Master How To Detangle A Wig Once And For All

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When can your hairpieces frustrate you the most? Do tangles cause you trouble? If they do, do not have to worry – you are not alone. An excessive amount of hairpieces undergo those annoying situations. What should be the best ways on how to detangle a wig? What will be highly likely to work on a wig cosplay, a wavy and curly one, etc.? Find your best answers in the following post from Layla Hair. Are you ready to dive into it?

Do your wigs get tangled? Why are they like that?

Before you have got a better idea of how to detangle a wig, it is necessary to grasp the basis reason behind tangling. Wigs, no matter what type of it is – say, closure, lace front, or full lace, are likelier to induce tangles than your natural hair owing to some causes as follows.

1. Their dry feature

It is important to note that your scalp generates natural oils. They keep the bio tresses from being dry. On the other hand, these oils do not profit your wig hair. That is why the fibers lack wetness and become easier to twist along into a confused mass.

Master How To Detangle A Wig Once And For All
dry and tangled wig

2. Harmful chemicals and materials

In case you do not know, the artificial covering fibers tend to be from polymer and plastics. They are vulnerable to tangling. The matter may also result from the chemicals used for treating and dying your locks. The lower-grade wig has a lot of possibilities to knot and kink up than higher quality ones.

3. Sweat and rubbing

The damp and also rubbing against your neck is another excuse. Some materials – for instance, thick materials, might increase the possibilities of tangling once rubbing against your wig.

Master How To Detangle A Wig Once And For All
improper rubbing leads to tangles

4. Wear and age

There is no endless lasting hair system. Its fibers can wear out and mat a lot.

5. Damage

Incorrect care and heat will bring many things that are bad for your wigs. They are in peril of tangling as a consequence.

How to detangle a wig?

Different individuals use different kinds of women’s hairpieces and have their favorite ways of detangling. That is why, below, we have provided you with some of the handiest methods for your selections.

1. How to detangle a synthetic wig?

You are advised to wash these hair units every seven times of sporting to more or less stop this hair matter. To further enhance the result, do not soak them. Instead, clean the wig underneath a running faucet. You will conjointly need to use water with room temperature.

Master How To Detangle A Wig Once And For All
how to detangle a synthetic wig

Step 1: Put a gracious quantity of shampoo on the hair. After that, wash it out.

Step 2: Apply the conditioner. Avoid the roots or knots to stay the hair aloof from loosening. For a tip, while the conditioner remains on your locks, detangle by using a wide-tooth comb. You should begin from the lowest and slowly to your hair roots.

Step 3: Wash your hair.

Step 4: Pat it dry. Place it on the stand and let it air dry. At the same time, use your comb for detangling and styling the hair all over again.


2. How to detangle a human hair wig?

When the materials of the hair system are human hair, how to detangle a wig? The solution is correct below.

Step 1: Place the hair unit on the stand. That way allows combing it to the end from the root to become more straightforward. It is crucial if a long wig is your case. If you do not have the wig head, what to do? Then, lay the item on the counter or so.

Master How To Detangle A Wig Once And For All
put the long wig on a wig stand

Step 2: Follow with soaking the wig in a sink for around 5 minutes. The water should be warm instead of being cold. After that, squeeze out the wig’s excessive water. Let it be back to the wig head.

What if the hair system is dirty? You had better add a couple of shampoo drops to water. Then, rinse it.

Step 3: Let the hair be manageable with the conditioner. How to do so? Pour 3 parts of room temperature water and one part of the conditioner into a bottle. Shut its cap before shaking it well. Then, spray the mixture to your wig. 

Step 4: This step has to do with brushing out the knots by using the wide-tooth comb. Move it slowly to the tips from the roots.

Step 5: Follow with spraying clean water on your human hair wig for rinsing it. Doing so helps decrease the remaining blubber once the hair unit dries up.

Step 6: Permit the unit to air dry. If you are in an exceedingly hurry, you may think about using a blow dryer. To protect the hairpiece ultimately, set the cooling temperature. Low heat is also preferable.

Master How To Detangle A Wig Once And For All
be gentle when brushing the knots out

3. How to detangle a wig with fabric softener? 

It works to provide wetness to the fiber. That way, combing your hair replacement system becomes far more manageable. It conjointly reduces the shiny material for a lot of realistic looks. For the human hair unit, it is enough to wash the item with the conditioner.

Step 1: Go to your basin and fill cold water into it. If the hair unit is too dirty, you may want to put it in warm water. Bear in mind that do not let it be too hot for the prevention of hair damage. Next, pour one cap of the softener for the long wig to water and make a combination. The short hair unit only needs 0.5 caps.

Step 2: Put the unit to the solution for half an hour or so. Do not rub it.

Step 3: Rinse the hair unit in cold water. Stay away from squeezing it. Instead, raise to get rid of the leftover water.

Master How To Detangle A Wig Once And For All
use fabric softener to detangle a wig

Note that the wet wig’s fibers will attach. Do not allow it to startle you. Once it is dry, it will be okay.

Step 4: Rely on a towel to press your hair system gently. By doing so, you enable the water to absorb to your cloth. Call it an end once it does not drip from the unit anymore.

Step 5: Wind air the wig.

Step 6: Use your favorite detangling spray on your wig. Alternately, use a mixture of one-part lotion and six-part clean water.

Step 7: Brush the wig out together with your wide comb.

To Wrap It Up

Now that you have been provided with the proper way of how to detangle a wig, can you do it yourself? Be confident and give it a try because it is super easy to do. A smooth and shiny wig will always look better than a knotted and frizzy one.

In case you want to purchase new wigs or other kinds of hairpieces, feel free to contact Laylahair. We have the best hair and experienced staff to make the best wigs ever for you.

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