How To Choose The Best Ash Blonde Hair Color For Your Style

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All women are queens and should always be treated like a queen. There is a way to help you reveal your gorgeous queen on the inside. It is ash blonde hair color.

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What is ash blonde? How this color can elevate your style? Let this article shed a light on the stunning hair color.

What is ash blonde hair color?

Ash blonde refers to the lighter shade of blonde color. The only difference is that it comes with a grayish tone. As you can see, this tone is quite cold. That means its undertones will be either blue or green.

How To Choose The Best Ash Blonde Hair Color For Your Style

Ash blonde full-lace wigs from Layla Hair


This cold tone works best for fair-skinned women with blue, green or gray eyes. As for dark skin tone, it is advised to find the most suitable tones of ash blonde hair color rather than to stick with conventional light shade.

How to dye your hair into ash blonde hair color at home?

You need to prepare

  • Hair color product – ash blonde color
  • A towel
  • Hairbrush
  • Vaseline
  • A mixing bowl
  • Gloves
  • Hair dyeing brush
  • Wide-toothed comb
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Sectioning hair clips

Follow these instructions below for a gorgeous ash blonde hair color:

  1. Use a towel to prevent hair color get into your clothes. You can wrap it around your shoulders.
  2. Use a brush to detangle your hair and remove all hair knots.
  3. Divide your hair from the forehead center to your neck. Make it four sections in total.
  4. Use sectioning hair clips to secure 3 sections, and leave one section you want to start first.
  5. Vaseline is a practical remedy that prevents your hairline and ear to get stained. Apply it thoroughly.
  6. Don’t forget your gloves. It’s time to mix the color and developer into a bowl. Mix them well.
  7. Select a half-inch section of your hair and apply the mixture onto your hair roots using a dyeing brush.
  8. Use a wide toothbrush to spread the color mixture along with the hair length. If you find the color application is not enough, put on some more.
  9. You should repeat the process until your hair is fully dyed.
  10. Wait for the dye to work on its magic according to the time indication on the box.
  11. Wash your hair with warm water. You should wait for at least 1 hour to use shampoo on your hair. There are specialized products just for ash blond hair color.

The best ash blonde hair color tones for ladies

When it comes to ash blonde shades, there is more than one option. In this section, you will find 10 glamorous ash blonde shades suitable for both formal and informal events.

Ash blonde ombre

We have to introduce ash blonde ombre first, because who doesn’t get excited about this color? Ombre is the hairstyle works for women who are not keen on 100% blonde hair.

How To Choose The Best Ash Blonde Hair Color For Your Style

You can keep your roots and the first half of your hair section in natural color. The rest should be decorated with cool ash blonde tone.

What is even better? Give yourself some loose waves. This hairstyle is perfect for both office and parties.

Buttery Ash Blonde

There is a famous rule for hair color. You should never mix warm tones with cold ones together. But you know what, screw the rule!

How To Choose The Best Ash Blonde Hair Color For Your Style

The buttery ash blonde suits each of your needs. It comes with highlighted strains of ash blonde hair color together with bold brown color.

Ash blonde root melt

The root melt hairstyle is a total hit for high-spirit women. Those who are capable of their lifestyles would love this color.

How To Choose The Best Ash Blonde Hair Color For Your Style

How to achieve this look? Simply leave your root with dark grey color. It turns slowly into ash blonde tone as the hair falls down to your shoulders.

Iced latte ash blonde

If you love for iced late is too big, you want to have the color on your hair. This iced latte ash blonde must be your ultimate choice.

How To Choose The Best Ash Blonde Hair Color For Your Style

The dark roots represent for coffee and neutral ash blonde is nothing but milk with ice. The color moves from hot to cold, bold to neutral.

Smoky Ash Blonde

If anything better than smoky eyes, it must be smoky ash blonde hair color. How to make this happen?

All you need to do is to keep (or dye) your black/ dark brown hair roots. Then, you can blend ash blonde tone with a gray undertone.

How To Choose The Best Ash Blonde Hair Color For Your Style

Big curls will match perfectly with this color.

Moonlight Ash Blonde Balayage Ombre

The name sounds a bit complicated; but once you look at the result, it will leave you in awe. The hair color is created by the effect of moonlight and star shine.

Who doesn’t want to look like an angel with the hair color like that? This is indeed our most favorite ash blonde shade so far.

How To Choose The Best Ash Blonde Hair Color For Your Style

The making process is simple. You only need to make your hair balayage in silver and ash blonde. The end of hair strands should look lighter than the rest to emphasize ombre effect.

Silver Fox Ash Blonde

Do you ever wonder why those sci-fi characters on anime have such marvelous hair color? Certainly, there is another way rather than wearing full-lace wigs or lace front wigs.

The silver fox ash blonde is the perfect solution here. Choose an ash blonde balayage and leave the silver base under to achieve this look.

How To Choose The Best Ash Blonde Hair Color For Your Style

We would recommend you to go for voluminous curls for this color.

The bottom line

We have to admit that ash blonde hair color is our most loved color. It is not only suitable with different skin tones but also super versatile and easy to mix with different color.

Girls with ash blonde hair, regardless of the shades, look fabulous and attractive. This hair color has been in the fashion world for long and its influence stays strong as ever.

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