How To Choose Best Heat Protectant Serum For Hair Straightening

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Yes, so how to choose the best heat protectant serum for hair straightening?

It seems any attempts to achieve the shiny silky straight hair will eventually leave us with damaged and frizzy hair. The worst thing is the unhealthy condition stays for long, not just one or two days.

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Of course, we have to take care of our hair after straightening it. However, have you ever thought about paying a bit more attention to it before straightening?

Read on for the answer!

Top 5 best heat protectant serum for hair straightening

Let’s take a look at our hand-picked 5 best heat protect serum below!

Streax Pro Hair Serum VITA GLOSS

If you are looking for the best heat protectant serum without concerning much about the price, Streax Pro Hair Serum VITA GLOSS is just for you.

This light blue bottle offers an ultimate formula that prevents frizz and protects your hair from extreme heat. It features vitamin E, which helps to smooth and nourish the hair strands.

What we like about this product is that it is extremely compatible with dry hair. Your coarse hair will no longer be friends with tangling.

How To Choose Best Heat Protectant Serum For Hair Straightening

The fruity smell is sweet. The texture is glossy.This is undoubtedly the best heat protectant serum so far.

How you should use it? Simple pump a bit of the mixture into your palm and apply it on your hair. Stay away from the scalp because it could cause irritation.

After that, use a comb to brush through your hair. Now you can use a flattener to do its magic without damaging your hair.

Fantasia IC Hair Polisher Heat Protector Serum

Fantasia IC serum is certainly a product of value. Featuring aloe and vitamin E, this serum not only protects you from the flattener’s heat but also make sure that your hair stays healthy afterward.

What’s more, Fantasia IC serum provides a perfect balance of moisture and nutrients for hair. This is why after severe heat processing, your hair still looks gorgeous.

How To Choose Best Heat Protectant Serum For Hair Straightening

Using this item, you don’t have to worry about frizzy hair anymore. What we love about the Fantasia IC is that it is compatible with humid conditions as well.

This product is cruelty-free, which means it isn’t tested on animals.

Biolage Matrix Smoothproof  6 in 1

The Boilage Matrix Smoothproof is the answer to our prayers. It comes with a formula of 6-in1, guarantees to protect our hair from heat.

This hair protectant serum comes from India – a country blessed with nature and herbs. Looking at the ingredient list, you will see how much effort Boilage Matrix has put into their product.

How To Choose Best Heat Protectant Serum For Hair Straightening

This item utilizes avocado oil and grape seed oil are their main base. The oil-based formula is perfect to shield our hair from severe heat. What’s more, it helps to nurture the hair strands.

Your hair will not be frizzy or dry anymore.

The manufacturer promises to

•    Manage hair frizz

•    Provide instant shine

•    Supply nutrients for dry hair

•    Detangle your hair

•    Smoothen your dry ends

•    Be compatible with humidity

The product comes with an easy to use package. Its lightweight and clear texture are absolutely stunning. With each use, you only need a few drops.

Organic R/S Root Stimulator Olive Oil Heat Protection Serum

Are you a big fan of organic stuff? Then organic R/S root stimulator olive oil serum is your choice. This hair protectant offers a completely natural formula.

It features olive oil infused with coconut oil. These two oils are well-known for hair enhancement. In fact, women in different countries have been using these two oils to elevate their hair condition.

How To Choose Best Heat Protectant Serum For Hair Straightening

The oil-based formula ensures that your hair is well shielded from the heat. What’s more, it delivers a lot of vitamins and nutrients for hair to stay healthy after the ordeal.

The serum can stay up to 6 months of use with regular hair straightening. However, quality does come with a price.

Compared to other items in the list of best hair protectant serum, you have to pay nearly triple the price. The bottle is 6 ounce or 177 ml.

THERMASTRENGTH® Heat Protecting Serum

The last item in the list of best hair protectant serum is THERMASTRENGTH® heat protecting serum.

We have to talk about the packaging first. It looks absolutely brilliant. With the shiny brown, the bottle looks like a product that hairstylists love to use. In fact, you can find this item in many big hair salons.

The mizani THERMASTRENGTH® serum is a mixture of innovation and beauty. The bottle design is good, and so does its formula. It features Shea Butter and Ceramide technology. These two are enough to help strengthen and prevent your hair from breakage.

How To Choose Best Heat Protectant Serum For Hair Straightening

This product also promises strong and shiny hair strands. After heat processing, your hair will be smooth and soft, not frizzy and dry.

The Mizani THERMASTRENGTH® serum is compatible with many kinds of hair processing. Not only with hair straightening, but you can also use it for drying, curling and so on.

 Other tips to protect your hair from heat damage

Besides using a suitable hair protectant, you also need to prepare your hair before the heating process.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

Shampooing your hair first

Yes, even before applying heat protectants, you should wash your hair with good repair shampoos and conditioners. We would suggest you go for Keratine formula with a smoothing agent.

It is even better if your hair care products contain moisturizing agents and natural ingredients.

Taming hair clips

These taming hair clips are your saviors. They help to section your hair and allow the process to finish faster.

Ceramic Plates

Hair straighteners with ceramic plates are our go-to options when it comes to hair straightening. The heat is distributed evenly through the plates, keeping your hair smooth.

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You should also choose flatteners with adjustable heat level and LCD display.

The bottom line

The choice of heat protectant serum can be very personal since each person would prefer different factors. However, we do believe these five products above are excellent choices out there.

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