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[Secrets Revealed] How To Hide Hair Extensions In Short Hair?

Hair extensions are the answer to every hair problem! They offer various hair lengths to create the most perfect and gorgeous look. The biggest question here is how to hide hair extensions in short hair to make them invisible to the eyes of onlookers? In this post, we have nothing to hide!

Have you ever cried in silent for not owning long, smooth, and shiny hair with different hairstyles to enjoy? Do you sometimes feel frustrated not knowing what to do with your short hair for a night hangout? If your head is shaking furiously, you’ve come to the right place!

[Secrets Revealed] How To Hide Hair Extensions In Short Hair?

Hair extensions for short hair

What makes hair extensions not blending with my short hair?

There is no one-size-fits-all for every hair extensions! Different people have different hair type and cut, making it quite a challenge for the extensions to blend in.

Some of our customers are lucky enough to clip the extensions in the hair. But others, especially short-haired girls, need to put more effort to customize their extensions to a perfect fit.

[Secrets Revealed] How To Hide Hair Extensions In Short Hair?

Determine the exact length and thickness of extensions

Girls with short hair often face these common problems when it comes to buying hair extensions:

  • Buy the wrong weight of extensions for their hair type and length
  • Have a unique haircut like a lob or a blunt cut, presenting a challenge for extensions to blend

Let’s learn all the tips and tricks on how to hide hair extensions in short hair with us!

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How to hide hair extensions in short hair?

  • Trim or layer your extensions

We know that telling you to cut off your valuable hair extensions for short hair seems to be a waste. But the result is worthy! You will have no idea where your real hair ends and your extensions begin, creating a seamless and natural flow.

[Secrets Revealed] How To Hide Hair Extensions In Short Hair?

Layer your extensions

For those who have a blunt cut, the ideal solution here is to create layers into your hair and extensions. It’s advisable to have your extensions layered by a hair expert while they are in your hair. This will make a seamless and organized look!

  • Select a suitable color

The ladies, who are enjoying their gorgeous ombre or balayage hair, should pick the right color that matches the ends of their hair. Even if you have a darker original color, most of the wefts occupy at the crown of your head. They need to blend more with the bottom than the top.

Besides, a fantastic way to deceive the eyes of onlookers is to clip in two different color wefts, for example, chocolate brown and chestnut brown color.

[Secrets Revealed] How To Hide Hair Extensions In Short Hair?

Pick a suitable color

Not sure which color to look for? Don’t hesitate to contact our experienced hairstylists at Layla Hair to receive useful advice!

  • Go for a heavier weight set

It’s of great importance for any girl to find the right hair extensions weight set for their hair type! If you have short hair, you must choose our most extensive set – 220 gram. Why?

You will need as many wefts and hair as possible in this set to carry out the transition from your hair to extensions without leaving any visible traces.

Don’t fall for the lighter set because it will look unnatural and uncomfortable when clipped in. Do careful research to know which set suits your hair type.

  • Curl or straighten the extensions

This is a useful trick that we recommend using for every hair type and length. Take a small part of your extensions, combine them with a part of your real hair, and curl or straighten them together. This process will blur the separate line between the natural hair and extensions.

[Secrets Revealed] How To Hide Hair Extensions In Short Hair?

Short curly hair extensions

Both of these techniques not only offer a natural look but also reduce the styling time, which is one of the purposes for having your hair cut. Switching styles once in a while helps to refresh and elevate your appearance towards amazingness.

Visit Layla Hair website for detailed guidance on a wide range of curling techniques to achieve a smooth and undetectable look.

  • Hide the bases – the most essential to hide hair extensions in short hair

How to hide hair extensions in short hair for those who own different cuts? The answer is to make the bases disappear from view.

You will notice some of the short edges appear underneath the extensions when wearing them. Fix this problem by pinning the bottom of the hair into your head. Another trick is to cover these bottom parts by a quick braid, both beautiful and neat!

[Secrets Revealed] How To Hide Hair Extensions In Short Hair?

Try not to make your extensions easy to recognize

  • Pile them up

Another tip for you to try is piling up your wefts one after another. This small technique adds extra volume to the weft. You can clip it into your hair to smoother your blunt level

  • Make a lovely braid

People can tell you’re wearing extensions right away by seeing graceless layers showing off underneath your extensions. To avoid this “tragic” incident, cut the hair part from the middle of your ear to ear, create a gorgeous braid, and pin it tightly to your head.

This helps to cover your short hair sections and allows you to move around freely without touching your hair 24/7 to hide the bases.

Braiding is also a powerful “weapon” to get rid of bluntness from cutting the hair and makes the extensions blend more naturally.

The bottom line

So that’s all about how to hide hair extensions in short hair! We hope that after reading this article, our lovely short-haired customers will become an expert in making their extensions invisible in no time!


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