How To Braid Hair With Extensions: 3 Easy Yet Eye-Catching Styles!

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There are so many ways to braid hair that brings out a classy and gorgeous look. But to braid hair extensions, there is some fixed demand for the best result. So if you have thought of having a braid with your hairpieces or want to know how to braid hair with extensions, this post is made for you.

Choose the right hair extensions

Make sure you know what kind of braids you desire first so you can select the suitable hair extensions for you with the perfect length, color, and texture. We highly recommend you to pick a human hair extension to do a braid, which will help you get the best look. Curly hair or slightly coarser will much easy to deal with and hold the braid in a longer time.

Prepare your natural hair and hair extensions

Rinse well and deep condition your real hair before making a braid. The conditioning step can be skipped if you are going to get small braids because it will loosen after a short time. So do not stress on deep conditioner.

How To Braid Hair With Extensions: 3 Easy Yet Eye-Catching Styles!
choose high-quality hair extensions

Besides your natural hair, your human hair extensions need preparation as well. Offer them a good wash beforehand. Let choose a mild and natural-based or particular shampoo for hair extensions. Follow the package instructions for washing and conditioning hair extensions. After washing, gently part extensions into bundles with one inch thick to push up the drying step. These tips not only make your hair extensions dry more quickly but it easy for you to do braid afterward as well. You can dry your extensions naturally or use a blow dryer. In case you blow-dry, you should use e a heat-protecting serum or product to prevent damaging your hairpieces.

Put on the Hair Extensions and Braid

There are various styles for a braid, hence, here are some common ones.

How to braid hair with extensions in a French Braid style?

Step 1

Pick up some small pieces of hair at the top and part it into three sections equally right, left, middle.

Step 2

Cross the left part over the middle one and mix it together with the right part.

How To Braid Hair With Extensions: 3 Easy Yet Eye-Catching Styles!
a french braid with hair extensions

Step 3

Cross the right part over the middle one then mix it together with the left part. It is just vice versa.

Step 4

Repeat the steps again and again down towards your hair then you will nail it!

Step 5

Once you reach the nape of your neck, bring your hair to one side and finish off with a three-strand braid.

When you approach the nape of your neck, pull your hair to one side and complete the process with 3 equal bundle braid

How to braid hair in Double Dutch Braids style?

Step 1

Prepare a clean middles part till the nape of your neck. Divide your hair into 2 equal sides for your hair extensions to apply

Step 2

Where you put it on is so important step to braid hair extensions in double-dutch style. In this case, you may need a clip-in hair extension. First, turn the clip in around and attach them in the line vertically. 2 and 3 clip pieces will work best. To make sure the hairpieces are firm and hard to shed out, when you apply, part your hair in the line where the braid is going to be. Do it on both sides. You can learn how to apply clip in hair extensions in another post of our blog!

How To Braid Hair With Extensions: 3 Easy Yet Eye-Catching Styles!
double dutch braid hairstyles

Step 3

Now it is time for braiding. Start by taking a small section of hair on the top of one side. then divide it into 3 smaller parts equally. Cross the outside sections over the middle one at one time. After a fold like this, take more hair directly below and repeat folding 3 sections.

Step 4

After doing braid again and again and to reach the nape of your neck, just make the basic braid that all we know. After that, use an elastic hairband to secure it and do the same on the other side.

Step 5

To complete the look, use to tips of your finger to loosen the braid knot to add more volume and thickness. And now you are done!


How to braid hair with extensions in Box Braid style?

Step 1

Prepare from 6-8 small hairpieces for long and thick braids. If you want to have short braid, you may need to take fewer bundles

Step 2

Take out a 1-inch bundle ( about 2,5 cm) of the hairpieces you prepared. Situate this bundle between your 2 fingers in a line. Then part it into 3 equal sections. Place one of them between your middle and pointer finger. The next section is placed between middle and ring fingers, below the first one about 1 inch. The last one is set between ring and pinkie finger, below the second one about 1 inch.

Stagger the hair in line like that will contribute to a more natural effect later on.

Step 3

Take 2 from 3 bundles and leave out 1 for next use

Step 4

Make a loop by the 2 remaining bundles. Cross one section over the other one so they interlock into each other. That how the loop form. 1 section must have more have than the other. The smaller one will hang over the bigger.

Step 5

Set your extension with your natural hair from the roots. Hold your hairpiece with your fingers in the middle then line it up with your real hair.

How To Braid Hair With Extensions: 3 Easy Yet Eye-Catching Styles!
box braid hairdo with extensions

Step 6

Intertwine the hair loop with your natural hair at the middle point. You should take 3 strands of hair, 2 outside and one underneath the middle sections of your hair extensions.

Step 7

Right after step 6, start braiding your hair extensions with natural hair at one time. Then once reaching the end, secure the braid with an elastic hairband

Step 8

Repeat doing the same things with the rest of your hair, one by one then you master the look.

Step 9

To prevent unraveling, you can dip the end of your braid into hot water

Our Conclusion

How to braid hair with extensions is a process that gives us joyfulness in every moment. The more desire you put into this process the better result will turn out. Carefully consider these simple technique guidelines, we sure you will be successful.

If you don’t know where to get human hair extensions, pay a visit to the Layla Hair website. There you can find attractive hairpieces varies in colors and styles. All the products we provide you are 100% human hair so you can trust us totally!

Follow our blog for more interesting tips and methods related to your hairdo, share it with your friend if you find it useful!

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