How To Care For Human Hair Weave | The Essentials For Beginners

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When you use a human hair wave, you may hope that it can last for long and always in the best shape, no shedding, no tangling. You may try to invest much in good products, but it is not enough. Sometimes, simple steps can work well on your weave than other factors. Therefore, we now will share with you some useful tips on how to care for human hair weave.   

What is human hair weave?

Human hair weave is one type of hair extension in which you will braid up your hair, weave your hair into a net then sew it onto your head and custom your hair with any stunning hairstyle. Human hair weave is well-known for its natural-looking appearance and it gives you a comfortable feeling when using it. 

Here are some useful steps on how to take care of human hair weave.

How to care for human hair weave?

Keep your weave clean

How To Care For Human Hair Weave | The Essentials For Beginners
use sulfate-free shampoo to cleanse your weave

Rinse your hair regularly

Wash your hair with warm water, gently massage your hair from the roots through your hair extension. 

Note: Choose sulfate-free shampoos for your weave. Treat human hair like it is your own hair. Ask your hairstylist for a particular method to take care of your hair because some hairstyles will have some specific washing ways.

Use a spray bottle while washing your hair

Try mixing your shampoo with warm water in a suitable ratio and you will have a perfect spray mixture for your weave.  squirt the mixture under and around your hair, use fingertips to pamper your scalp then you can wash out the product with cold water. Repeat this process two or three times to make sure your hair is clean.

How To Care For Human Hair Weave | The Essentials For Beginners
Use an anti-bacterial weave spray daily

Apply rinse-out conditioner

After the shampoo step, add conditioner to your hair. When applying, use can use the same method as you wash your hair with shampoo. Then, take another squeeze bottle, mix a few drops of conditioner with lukewarm water and next just repeat the steps as you do with shampoo. After finishing washing hair,  use a towel to absorb water till your hair is damp then air dry it.

Note: Use an anti-bacterial weave spray daily. It might have a moldy smell for braids or locks hairstyle if you not dry it thoroughly. Therefore, to avoid mildew growth, apply an antibacterial weave spray after washing your hair.

Style your human hair weave

Detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb

How To Care For Human Hair Weave | The Essentials For Beginners
use a wide-tooth comb

To prevent hair shedding, instead of a fine-tooth comb, a wide-tooth comb should be used. Because most of the weaving unit are tracks, so you must carefully detangle, especially when you got weft snagging. Use a fine-tooth comb might make this case worse. Therefore, use the right tools to treat the weave will make it last longer.

Use alcohol-free hair styling pomades

A small amount of alcohol-free hair styling pomades on the edges can make your hair look frizzy and smooth. Get a little bit of pomade to your palms, after that gently apply it over your edges. Don’t overuse this product in one use, it can make your hair look greasy.

How To Care For Human Hair Weave | The Essentials For Beginners
Use alcohol-free hair-styling pomades

Provide moisture for your weave every day

For a natural-looking hair, let’s use a leave-in conditioner or hair serum to your weave daily. Massage gently and smoothly your scalp with a suitable amount of moisturizer and thoroughly your own hair and weave. It definitely keeps your hair look untangle and shiny.

Go to hair salon each month

How To Care For Human Hair Weave | The Essentials For Beginners
visit a hair salon for maintenance

Visit your hairstylists regularly for expertise maintenance methods which help your weave always in good condition. They know how to treat your human hair weave in a professional way and secure when you are in trouble with your weave.

Protect human hair weave

Don’t scratch your scalp

Your scalp might get itchy sometimes so you may want to use your nails or fine-tooth comb to scratch it, which could make your hair skin fragile and you could get scabs. Rather than that, pamper your scalp with soothing oils may be better. You can add tea tree oil with olive oil or coconut oil to create a soothing oil. don’t apply too much, if not your hair will become oily.

How To Care For Human Hair Weave | The Essentials For Beginners
Don’t scratch your scalp

Prevent overheating from your hair

When using a blow dryer, make sure it in low mode. High temperature dry may damage your hair extension.  Let it dry naturally can make your weave live up to date. Furthermore, limit styling your hair with flat irons and curling irons.

Tie your hair up

To reduce pressure on your own hair and avoid frizz, keep your hair up whenever you can. If you do housework or sport, or just hanging out, tie your hair up will give you weave a fresh look and last longer.

How To Care For Human Hair Weave | The Essentials For Beginners
Cover your hair with scarf at night

Cover your hair with scarf at night

Sleeping with a scarf will protect your hair from getting tangled or lumpy when you sleep. A satin or silk scarf will work well more than other kinds. Using a satin pillow cover also benefits your weave.

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Braid your hair at night 

If you get a wavy or curly weave, it is better to braid it at night. It also joins hand in protecting your hair when you sleeping. In case your weave is straight, you can just simply cover them.

Give your hair a rest. Weaves’ lives last from 6-12 weeks relying on the way you treat them. When their lives are over, you need to take them out, let leave your natural hair for 2-4 weeks before applying a new one.  It will protect your hair from damaging. 

All in all

Learn how to care for human hair weave will never waste your time. Hopefully, these simple steps we recommended above will work well and give you the best result. Furthermore, it is also better to visit your hairstylist regularly for checking and professional caring.

If you wonder to know which type of hair extension, hairstyles fit you or want to learn more about hair caring, visit our website. Layla Hair always gives you a warm welcome and help you answer any questions about your hairdo.

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