Wondering How To Blend Tape In Extensions With Your Hair? Read This!

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Don’t worry because you have short hair. Today, you can add different styles by using hair extensions which can improve the length and thickness of your hair. In this post, we give some key tips on how to blend tape in extensions with short hair.

What Is Tape in Hair Extensions?

Tape in extensions is one of the best hair extension methods in the market. It is thin tape wefts, about 1 inch wide pre-taped hair weft. This method is 100% natural, requires no tools or chemicals, and can last up to 3 months.

If you are a lover of thick and voluminous hair that has, tape in hair extensions is the best choice for you.

Wondering How To Blend Tape In Extensions With Your Hair? Read This!
tape-in hair extensions

When you use tape hair extensions, you may forget that you are using it for 10 to 12 weeks because it is easy to maintain and change your style.

In Layla Hair, tape in hair extensions is 100% human hair, high-quality. Our products naturally blend with your own hair, so the wearer with thinner hair has the option to use only a single weft or tape hair which creates a realistic and natural density.

Why are your extensions not blending?

There are multiple reasons to answer this question. One of the common reasons is that everyone has a different hair type and hair cut. For example, you have lots of layers throughout your hair, so you will have to layer your extensions so that it matches naturally with those layers.

Wondering How To Blend Tape In Extensions With Your Hair? Read This!
layer your extensions to blend it to your real hair

In addition, choose the color of extensions that are different from your natural hair also makes your extensions not blending.

How to Blend Tape in Extensions With Short Hair

Blend tape in extensions with your own hair requires to focus more on thickness and length because natural hair has a lot of differences in terms of thickness and length. A lot of effort will be needed to achieve a natural look.

Length of Your Hair

Hair experts recommend that your natural hair needs to be at least 3-4 inches in length. Because if your hair is shorter than 3-4 inches, the clips attached to your own hair will be easily seen. That will make your natural hair not blending tape in extensions. Hence, your hair needs to be long enough to perfectly cover the clips.

Wondering How To Blend Tape In Extensions With Your Hair? Read This!
length of hair extensions chart
  • Remember that short hair extensions blend perfectly with short hair.
  • Avoid using hair extensions whose length is more than 20 inches long. Because of the difference in length between your natural hair and hair extensions, it is harder to blend together.

Color of Tape Extensions

The color of extensions chosen must perfectly blend with your natural hair. You should choose extensions that tend to have the same color as your short hair to have a natural look.

  • If the color of your hair and extensions are different, you can dye your hair to perfectly match.
  • In case the ends of your hair are different in color from the rest, use a set of extensions known as ombre is the best. Or you can opt for a color that matches the ends of your hair.
Wondering How To Blend Tape In Extensions With Your Hair? Read This!
choose the right hair color for your tape-ins

Thickness of Extensions

Thick tape in extensions is the best option for your thin or blunt hair. Because thin hair extensions will have problems blending in if your natural is thin too, thicker hair extensions will give an overall harmonious, voluminous look.


Curl Your Tape in Extensions Into Your Hair

Take small sections of your extensions and combine them with a section from your natural hair. Then curl them together can help blur that line differentiating your hair from the extensions.

Apply Tape In Hair Extensions

Many people tend to ask where to place the tape in hair extensions, and how to tape in hair extensions correctly.

  1. The first and compulsory step is washing and sectioning your hair. Create a part across your scalp, then use a comb or your finger to make a horizontal part. You will apply the extensions near the line.
Wondering How To Blend Tape In Extensions With Your Hair? Read This!
how to apply tape-in hair extensions
  1. Firstly, you have to attach the bottom of the extension under the thin portion of natural hair. Take a thin strand of your hair and lift it up. Remove the strip covering the adhesive on the bottom of extensions, then press the extension underneath the thin strand of hair.
  2. The next step is to remove the adhesive tape covering that extension, press on top of your strand of hair. The top and bottom of extensions have to stick together. You use a plier to press them together to secure extensions.
  3. Repeat the process until you have added all the extensions. The number of extensions depends on the size of your head and the thickness of your hair. You can use about 5 rows of tape in extensions or more. If you have thin hairlines, leave about 1 inch of hair out across your entire hairline before adding extensions. Ensure that your hair has enough density to cover the tape in without making them noticeable.

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Layla Hair Wholesale Vendors

As one of the biggest Vietnam hair suppliers, Layla Hair promises to bring you the most beautiful products of hair extensions.

Our team will help you choose tape in extensions that blend perfectly with your natural hair. With many years of experience in this field, we only use virgin Vietnamese hair to create hair extensions. If you are not confident with your hair, Layla Hair’ products may help you solve it.

Wondering How To Blend Tape In Extensions With Your Hair? Read This!
tape in human hair extensions from Laylahair

Tape in has a truly natural hair, so it is easy to blend with your own hair, even you can color whatever colors you want. With raw Vietnamese hair, Layla Hair wholesale hair extensions can dye or bleach your weave if you want without being damaged.

Customers can use Layla Hair’ products without worrying that they are harmful to your hair. The length of tape in is variety, so the choice is your own. Don’t hesitate to leave your demands because our excellent workers will try to achieve them.

To sum up

Hopefully, through this post, we can help you know more about how to blend tape in extensions with short hair. Layla Hair will try our best to improve our products and the technology to supply you.

Feel free to contact us via (+84) 989 633 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp/Sapchat) to get support.

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