How To Buy Curly Hair Extensions Online: An In-Depth Guide

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When speaking of the task to purchase curly hair extensions online, choosing the right texture, colour, volume and length of these extensions can become a real challenge, especially for beginners.

How To Buy Curly Hair Extensions Online: An In-Depth Guide

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But this cannot stop us from looking for curly hair extensions for sale, as this complete guide has provided everything we need to know about buy curly hair extensions online.

What types of curly hair extensions should we buy?

With a wide variety of choices, there is no precise answer. However, by answering these questions, we will narrow our options to just one or two. Thus, the process of closing down makes it easier to buy curly hair extensions online.

Do we need temporary or permanent hair extensions?


If we only want to add more length, flip-in will be a perfect choice. Besides, it takes a little time to install (from 1-2 minutes)

If we are aiming for longer and more volume hair, goes for clip-in. Users can install these temporary extensions in 5-10 minutes.


Nowadays, permanent hair extensions do not guarantee that we can use them forever. Women still need to re-attach them again as their hair grows. All permanent methods increase the length and volume of the hair.

Installation methods

  • Installation at home

The most popular and user-friendly is tape-ins. This type of installation is fast and easy to install and remove (20 minutes on average). All we need to do is attach 40-80 small tape pieces to the hair.

Micro ring loops and Nano ring tips are suitable for those who want to have hair strand instead of wefts or tape-ins. The lengthier the installation is (from 30 – 60 minutes), the more benefits it brings. The hair tends to own a better flowing motion, creating a more natural look.

  • Installation by professional

While most of the curly hair extensions for sale can be installed at home, i-tip strands are an exception. Unlike u-tips, they don’t require professional heating tools (just the pliers). I-tip strands are a perfect choice for users who don’t want to get involved with heat. Similar to the Micro ring and keratin hair extensions, it will take 60 minutes to reach the installation done.

The keratin hair extensions (also known as U-tips) are the most expensive to install. Because the hair experts need to melt every hundred single tips, we have to spend 40 – 90 minutes in a hair salon. Despite the wait, U-tips provide a fantastic look and blend perfectly with the real hair.

For hair wefts, it depends on the users. Hair experts want to create their attachments or customers specify their demands. Hair wefts give the most freedom to hairstylists and can be hand-made only just for our needs.



How to buy curly hair extensions online attachment types?

Clip-in hair extensions

These are one of the most popular types for those who are going to buy curly hair extensions online. Clip-in is super easy to install and remove without damaging the hair. Due to the short time of installation, clip-in extensions are an ideal choice for women not willing to spend their whole day in a hair salon.

How To Buy Curly Hair Extensions Online: An In-Depth Guide

Cold fusion — Stick/ I-tip/ Nano hair extensions

Despite their simple names, these extensions are the most difficult to understand in the world of curly hair extensions for sale. They have many different subtypes. Let’s think about these hair extensions as a strand-by-strand method without the use of heat.

One small notice is that Nano ring extensions do not have any relations to micro rings.

Cold fusion – Micro ring loop hair extensions

They are the newest version of hair extensions and women prefer using them to replace I-tip. Because stick tips are often installed by professional hairstylists, micro ring loop brings a do-it-yourself and heat-free solution.

How To Buy Curly Hair Extensions Online: An In-Depth Guide

Cold fusion – Tape-in hair extensions

This is the second most popular type of hair extensions on the market nowadays due to their simple application, like clip-in. But instead of working as a short-term hair improvement, tape-in curly hair extensions for sale promises to bring a long-term effect. We don’t need to remove them before sleeping and even don’t need to hire a hairstylist to install.

Besides, there is no need for users to replace the tape-in hair extensions when they become worn out. With only paying a few dollars for a new one, we can easily attach these extensions again.

What hair texture should we go for?

Straight hair

This is quite simple. If we have short hair and feel comfortable with this appearance, go for straight hair extensions.

Wavy and curly hair

This is where the situation gets a little tighter. Wearing wavy hair extensions for straight hair is no longer a problem because they blend with the real hair. However, some women, who have naturally curly hair and unique hair texture, find it difficult to combine the extensions with their real hair.

How To Buy Curly Hair Extensions Online: An In-Depth Guide

A possible solution is to ask for help from a hair sewing machine or style for both hair extensions and real hair. But we advise ladies to go with straight hair and then ask the hairstylists to curve it. And Boom! An excellent and gorgeous hairstyle!

How to determine the length of hair extensions?

The length of hair extensions is another critical factor to consider when deciding to buy curly hair extensions online. There is no length-fit-all for everyone, but we hope to provide the necessary guidance to help ladies along their way.


  • Body Wave: Add 2 inches (5 cm) to the length of hair extensions to achieve a similar look
  • Curly hair: Add 4 inches (10 cm) to the length of hair extensions


  • 1.55m and shorter: subtract 2 inches ( 5 cm) to every 10 cm
  • 1.7 – 1.8m: add two more inches ( 5 cm) to the hair extensions length
  • 1.85 and taller: add 2 inches (5 cm) to every 10 cm

How to choose the right colours for the curly hair extensions?

Have we ladies ever experienced the difficulty of choosing the right colours when buying curly hair extensions online? Are the reasons mostly because of the small colour palette pictures or the unsatisfactory look?

Don’t worry ladies because we are here to help. When it comes to colour, the old thumb rule is applicable. A light colour tends to make us look younger while a dark one tends to give a more mature look.

The bottom line

So that’s it! Reward ourselves with a delicious bar of chocolate or our favourite food. Why? Because we have just finished reading through the complete guide to buying curly hair extensions online and acquired useful knowledge. What should we do is go grabbing our “perfect” hair extensions and start applying to get our desired looks.

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