How To Heatless Curl Your Hair? It’s An Art

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You overused thermal tools to style your natural locks, and you notice that your hair tends to dry, get damaged, and broken. Even, the hair is unmanageable and you cannot curl it anymore. You think that using a heat protectant can protect your locks, it’s not exactly. It’s time to change your styling habits and take care of your mane. We know what are you thinking: what can I do now, right? Lucky for you, there are different ways that help you achieve beautiful curls while maintaining the hair’s health. They will not leave you with lifeless hair. Here’re some ways on how to heatless curl your hair broke down by hairstylists. 

Tip 1: Braid your hair

Wondering how to heatless curls DIY? Try braid your mane and leave it overnight. We are sure that you will have beachy waves or beautiful curls the next morning. 

Braiding is the easiest method of heatless curls long hair without causing any damage. You divide your mane into 2-4 sections depending on how thick your natural hair is, then start braiding and sleeping with them. In the morning, you undo all braids and apply hair oil to tame frizzy and tangled hair. That way, you have beautiful curls every day. 

How To Heatless Curl Your Hair? It's An Art | Laylahair
braid hair to create curls

Tip 2: Utilize hair rollers

This no heat curls method is so simple to do. Hair experts share that using hair rollers is a great option for achieving curly hair texture instead of applying a curling iron. These heatless curl tools will not cause any pain or damage to your locks and head. However, there are different-sized rollers to accomplish your desired hair look, so make sure that you opt for the most suitable one. 

So how to curl your hair without heat? Let’s see:

— Brush your existing hair to get rid of all knots and tangles.

— Sections your mane into even parts, in the front, back, sides.

— Take a hair section and start rolling the hair. We suggest you start with the front hair part. Grab the hair section, place the roller in the hair ends, and then roll it down. You take clips to secure the hair in the right place. You can use a hair spray to hold the curls. 

— Continue with other sections until the whole hair is curled. 

— You wait for 30-40 minutes before you take these rollers down. You can leave it to stay longer in your head if you want. The longer hair rollers can sit, the longer your curls can last.  

Follow this heatless curl tutorial to get your desired hairstyle.  

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Tip 3: Heatless curls with socks

Have you ever tried heatless curls using socks? It sounds silly but it really works. This is another creative and effective way of heatless curl hair. Plus, it results in beautiful and voluminous curls.

How To Heatless Curl Your Hair? It's An Art | Laylahair
how to make curls with socks

How to do heatless curls? You add products such as a leave-in conditioner to give extra moisture before you curl your mane. Then wrap sections of damp hair around socks. The shape of the curl depends on how you wrap the hair. Secure each sock with a hair tie to make sure that it lies in the right location. And you wrap your hair in a scarf and leave it in overnight. You separate curls with your fingers and pull them out in the morning;  enjoy gorgeous wavy or curly hair. 

You can use heatless curls overnight short natural hair and it will give your hair texture. Just sleep in this and wake up with curls.

Tip 4: Use a headband

Consider trying heatless curls using headband to get a new hairstyle. All you need to do is to twist your hair parts and then tuck them into a headband. Spray a texture product to add more dampness as well as keep your curls. Wait for 2-3 hours until your mane is dry or even let it sit overnight. Finally, unwrap the headband to achieve luscious curls. 

In some cases, you can replace a headband by using a silk ribbon or scarf to style your hair. It works like magic and also reveals nice-looking curls.

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Tip 5: Use a Flexi rod set 

This method is suitable for heatless curls for long hair and short hair. Using the set of Flexi rods helps change your natural hair as well as keep them from frizziness. 

After washing, you let the hair dry about 80% and then install the rods on your damp hair. If you want, apply a leave-in conditioner to the hair before rolling your hair strands with heatless tools. Wait for a few hours and get nice curls. 

How To Heatless Curl Your Hair? It's An Art | Laylahair
use a Flexi rod set to curl your hair

Additionally, you may use other heatless tools, such as curl formers or foam rollers on short hair. They help your natural locks have a break from thermal styling tools but still get curls. These methods are classic, inexpensive, and more important they are entirely safe for your hair. You can install them at night and get them out in the morning to change your naturally straight hair. Just like hair rollers, curl formers and foam rollers have different sizes and lengths; hence, you should choose the best one. 

Try them out

They’re all common heatless curl methods you can try. Bear in mind that your hair is beautiful or not, it’s all up to you. Select which one you think is suitable for your hair length and give you the maximum results on your mane. If you are unsure, you can experiment with some of them on your hair and choose the best one. We bet that your natural locks will thank you for saving them from heat and damage. However, these are all heatless ways to curl your hair, the results cannot last as long as curling irons do. 

If you have other ways on how to heatless curl your hair, don’t hesitate to share with us. We will consider and add it to the content of our blog if it is suitable. We are looking forward to seeing your opinion. 

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