Length Of Hair Extensions — How To Measure It Right?

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Do you want to make your hair longer? Then, extensions should be the best way to go. Are you looking for something new? Or do you wish to improve your hair appearance? Any other reasons that you are in the market for the extensions? Whatever it is, they will give you a fantastic look. Also, importantly, you select the suitable length of hair extensions.

Are various sizes and length confusing you? Do not worry! We are here to guide you in details.

Length of hair extensions chart

Do you want short extensions for your short hair? Or are you into long clip-in ones? There is a range of lengths to rock your desired appearance.

Length Of Hair Extensions - How To Measure It Right?
hair length chart

— 12-inch extensions: They are short types of hair extensions.

— 14-16 inches: These hair extensions come in middle length. If the length of your bio hair is from short to middle, they are a proper option.

— 20 inches: This length is versatile and popular.

— Hair extensions at 24 inches: They are extra long types. Their length reaches below your waist.

What length of hair extensions should I get?

Are you a complete newbie to extensions? If so, you may be (slightly) uncertain about the appropriate length for you. With different length options, choosing the right one can be challenging.

That is why you should consider some points before making a purchase decision. Do not be random. You will most likely regret later.

Think about your natural hair

For those whose hair is at or above the shoulders, they had better go for the 16-inch type for the most realistic appearance.

Is your hair around 3 inches below the shoulders? Then you can select the length just about the same as your natural hair length. It will bring out the natural look. Do you want an additional length? Go for the 18″. 20″ is a good choice, too.

Do you have longer hair? If so, 24″ or 22″ may be an amazing choice.

Length Of Hair Extensions - How To Measure It Right?
ideal hair length for heart-shaped face

Consider your face shape

It is another criterion as to what length of hair extensions will suit you. That length should make the distinguishable traits of the face stand out more. 

Heart face

Is your face heart-shaped? Some features of this face type is the wide forehead and cheekbones. It has a pointed and narrow jaw. The jaw is typically more outstanding than other facial areas. Do not match the face of this shape with the choppy layers. A short bang is also not a wise choice. 

If it is your face structure, consider the extensions with the length of 12-16” and anything in between. Also, have soft layers in your front. It will shed light on the cheekbones. Adding a side bang is another recommendation. 


Square face

How about square faces? They have the same jawline and forehead in width. Furthermore, their jawline looks square. Look for the proper style and length to flatter your face. Its ability to highlight your natural beauty is important. Stay away from bobs with one length. The hair should be longer for a more charming appearance. 

The pro tip is, put on straight or wavy extensions. Meanwhile, be sure they have enough length. They would rather extend below your jawline. You should have your hair wavy and layered. That way will help make the face lines appear softer. Also, you may want your bang to side-swept with a soft look. It tends to look attractive. 

Round face

Do you have rounded faces? Choose the style of hair reaching below your chin. That is because it will impress others about how thinner your face looks. Are you a fan of curly extensions? Cannot get enough of wavy ones? Then, having these waves or curls to get those curls or waves begun below your chin line is the best. Otherwise, the face will appear extra wide.

Length Of Hair Extensions - How To Measure It Right?
hairstyle for round face

Long face

Are you among those whose faces are thin, long? Do you want to make it fuller and wider? If it is your wish, consider the hairstyles with layers. Extensions are a superb choice for long faces in need of additional volume. And the most suitable extension style is long layered cuts.

Your height

Another decisive factor for the length of hair extensions is your height. How tall you are will have to do with the whole appearance of your extensions. When choosing a length, a lot of wearers forget that plain fact. 

For instance, one woman has 8 inches 5 feet in height. 8 inches 4 foot is the height of another one. Both of them buy 16-inch extensions. But the differences in height matter. The later woman will have far longer extensions in appearance. That results from the position they fall on her body compared to the taller woman.


How you will get your hair styled after once fitted is one of the essential factors to regard. Do you want to make your look neater? Then, you may desire to trim a little from the bottom. 


Length Of Hair Extensions - How To Measure It Right?
layered hair extensions

For those wishing to remove a bit more or layer it, choose the extensions that are longer to a small degree than the finished look. For instance, you find extensions which are thick and long, with layering or other little styling options. Ordering 20-inch extensions may be of huge assistance. They are trimmable to 18 inches for the desired finished look.

What is the best extension length?

Do you want your hair to become long and mesmerizing? The answer is yes, for sure. As far as hair extensions, wearers tend to choose longer ones rather than shorter counterparts. That said, before you make your purchase, you are most advisable to consider the crucial points. One of them is the length of hair extensions. We hope the above guide will help you with your choice.

Are you into the most amazing length for the most natural look or any other satisfactory results? You are sure to get your best here at Layla Hair. We provide every size option for your instant appearance transformation.

You can also reach us via our hotline: (+84) 98 96 33 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp/Viber) at any time for further assistance.

Happy shopping!

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