How To Get Thicker Hair: The Expert’s Strategy

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How to get thicker hair maybe your goal today. After taking experiments, we have finally found several ways to help you get a much fuller hair. You can use these guides for reference. 

It includes haircare routines and products we suggest to achieve thicker hair without taking hair transplantation.

If you are ready to experience, keep reading to the end of this post to find the most suitable solution. 

Simple tips on how to make hair thicker

No one wants to own thin and flat hair. You are a little envious when you run into a girl with thick and luscious hair. Just try these following tips from experts to get the full hair of your dream. 

Select thickening shampoos and conditioners

Your hair is too thin and limp. Try picking a thickening and volumizing hair care products that promote your hair growth. Most of these products are not too expensive and works to provide hair thickness and volume. 

Thickening or volumizing shampoos and conditioners often contain fewer conditioning ingredients. Hence, they will not weigh your hair down. Most hairstylists and experts always recommend these products. However, you should use the set of shampoo and conditioner to get the maximum results.

How To Get Thicker Hair: The Expert's Strategy
thickening shampoos and conditioners

Don’t overwash

This is a simple and easy way on how to thicken hair. Do you know how to cleanse your natural locks smartly? Don’t wash your hair every day if not needed. But most people make this mistake, over-washing mane. 

Find hair care products without sulfate and harsh chemicals. Shampoos with sulfates will dry your hair and scalp out quickly, possibly resulting in irritation. Count on sulfate-free products as they will rinse away the stubborn buildup of products and condition your fragile strands. Also, cleansing your hair correctly can help boost your hair density and leave delicate locks healthier.  

Besides, we suggest massaging your scalp to activate the bloodstream. Spend about 5 minutes daily, and you may notice your scalp and hair get better. 

Be a smart eater

Don’t sleep on your scalp; thus, you have to eat food sources that are good for your strong hair strands and healthy scalp. Do you love eating avocado or food containing healthy fat? For instance, avocado is rich in vitamin E, and it is believed to be a good moisturizer. As per research, following a diet with healthy fats is a good way on how to make your hair thicker

Also, provide enough protein and minerals that work for hair growth. Consume food sources including Omega 3, biotin, olive oil, and other nutrients to grow thicker hair. 

How To Get Thicker Hair: The Expert's Strategy
eat healthily

To get enough nutrients, you should eat:

– Salmon: high in fatty acids and protein

– Eggs: contain Omega 3, protein, and iron

– Nuts (almonds, walnuts): good sources of protein

– Beans, fruits, and vegetables

Ditch hot styling tools

We know that it is hard to break up with your blowdryer or hair straightener. But if you truly want to make hair grow healthier, start reducing the frequency you use these tools. Too much heat processing will weaken the ability of the cuticle layer, making it more susceptible to damage.

Bear in mind that staying away from hot styling tools will help lessen hair dryness and damage. Try following this guide, it will create a huge difference. If you use tools to style hair, it is crucial to apply heat protectant products. 

How To Get Thicker Hair: The Expert's Strategy
supplements for hair growth

Choose good hair supplements

Another tip on how to get thicker hair is taking hair supplements to make a big difference. Many experts agree that taking a multivitamin along with a hair supplement helps users get thicker hair. You should consume supplements, including vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, biotin, and other essential minerals (iron, zinc). They are necessary for healthy hair follicles and growth. 

However, remember to verify with your doctor or professional before starting any hair supplements. In a sea of hair products, containing powders, tablets, oils, or gummies, your doctor will help you choose the best one. Most of them work and promise thicker and fuller curls. To get the maximum results, you keep taking it to 3 to 6 months. Along with using supplements, you have to maintain a healthy diet.  

Some popular supplements for natural locks:

– Minoxidil

– Finasteride

– Nutrafol

– Bosley professional strength vitality supplements


Invest in a high-quality brush

How to grow hair? Our scalp produces natural oil that moisturizes and adds shine to our hair strands. But if your scalp produces too much oil, it makes greasy hair. Please use a paddle brush or ceramic brush to distribute natural oil on the hair. They also protect your hair from damage and add shine. 

Also, these items can create an illusion of a fuller hair look. Don’t use a plastic brush and pull the hair excessively. That will damage your natural locks and make it even worse. 

How To Get Thicker Hair: The Expert's Strategy
get instant volume boost with hair extensions

How to grow thicker hair with human hair extensions

We know that getting thicker hair cannot happen overnight. If you cannot wait until your hair becomes thicker, try applying hair extensions or hairpieces. Veterans in the hair extension’s world shared that they got more gorgeous and fuller hair just in a flash. 

As someone who has supplied hair extensions, Layla found that human hair extensions are the best units. We commit to providing top-notch human hair replacement systems. And of course, the price is affordable.  

Layla Hair company provides different types of hair extensions, like clip-ins, tape-ins, keratin tips, and so on. Wearing these hairs, you can style the hair in a ponytail, braids, or bun-up. You can expect these systems to make hair look thicker and fuller. 

What’s more, our hair extensions are durable and natural as they are made of 100% real hair. You would like to rock a fashionable hairdo, try using a hair wig to protect your natural locks. That’s only something out of the standing advantages that our hair systems bring. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us to get a gorgeous hair look. How to get thicker hair? We will help you find out the solution and the amount of hair thickness you dream. 

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