Invisi Weft Hair Extensions: Prices And Best Place To Buy

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Women today choose hair extensions to add more hair length and volume and change their hairstyles. One of the most common options is wearing invisi weft hair extensions. As it sounds, the hair is not detected by other people. Using premium quality products helps wearers be more assured when wearing. 

However, many starters wonder whether invisi weft hair extensions are expensive. Where is the best address to shop invisi weft? This blog post will give you the basic knowledge about invisi weft hair extensions and tips to buy hair items. It takes only several minutes to scan through, so don’t ignore it. 

Is invisible weft expensive to buy? 

Invisi wefts, or skin weft hair extensions, are known as a new type of hair extension in the hair field. It refers to seamless weft hair extensions, offering an invisible look and lightweight feeling. This hand-made skin weft lays flat on your scalp and appears as if growing directly from your scalp. 

The variance of invisible weft hair price is due to some elements. Besides the type of hair, there are other aspects affecting the hair value. Before purchasing a hair, you should consider these factors follow:

Hair length

Bear in mind that the more and longer the hair you want, the higher the price you have to pay. It is understandable that long hair is more expensive than short hair. The length of hair also affects the time of making the hair unit. Additionally, the amount of hair strands also relies on the size and length of the hair weft. 

Invisi Weft Hair Extensions: Prices And Best Place To Buy
invisi weft hair extensions are cost-effective


The high-end choice is human hair invisi weft extensions. The real hair strands are gathered and stored carefully before making the hair product. Often, synthetic hair systems are cheaper than human ones because it is less versatile and durable. 

Seamless weft hair extensions made of human hair help you avoid many hair problems, such as tangling, styling, and more. Plus, it is safe to apply skin wefts on your head. With some simple steps, you can gain your beautiful hair. If you style your human hair extension, don’t forget to spray heating protection before dealing with the hair.

The place you buy your hair extension

Last but not least, the cost of invisible weft also depends on the hair sellers. Hair market now attracts various start-ups, thus, you don’t know where to supply hair at reasonable prices. For example, some hair vendors sell Brazilian hair extensions with poor quality at prices which seem to ve good bargains. Therefore, you have to consider and ask some hair vendors about the price and quality before giving the last decision. 


In most cases, the high-end and more expensive hair system means that it is durable. If you wear and take care of it carefully, it can stay on your natural locks for 6-8 weeks. As usual, you may need to remove and reapply the hair extension when your new hair appears. Invisi weft hair extensions price is higher than other traditional hair units as it has many great benefits.

Invisi Weft Hair Extensions: Prices And Best Place To Buy
the price depends on the hair quality and where you buy it

The average cost of invisi weft hair is more than $200 for a full-head of extra-long with real human hair. Plus, it is effortless to apply and lays flat against the scalp for easy concealing. What are you waiting for? It’s time to buy this hair and enjoy all the good hair days. 


Where to buy invisi weft hair extensions

The next question should be on the top before buying invisi weft hair extensions: find a good wholesale skin weft hair. So where to buy? 

Be a wise customer! You can go to Google search and find some outstanding sellers. This is a useful channel for all, both sellers and clients. To buy wholesale invisible weft, you can chat or contact directly with sellers to know more about the hair quality and cost. Also, find the original website and read reviews about the seller. In this way, you can get a good hair system. 

Not all sellers give good quality of the hair extension you want. Hence, after finding a hair seller, you can place a sample of hair to test the hair first. You can dye, style the hair to check the quality. Compare the hair price to other suppliers giving to decide to buy the hair or not. 

Layla Hair – the best place to buy hair extensions

Invisi Weft Hair Extensions: Prices And Best Place To Buy
best invisi weft extensions at Laylahair

You are in the market to find wholesale invisible weft hair extensions with good quality, don’t forget that Layla Hair is always here to help you. We support weft hair extensions in different colors, sizes, and lengths, etc. An array of options are available for customers to choose from. 

You can find us on our website or contact us via WhatsApp. Good feedbacks and reviews from clients are the best evidence showing our hair quality. Seamless weft hair extensions are made of raw human strands collected from Vietnam and Cambodia. Hence, you will never regret it when you purchase our hair extensions.

Notably, our hair always looks attractive to your eyes. Because it is made of real hair, all cuticles stay aligned like your natural locks, it will not be tangling. With proper use and care, the hair will last longer and looks best. 

More importantly, we supply hair at competitive prices. Whether you are an individual or wholesale seller, the price is the same. Our craftsmen always learn and update the trend to design the best hair. That’s why Layla is believed and chosen as a trustworthy address for wholesale invisi weft hair extensions

To wrap things up

We hope, after this blog post, you will have a new insight into invisi weft hair extensions. Hence, you can easily get the right hair at an affordable price. 

Should you have any special inquiries about this hair or other types of human hair system, leave your comments below. We will try to reply as soon as possible. 

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