Top 3 Simple Tricks On How To Clean Dreadlocks Yourself

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Dreadlocks are famous to the point that it will be around as long as humans have existed. They form when hair sections become matted into strands that are long and rope-like. Some people unfairly criticize this hairstyle for being unkempt and dirty. They find no proper answer as to how to clean dreadlocks. The reality is, you can keep them clean easily as long as you wash and treat them regularly.

You can clean dreadlocks with or without water. Rely on homemade cleansing mixtures, conditioning products for locked hair, or ordinary shampoos. Below Laylahair has put together some best ways to wash your dreadlocks.

Shampoo them

Step 1 – Wet your locs

Wet the dreadlocks. Begin by running water lightly over them in the shower. They don’t need complete saturation. If the locks absorb more water, the shampoo will be harder to infiltrate them.

Top 3 Simple Tricks On How To Clean Dreadlocks Yourself
wet your locs

Step 2 – Apply shampoo

Portion out your shampoo. It should be a small amount at a time so that you can control the amount of soap into the locks. Squeeze it into your palm.

– Don’t use any shampoo leaving residues. It only adds to build-up instead of washing it away.

– How to clean dreadlocks naturally? Rely on organic shampoos free of chemicals.

Step 3 – Wash your hair

Apply the lather to the scalp. Press your hands into the scalp. Then distribute your shampoo into the spaces between dreadlocks’ roots. Use your fingers’ tips to scrub the scalp thoroughly, freeing dead skin, and removing excess sebum.

Top 3 Simple Tricks On How To Clean Dreadlocks Yourself
apply shampoo onto your dreadlocks

Step 4 – Rinse to clean your dreadlocks

Rinse your shampoo. Allow it to sit for one minute or two. After that, tilt the head downward. That way, the lather will go through the locks when you’re rinsing. Press the lather into your dreadlocks. Be sure there isn’t any residue of shampoo in your hair once you finish washing.

Step 5 – Let it dry

Dry thoroughly. Press out the water in your locks by squeezing each of them with a towel. Don’t use a strong-heat hair dryer in most of the cases. Either, use a low-heat setting hair dryer to speed the process.

If your dreadlocks continue tightening, you may use hair dryers after you wash the hair. By doing so, the hair inside the locks becomes dry.

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How to Clean Dreadlocks with Vinegar, Water, and Baking Soda

Step 1

Don’t mix baking soda (a base) with vinegar (an acid). Their mixture will make cleansing power neutral.

Step 2

In a wash basin, allow the baking soda to dissolve in warm water. If you’re a fan of essential oils, add some to the solution of cleansing.

Advisably, the frequency of using this way to clean the locks is once every couple of weeks. That’s because the baking soda can dry out your hair. So, how to clean dreadlocks on a usual basis? Rely on residue-free shampoos!

Top 3 Simple Tricks On How To Clean Dreadlocks Yourself
use baking soda to clean dreadlocks

Step 3

Soak the dreadlocks for about five to ten minutes. Submerge the dreadlocks into the solution of baking soda up to your roots. Soak the locks for ten minutes. It can be longer if you need a deep clean. The baking soda will take away oil, debris, dirt, and other unwanted build-ups when the dreadlocks soak.

Step 4

Use cool water to rinse. Remove the dreadlocks from baking soda bath. Turn on the hop or faucet in the shower and clean your locks quickly. Just stop rinsing once the water runs clear. Make sure your scalp exposes somehow directly to the water as well.

Step 5

Mix vinegar and water at a 3:1 ratio. After rinsing out the solution of baking soda, pour this through the locks. It will neutralize any baking soda that remains. Also, it helps balance your scalp’s pH aside from smoothing your loose hair frizz.

Top 3 Simple Tricks On How To Clean Dreadlocks Yourself
vinegar is useful, too

Step 6

Air dry or towel. Give the dreadlocks plenty of time to dry. In case you’re in a hurry, you can use a hair dryer on your locks’ shafts and ends. For the roots, let them air dry.

Be sure that you only cover the dreadlocks with a scarf, tam or hat after they’re dry. Otherwise, the items will trap moisture that remains in your locks and makes it more difficult to escape.

Keeping The Scalp and Hair Healthy

Wash your dreadlocks on a regular basis

Wash the dreadlocks hair regularly. They need cleaning as much as other hairstyles. Aim to the shampoo and roll the dreadlocks every four days or so when they are new. As soon as they are fully locked up, it’s possible to wash them once a week. You can increase the frequency depending on what type your hair is and how much oil your scalp produces.

Massage the scalp

Take care of the scalp. When dreadlocks become heavier and pull, they put much weight on your scalp. Mainly, you keep the scalp clean and moisturized. Every time you wash the locks, take some moments to massage the scalp vigorously using fingertips. That way encourages proper blood flow.

When the hair grows, keep the dreadlocks waxed and twisted, which will help tighten the new growth close to your scalp.

Apply essential oils

Use essential oils to freshen the locks. Use some tea tree drops, rosemary or peppermint oil along with the shampoo. Either, you can treat the locks with them separately.

Top 3 Simple Tricks On How To Clean Dreadlocks Yourself
use tee tree drops to moisturize your dreads

These oils provide moisture, reduce irritation, and itchiness around your scalp. They also leave the hair smelling pleasant,

Avoid using hair conditioners

Stay away from conditioners and the like. They soften and detangle your hair. That may be the last thing you want in case you have a head that is full of dreads. Using those products regularly can damage your dreadlocks’ structure and make them more challenging to maintain.

All you need should be residue-free shampoos, and optionally tightening spray and pure aloe gel. They will keep the dreadlocks clean and looking fantastic. For dry dreads or scalp, lightly applying coconut oil will help moisturize without having to condition.

Above are our small yet useful tips on how to clean dreadlocks. Hopefully, these words would somehow help you better wash your hard-earned locs.

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