How To Dye Hair Extensions Ombre? — Is It An Easy Task?

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Ombre is a stunning hair color that every girl should try at least one in your life. If you don’t want to risk your real hair, then try it with extensions. This article from Laylayhair will focus on How to dye hair extensions ombre. 

As you might know, having excellent ombre hair is not a piece of cake. It must show the transition of colors seamlessly and gorgeously, which is really hard to do. Even hairdressers might do it wrong. 

Hence, in this post, Laylahair will answer common questions on the process of dyeing hair ombre. We are also going to recommend some stunning ombre color to try this year. 

What is Ombre hair color?

Before learning about how to dye hair extensions Ombre, you should know about the hot hair color first. Ombre dye also has another name is stained dye. This is the technique of dyeing two or more colors in the same direction in a dark or fading direction. The word Ombre itself (French root: Ombré) is also used to refer to the gradual transition from light tones to bold or vice versa. 

Ombre dye is loved not only because of its novelty but also its ability to combine with different hairstyles; skin color; face shape and highlight the individuality of the dyed person.

How To Dye Hair Extensions Ombre? - Is It An Easy Task?
ombre hair color

One of the most vulnerable incidents in the Ombre dyeing process is to show off the hairs of brass, orange or yellow. This is often the result of using too much bleach on the dark reddish-brown hair. These «left-back» colors will also appear when the original dye color fades away or when you go swimming, sunbathing too often.

Typically, a hair dye specialist will know how to mix bleach with the correct ratio so that the dye can go up as expected and not reveal any «unusual» color areas. But if you dye yourself at home and have trouble, use cold dyed tones like blue, mossy, gray to neutralize the colors of brass/orange. And remember the principle of neutralizing the following primary colors: neutral green in red — dull blue in orange — dark yellow in yellow.

Is it easy to dye extensions Ombre?

As its definition, Ombre is not a natural hair color to dye. To own the beautiful hair color, you have to pass through steps of how to ombre without using dye or clip in hair extensions. If you want to get beautiful Ombre dyed hair, you can’t help but use hair bleach to remove black pigments, so that the dye can be colored appropriately. 

How To Dye Hair Extensions Ombre? - Is It An Easy Task?
ombre hair extensions

However, you need to remember that hair bleaching also means destroying the entire hair structure. That’s why people call their hair bleached «dead hair.» Furthermore, it is more difficult when you have to dye both your hair extension.

Because hair bleach contains chemicals that are harmful to the scalp, it can even cause burns, so it is best not to remove it from the roots. Besides, your hair fibers are comfortably dry and split ends, and you should prune the top of the hair just before or after dyeing. So that the hair can achieve the highest image effect.


Should I dye my extensions Ombre at home?

As mentioned above, how to dye black extensions to black to silver ombre hair extensions is not easy. So if you do not many experiences to dye your hair extension before, you should not dye at home. Dyeing with your hair is difficult, but it is even more challenging to dye it with hair extensions. It may be uneven or stained as the extensions are not having uniform characteristics. 

How To Dye Hair Extensions Ombre? - Is It An Easy Task?
it’s not easy to dye hair extensions ombre at home

Therefore, you can ask your supplier to dye the hair color for your hair extension before buying the hair extension. It is known as the most perfect and easy way to help you own the most beautiful and attractive Ombre hair color.

However, if you still want to dye the hair color at home, you should search for the in-depth guide on how to dye hair extensions Ombre carefully. Test with some strands first, and once it looks successful, apply it to the whole extensions. 

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 Awe-inspiring Ombre hairstyles 2019

Now that you have understood “How to dye ombre hair with extensions”, it’s time to pick a hair color. Followings are 04 ombre shades that are burning hot right now. 

They all look amazing, so be sure to not miss them out! 

How To Dye Hair Extensions Ombre? - Is It An Easy Task?
pink ombre hairstyle

Pink Ombre hair

When speaking of how to dye hair extensions ombre, Ombre pink-colored hair is a bright dye full of novelty and attraction. So if you love the personality, prominence, and impressive style, you can choose this hairstyle. However, pink Ombre is only suitable for white girls with small, good-looking faces. Its prominence will make the look more harmonious and balanced.

Purple ombre hair

How To Dye Hair Extensions Ombre? - Is It An Easy Task?
purple ombre

This is a color tone that dyes a lot of favorite Ombre dyed the hair. It helps bring many different shades from gentle, feminine to personality, outstanding or seductive, and attractive. Therefore, «how to dye my hair extensions Ombre with purple color» is always searched much on the Internet.

Gray Ombre hair color

With a variation of the color tones that are usually brown smoke or smoky gray, which is dyed in the top part of the hair and reducing the intensity. It creates a gradual brightness towards the tail, which will help you look beautiful and stand out without aging.

How To Dye Hair Extensions Ombre? - Is It An Easy Task?
gray ombre

Blue moss Ombre hair color

Green moss blends with different tones to create a highlight and impression. You can choose light green moss that is not too floating, which will help your face bright and radiant. Besides, after a long time, when the hair fades a little, it will not dry your hair or become lifeless.

To Sum Up

Ombre hair is irresistibly attractive, and it would be great to have one. Difficult to set as it might be, ombre hair extension is definitely worth giving a try. This new gorgeous hairdo would easily turn people’s heads. 

Laylahair hopes that our sharings above could somehow help you understand how to dye hair extensions ombre. For further advice on hair extensions, hairstyles, and hair care, kindly browse your website. We have numerous interesting posts to follow! 

For personal consultancy, please feel free to find us on the hotline: (+84) 98 96 33 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp) at any time. Our support team is always willing to be of service! 

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