At Last, Secrets To How To Blend Extensions With Short Hair Is Revealed!

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Hair extension is the beauty trend today and is the most advanced service in hair salons, the choice of hair extension method you need to check out some information. Furthermore, this item will help you look younger than your real age. If you blend extensions well with your real hair, it would bring about unbelievable effects. 

According to observing and collecting data from hairdressers, most do not care much about effective hair extension method but only follow the hair trend, and the crowd performs. Therefore, help you understand more about how to blend extensions with short hair; you should read the post carefully.

An insight into hair extensions for short hair

What are hair extensions?

As its name suggests, hair extension is the thing that we use to “extend” our hair. It is a popular item with people with thin or fine hair, who has a thinning crown or are suffering from hair loss.

At Last, Secrets To How To Blend Extensions With Short Hair Is Revealed!
Hair extensions before and after

Many of the times, girls also use hair extensions and wigs (like lace front wig or full lace wig) to add up volume or length to their natural hair. For example, you are wearing a chic short hair but want to dress up sweetly for an upcoming prom, what would you do? Sorting to hair extensions would be the fastest and easiest way available.

You can also choose the color you want: the same color to your real hair, a blue-black hair color, or an ombre extension.


Types of hair extensions

There happen to be several types of hair extensions, depending on the way people stick it in their real hair. The processing method is different also. Hence,  it is difficult for users to choose the best address and hair extension techniques for themselves.

At Last, Secrets To How To Blend Extensions With Short Hair Is Revealed!
Different types of extensions for short hair

The most commonly used types of extensions are the clip-in, tape-in extensions, and keratin tips.

How to blend extensions with short hair

As you know, there are a lot of people choosing hair extension to make their hairs look thicker, so you want one of how to blend extensions with short thick hair. The following tips are not about cutting hair extensions to make it blend with short hair. It’s all about the technique to make it undetectable in front of others. 

Using leads

This hair extension is the primary method of hair extension. Blending extensions with lead are the method that appeared right from the first time of blend extensions demand. Obviously, it’s one of the simplest ways for girls to try. The hairdresser will use lead clips to link wigs and real hair together, wigs and real hair are threaded through the lead tube and clamped back together to connect.

Sew in extensions into short hair

If you are looking for hiding extensions in short hair, sew-in is the best choice for you.

At Last, Secrets To How To Blend Extensions With Short Hair Is Revealed!
Sew the hair extensions in

For this blend hair extension, the stylist brains your natural hair into a small braid close to your scalp and then plaits the strands of hair into braids with a needle and thread. A piece of sewn in means that only some of your natural hair is woven into braids. A complete stitch means that all your natural hair is braided.

Tape in extensions into your real hair

This is the lowest cost method in the method of fixed hair connection both in price and connection way. It takes only about 1 hour to accomplish. So it reduces the link much. The cost of this hair extension is almost the same as the hair clip.

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Furthermore, blending short hair with tape in extensions is a less damaging method. It is light and doesn’t pull your hair to the point where it can cause hair loss. After connecting the hair, you can create an arbitrary style with braided hair, ponytail or any hairstyle you want. This hairstyle is suitable for girls who wish to fast hair connections that take less time.

At Last, Secrets To How To Blend Extensions With Short Hair Is Revealed!

Fiberglass & Elastic

The method is quite popular on the market today. Fiberglass & Elastic is a different method than the name given by the salon; the other is Elastic fiber which is smaller than Fiberglass. Fiber Glass is made from fiberglass which is light and high elasticity. The mechanic will use the strands to make the real hair and hair extensions.

Clip in hair extensions to add hair volume

Last but not least, it’s about how to blend short hair with clip-in extensions. It is the simplest and fastest hair extension method, with only 3-5 minutes, you have new hair. Clip-in hair extensions are now the most favorable products in the market.


How to take care of hair extensions for short hair

After you know how to blend extensions with short hair, you should know the right way to take care of your hair after blending.

–    If you have just combined your hair, avoid washing your hair for 24 to 48 hours to avoid the effects of shampoo on the newly connected position. Then select a sulfate-free shampoo and massage the scalp and joint spots to clean the debris around it. Sulfate and silicon shampoos can soften joints and dissolve adhesion in the joint position. For you to use hair clipping, wash them every 6 to 8 times, and place them on a towel to dry.

At Last, Secrets To How To Blend Extensions With Short Hair Is Revealed!
Sulfate free shampoo for hair extensions

–    Although you love creating favorite hairstyles by curling machines, or dryers, they can make your hair dry, so you need to condition your hair once a month. The nutrients will make the hair soft and smooth again.

–    Keep your hair free from tangles: If you wash your hair in the evening, make sure your hair is dehydrated before going to bed. Otherwise, your hair’s weight and moisture will make it easier for your hair to slip and tangle. With hair clipping, remove it before going to bed.

To Sum Up

Hope that after the post, you will understand more about how to blend extensions with short hair as well as the best way to take care of it after mixing. If you need more useful information about hair or hair extension, don’t forget to visit our website to get more.

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