How To Dye A Wig – You Could Absolutely Do It At Home!

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Are you bored with your daily hairstyle? Or do you plan to dress up as a character whose hair is vibrant? Then, you may want to learn to dye a synthetic wig with hair dye. It may seem confusing since you think you cannot have it done with a regular dye. But it is doable.

Unlike artificial hairpieces, it is simple to pick up how to dye a wig from human hair. You’ll be able to use the same developer, a similar hair coloring, and even identical tools to color your wig as you’d with your bio hair.

How to dye a human hair wig lighter or darker

Mix the dye

– Select a regular hair dye. You’ll be able to use any hair color out there at a drug store.

– Look for a twenty-volume developer. While a lower volume is too weak, the twenty-volume developer can allow you to amend the color by one shades or two. A volume 30 can allow you to make your hair even darker.

How To Dye A Wig - You Could Absolutely Do It At Home!
mix the dye

– Wear rubber gloves. Gloves can shield your skin from irritation or so when you color the wig.

– Combine the developer and the dye in a plastic bowl. Follow the directions on your dye. Check what advisable quantity of dye to mix with the developer.

Apply the dye to color a human hair wig

– Have a small test of the dye on several strands of hair. It could be an area that’s not noticeable. Wait thirty minutes or forty. If the color is your favorite, apply it to the remainder of the wig. If you don’t just like the color, attempt another shade of hair coloring.

– Soak the hair unit within the dye. Place your hairpiece in the bowl with the coloring. Use the hands to scoop the dye over your hair system. Also, spread it through the hair replacement system’s layers.

– Set the hair system onto a wig stand. The wig stand can keep your wig’s style and shape intact once you dye it.

How To Dye A Wig - You Could Absolutely Do It At Home!
soak the wig onto the dye

– Brush through the hair by using a wig brush or a comb. Doing so helps distribute the dye throughout your wig, certifying that the dye is equally applied to the whole hair unit.

– Leave the hairpiece to allow the color to set. You should check the package on the dye to examine how long you ought to leave it. In most cases, it may be thirty minutes or forty.

Wash your hair 

It is the final part on how to dye a wig.

– Shampoo the wig by using a special wig shampoo or a color-safe shampoo. Place the wig beneath a faucet with warm water to remove excess dye. Then, lather the hair system with shampoo. Next, rinse it out once you are done.

How To Dye A Wig - You Could Absolutely Do It At Home!
wash the colored wig with color-treated shampoo

– Apply a conditioner to the hair unit’s tips. It may offer further shine to your wig. Then, rinse out the conditioner using lukewarm or cool water.

– Squeeze your hairpiece using the towel to get rid of excess water. Return it to the wig stand for it to dry.

– Allow the hairpiece to dry. Air dry; or else, use a dryer whose setting is low.


How to dye a synthetic wig 

Now the question is, how to dye a wig that is not from human hair. It is a bit different.

Make the Dye

– Combine a 1:1 ratio of water and alcohol-based ink in a spray bottle. Shake it up to combine the contents.

– Add some more water to induce a pastel color. If you want a more translucent shade of pastel, say, mint green, you can purchase kelly green or other more vibrant green. Then quickly dilute it. To do so, combine the ink bottle with eight cups or so of water.

How To Dye A Wig - You Could Absolutely Do It At Home!
synthetic wig is harder to dye than human hair wig

Apply the Dye

– Reach for a light-colored artificial wig. You can select any wig that you wish but remember that it should have a light color. This way, you’ll be ready to come out with a blank canvas, which ought to permit you to dye your wig the color you wish – for instance, black.

– Discover your work area. First, choose a location to dye the wig. The coloring method is also extremely untidy; therefore, it’s best to decide on a place that’s distant from any valuables.

– Wear latex gloves and old clothes before you continue with how to dye a wig.

– Spray a hair’s section before running your hands through it. Begin by coloring the hair’s top layer that’s visible once the wig is naturally parted. Grab the spray bottle. Follow with spraying your dye about four times in one area to coat one section that’s around two inches wide. Dig the fingers into the root area. Then, move them from side to side with small rapid movements.

How To Dye A Wig - You Could Absolutely Do It At Home!
how to dye a synthetic wig

– Repeat this method of application for every other section of your hair.

– Comb through your wig using a wide-tooth comb. To even out your dye application, rely on the comb to comb through your hair to tips from roots.

– Alternatively, you can place the dye and the wig in a plastic bag.

Rinse and Style Your Wig

– Bring your hairpiece outside to dry. It tends to take around 60 minutes.

– Rinse the hair unit out till the water becomes clear.

How To Dye A Wig - You Could Absolutely Do It At Home!
rinse the wig with water

– Detangle the wig by using the wide-tooth comb.

– Set the heat styling tools at the lowest possible levels.

– Finished.

The bottom line: How to dye a wig

Now you may have a better idea of how to dye a wig whether it is synthetic or human hair. The steps are simple, especially when it comes to dyeing hairpieces from human hair. When working on this type of hair, you can save time as it is easier to dye. Also, the resulting color looks more natural. When can you get it? Look nowhere but Layla Hair. We offer the best human hair out there at a reasonable price.

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