How Much Is Super Double Drawn Hair? It’s Definitely Worth Your Cash!

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Super double drawn hair is of the highest cost among different hair weaves. But how much is super double drawn hair, exactly? 

Down below, Laylahair gets you covered with the factors that might determine the cost of super double drawn hairpieces and a bit of advice on where to buy them at the nicest price. Don’t miss it out!

First, what does super double drawn hair mean?

Hair weave refers to the weft hair bundles that people often use to add volume to their original hair. It comes in different levels of density and length, which we often divide into single drawn and double drawn hair. These terminologies are to demonstrate the percentage of full-length hairs in the bundles. Briefly, each will refer to:

Single drawn hair: only 50% of the bundles reach a similar full length. The other haft contains of shorter hair that varies in different lengths. For example, a 22-inch single drawn hair weave will have only 50% hair that is 22 inches, while the rest might be 20 inches, 18 inches, or so. 

Double drawn hair: the full-length hair accounts for approximately 60-70% of the bundles. It thus offers a fuller look than a single drawn one. 

How Much Is Super Double Drawn Hair? It’s Definitely Worth Your Cash!
super double drawn extensions

– Super double drawn hair: it is actually a thicker version of double drawn. About 85-90% of the hair will reach the full length, hence looking exceptionally thick. It will be much heavier than single and the normal double drawn, also. 

Depending on your purposes of wearing hair extensions and wigs, you might opt for different kinds of weaves. 

How much is super double drawn hair?

The price is quite high

Just so you know, the length of the breadth will decide how costly it would be. Double drawn hair and super double drawn hair will absolutely cost higher than the thinner single drawn bundles. 

The price of weft hair also involves the process of filtering and making. Super double drawn hair requires more hair to form a nice-looking hair weave, while it might take less if it comes to single drawn. Furthermore, to make a full bundle of hair, the worker have to filter the hair first and then combine hair of different lengths. For the super double drawn, because the bundle is thicker, it requires more time and effort to complete this task. 

That said though, its high cost is worth it. The super double drawn weft is exceptionally suitable for those wanting a super thick volume to conceal their fine tresses. 

How Much Is Super Double Drawn Hair? It’s Definitely Worth Your Cash!
super double drawn costs higher than single drawn and double drawn

Single weft or double weft?

The weaving technique to make your wefts will also affect the cost of your super double drawn bundles. The difference between single weft and double weft mostly lies in the thickness. Single weft hair refers to the weave that consists of only one layer. Meanwhile, with double weft, it will be twofold to make it more secure. In other words, the double weft will contain twice as much hair as a single one. And obviously, it will cost higher. 

Machine weft or hand-tied?

Another question to make is whether your super double drawn bundles are machine weft or 100% sewn-in by hand. The cost will obviously be higher if your weave is hand-tied. It’s because it involves more time and effort and requires much more concentration in making. On the other hand, the machine weft hair is easier to make with the help of state-of-the-art machines, so it will cost less. 

Nowadays, people tend to go for machine weft hair because it is secure and looks much more uniformed. 

How Much Is Super Double Drawn Hair? It’s Definitely Worth Your Cash!
machine weft vs hand-tied weft

Hair quality also decides the price of super double drawn hair

Lastly, the origin of the hair is also a determining factor that might affect the cost of your hair bundles. With such popular hairs from abundant sources like Chinese hair, Brazillian hair, Peruvian hair, and Indian hair, it won’t cost you much. However, cheap price always goes along with not-so-good quality. 

Let’s take Chinese hair as an example. Regularly, the workers will do chemical processing to remove all the hair cuticles to make it smooth and untangle. However, it will reduce the lifespan of the weaves, not to mention that the coloring or bleaching won’t take much effect on this kind of hair. That’s why Chinese hair is sold at low prices. 

In contrast, for such rare sources like Vietnamese or Cambodian hair, a bundle of super double drawn hair will cost you more dollars than other sources. It is understandable because this “luxury” hair is not as abundant as other types. Hence, according to the law of supply and demand, when the supply is low and the demand is high, the cost will definitely be high. 

How much is super double drawn human hair at Laylahair?

Laylahair is proudly one of the most reliable hair vendors that sell high-quality super double drawn weft at a reasonable price. If you expect to get cheap products, then you might be on the wrong website. We can’t assure that we have the cheapest super double drawn bundles in the market, but when it comes to good quality hair, Laylahair is the place that has the most affordable price. 

How Much Is Super Double Drawn Hair? It’s Definitely Worth Your Cash!
high-quality super double drawn wefts are sold at reasonable price at Laylahair

Our super double drawn human hair is made from high-end Vietnamese and Cambodian hair – the top-rated hair origins in the market. With reliable sources and delicate techniques, our factory is the trust-worthy destination to buy hair extensions and wigs. Our machine weft super double drawn bundles has to undergo a strict quality assessment before selling out to clients. Therefore, you can rest assured when buying hair from us. 

Apart from super double drawn hair weaves, Laylahair also offers various kinds of hair extensions, wigs, and hair replacement systems. Our products range from the classic kinds of extensions like weave, clip-in, tape-in, and fusion to the newly invented seamless forms like stitched tape-in, skin weft, halo extension, and silk flat weft

Also, we do customize products as per clients’ requests so in case you want to order any new kinds of hair, feel free to propose your inquiry. 

Final words

Laylahair hopes that after reading this post, you might know how to determine the cost of a hair weave. “How much is super double drawn hair” is not a difficult question, thus be meticulous when any vendors give you the quotation. 

If you feel interested in getting good packs of super double drawn hair weaves, don’t hesitate to drop us a line via our WhatsApp hotline. We are online 24/7 and always feel happy to be of service!

Have a nice day!

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