair appears more beautiful, not look terrible or fake. The longer the weft is, the higher the price is. But we think it is not costly if you invest the right hair extension. 


Different colors and styles

If you buy a synthetic weft hair, you have to be loyal to the original hair hue and style. Because you can’t restyle the hair. Let’s imagine, it’s so boring. 

Buy the human one instead of. The coloring and styling process also makes the hair price higher. Thus, consider these factors before buying an extension. Additionally, you can recolor and restyle the silk flat weft to change the hair as you hope. 

What hairstyles do you like? Buy good quality hair at a high price, wearers can turn straight hair into slight wavy textures by using heat styling tools.

How Much Is Silk Flat Weft Hair? Does It Worth Your Money?
colored silk flat weft hair

Should you spend money to get flat silk weft extensions?

It will not be a waste if you spend money on this hair weft. It gives you an array of great advantages. Wearing this hair extension, you will feel more comfortable and confident when appearing in the crowd. It takes only minutes to apply the hair, you will have thicker and nice tresses. But the silk flat weft price is quite high, you should learn and know how to wear and maintain the hair correctly. Purchase a good hair accessory (tapes, microbeads, clips, and more) to attach the hair. They help secure the flat silk hair extension firmly. Visit Layla’s blog to get some useful tips about the hair extension. 

Where to buy?

Come to Laylahair. We manufacture hair extension and sell our hair. We guarantee the standard making process, top-notch hair quality, and offer good customer services. Go down on the Internet and find us. As one of the most professional hair suppliers, we give all individual and wholesale sellers human hair extension at reasonable prices. It is no split ends, no hair shedding. Plus, there are no hair animals and synthetic hairs. 

How Much Is Silk Flat Weft Hair? Does It Worth Your Money?
silk flat weft extensions at Laylahair

How much is silk flat weft hair? The silk flat hair extension at Layla Hair is affordable, it will not make you bankrupt. What style of hair extension you’d like most? Don’t hesitate to share your dreamed hair with us. Contact us to get the quotation and the best weft hair. 

Final words

We hope that our sharings above may help you answer the question “how much is silk flat weft hair.” Bear in mind that consider everything before purchasing a hair extension to get the right hair. If you are seeking a trusted wholesale human hair seller, give us a chance to support you. The flat silk weft extensions costs are friendly and offer you the most satisfaction. 

We are easily reachable via our hotline at any time. Have any questions, leave your comments below and we will try to respond as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing your voice!

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