The Detailed Guide On How To Choose Frontal Length

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You are getting upset because of your thinning hair and receding hairline. There are about 80% of people around the world now experiencing hair problems. Not to mention that these problems can happen on the crown, sides, and back of the head. That’s why many people come to frontal wigs and other types to solve that problem. But you are the first time wearing a hair frontal, you don’t know where to start from. How to choose frontal length? Should I get all my bundles same length to create a beautiful lace frontal? All your queries will be answered in the following post.

Why does frontal length matter?

Put simply, each person has their own preferences. Some love short hairstyles while others want to wear long hair frontal. It’s the reason why hair vendors supply different types and lengths of hair extensions for customers to choose from. You can easily find your favorite hair by going to the hair store directly or buying online.

Moreover, you should choose a frontal length that matches your existing hair. When you buy a hair frontal that does not match your tresses perfectly, it may look uneven and detectable. Also, it is funny. If you are a long-haired girl, please choose a long hair system to fit correctly. You should measure your bio hair first and compare it to the frontal length chart, then choose the correct hair replacement system. This step is so straightforward, you can do it yourself. A frontal length chart is a useful tool to help you find the right hair. It gives you a good idea of the length of hair you want to use. 

The Detailed Guide On How To Choose Frontal Length
lengths of frontals

The texture of hair you choose also affects the hair length. If you buy a curly wig, the hair length may be drawn up about 2-3 inches depending on how tight the curls are. Similarly, wavy hair is shorter than the straight one about 1-2 inches. Hence, consider the frontal hair length to reach the full length desired. You can design a DIY frontal hair by getting hair bundles. You are unsure about the exact frontal hair length, it would be best if you buy longer hair bundles. Because you can cut and style long hair much easier. Cut the hair in layers or add some waves or cults as long as you feel comfortable when wearing it. 

Tips on how to choose frontal length

Experienced wig wearers say that frontal length depends on different factors, such as natural hair textures, face shapes as well as someone’s preferences of the hairstyle. It is true, isn’t it?

Before purchasing a lace front wig, there are tons of questions appearing in your mind. You wonder that «what length bundles should I get» or «can I get all bundles in the same length», and more. The rule is that if you have longer hair bundles, you will get longer hair frontal. Thus, making the right decision on the hair length is so vital. 

Choose frontal length based on your hair texture

The Detailed Guide On How To Choose Frontal Length
frontal length chart for different hair textures

As stated above, the hair length changes due to the hair texture. It’s not brain surgery. The sleek and straight hair looks longer and thinner than wavy and curly hair extension. You should go up 2-3 inches if you want to wear curly hair systems. Buy a lace front wig at 18-20 inches and add some curls for a trendy hairstyle. Or you can purchase a styled frontal hair that is ready-to-wear. We recommend using a human hair system as you restyle it without causing any damage. When you don’t like curly hair, you can straighten it, no need to buy the new one. 

Besides, the textures affect the number of hair bundles you use. You need more hair to get long and straight hair extensions. You need 2-3 hair bundles or more to achieve fuller hair. 


Choose the right hair length depends on facial shape

For many years in this field, we’ve received different questions relating to frontal hair length. What length frontals should I get if I have a round face? How to determine what length of the lace front wig? In fact, your facial shape also affects the hair length and hairstyle you want. Back to the question, it would be better if you choose a long and straight hair frontal for your fatty face. This hair extension helps narrow and offer a slimmer face. The god blessed you if you were born with a heart-shaped face since it suits most hair length and style. Feel free to try any hair length you like, bob style or longer. 

In general, the length of frontal hair is depending on your preferences. Many manufacturers will customize the hair accordingly to custom orders. You can buy longer, larger or wider hair, it’s all up to you. 

The Detailed Guide On How To Choose Frontal Length
choose the proper length that suits your face shape

In the last words

Learning how to choose frontal length in the right way ensures you have the best hair pick. It helps you conceal your thinning hair and achieve good hair appearance. Choose well, you will achieve a reliable hair length an style for both the office environment and nights out with boyfriend and friends. 

Do you have your trustworthy place to buy a good lace frontal? If not, visit Layla Hair company and choose the best hair extension. Our hair frontal and other hair extensions are made of Vietnamese and Cambodian hair. They are well-known for high-quality and strong hair. All hair cuticles are kept intact and running in only one direction to avoid tangling and shedding. Wearing our hair, you can feel confident and enjoy all good hair days. We always try to create the most realistic hair look to your hair systems. 

To place an order, contact us directly via WhatsApp link below. Or have any questions, let us know so that we can help you timely. Leave your message and comments below this post to get useful support. We are always more than happy to chat. And don’t forget to browse our website to update more new hair systems and interesting hair care tips.

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