How To Apply Full Lace Wigs Glueless? Our Tips And Advice

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Full lace wigs glueless application appears to be the most fun and easy-going method. This way of applying wigs is hassle-free, suitable for women who want to take it easy in the morning.

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If you are new to this method, allow us to help you out. Follow our tips and advice below for perfect wig application.

Is this possible to apply full lace wig glueless?

If you are still in doubt with this method, here is the answer.

It is perfectly reasonable and possible to install full lace wig without glue. Since full lace wigs offer lace base which covers the whole scalp, you only need a few hair accessories to keep the wig secure.

Other than that, full lace wig glueless application is really quick. Unlike sewn-in or adhesive application, this method takes about 15 minutes or even less to create glamorous hairstyles.

How To Apply Full Lace Wigs Glueless? Our Tips And Advice

There are certain shortcomings concerning this way of wig wearing. As you can see, since the bonding between the wig and your scalp is loose, you can’t make updo hairstyles.

Ponytails are impossible in some cases. Ladies who are fond of Ariana Grande’s ponytail will have to try other wig installation methods for this look.

Should I apply full lace wigs with glue?

If the shortcoming of full lace wigs glueless application is so profound, we suggest you try other methods. Full lace wig with glue application is semi-permanent. The wig stays longer on your head and less likely to fall off.

What’s more, you can nail lots of different hairstyles without fear.

However, just like full lace wigs without glue, this method comes with certain drawbacks. The most apparent one is that you have to invest in a hi-quality adhesive.

That could add up to the already-more-than-affordable-wig-kit cost. Of course, when you prefer the method’s benefits, a few dollars will be nothing.

However, you need to test the newly bought adhesive to make sure that it will not irritate. Some women even experience scalp allergies due to the use of wig glue.

That is why the application without glue seems to be more appealing.

If you are ready to know more about the method, let’s scroll down!



How to apply full lace wigs glueless?

The application of full lace wig without glue is fun and straightforward. However, you need to prepare some accessories for this method.

All you need to have

•    Wig clips

•    Weaving needle and thread

•    Hair clamps or rubber bands

Simple steps for full lace wigs glueless application

•    Turn the wig upside down to reveal the base. You shouldn’t let any hair get in the way. So pull the hair behind and get all the strands together to make a ponytail.

•    Choosing the thread colour is very important. If it doesn’t match with the hair colour or wig clips, chances are the application will be ruined. The wig clips and thread colour will look out of place on the wig. So you should be careful in this step.

•    Take one of the wig clips and apply it in the bottom, middle portion of your wig. These clips will help the wig attach to your hair. You need to ensure that the teeth of the clip face your direction.

•    In this step, you need to sew the clip into the lace base. Carefully weave the needle underneath the bottom and lead it through the clip’s hole. Move the thread through the whole and the lace. Repeat this step until all the whole are sewn into the lace.

•    Choose another clip and place it 3 inches away from the first clip. Repeat the process by carefully sewing the new clip onto the lace.

•    Move to the right side of the wig. Locate the place where your ear would be when you wear the wig. Once you know the area, place another clip there. Sew it onto the lace again.

How To Apply Full Lace Wigs Glueless? Our Tips And Advice

Use wig clips for this process

•    Repeat the step with the left side. Do not place any clips near the front, because it will be very noticeable.

•    Flip the wig over and put it over your head. Use the wig clips to secure the wig into places. Remove the ponytail and make the hair as you wish.

Phew, now we finish! Next time when you wear a full lace wig, you only need to follow the last step. It will take less than 5 minutes for sure.

How To Apply Full Lace Wigs Glueless? Our Tips And Advice

You will surprise others with a full lace wig! 

Can I sleep with full lace wigs glueless?

The thing with this method is it quite hard to sleep with. We don’t say that the installation is uncomfortable. Quite the contrary, it is effortless to wear. However, the real problem comes when you sleep.

You tend to change position quite often. Every twists and turn will loosen the clips from your head. Some people would recommend you to use a scarf to secure the hair and make sure your wig will not fall off.

However, we don’t. We think that this application is super easy. It takes you roughly 15 minutes (for the first-time users) to apply and only five minutes to remove. You can put it in the morning and remove it in the evening.

Why bother sleeping with the wig? Trying to sleep with the wig not only cause damage to the wig but also to your scalp and natural hair. So, our answer is no. There is no need to sleep with full lace wig without glue application.

The bottom line

We believe that full lace wigs glueless method is the most beginner-friendly application. If you don’t have much time in the morning, this method will be the perfect choice for you.

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