How To Lighten Hair Dye At Home: Get The Scoop Before You’re Too Late

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Maintaining the hair color as you like is often quite expensive. If you just dyed your hair but found the hair color too dark, you can lighten your hair color without resorting to a fancy salon.

This post, hence, would reveal how to lighten hair dye efficiently and naturally so that you could be well prepared.

How to lighten hair dyed too dark

How To Lighten Hair Dye At Home: Get The Scoop Before You're Too Late
too dark hair color

Have you got a too dark hair color but felt hesitant to dye it again? If so, try the following methods immediately, the hair will be brighter than you see.

How to lighten hair dye fast

The right way to wash your hair after dyeing your hair

To keep your dye hair color, do not wash your hair right after dying your hair. After dyeing your hair, you should avoid shampooing for about two days to keep the new color layer clinging to deeper layers of hair cells which will last longer.

wash your hair with cold waters after dying
wash your hair with cold waters after dying

Of course, in case your skin is allergic, you should wash your hair immediately to remedy this condition.

Besides, you should use shampoo and hair cream according to each hair type. The best way is that you should choose oil specifically for dyed hair because regular shampoos often make your hair rough and less smooth.

Also, you should wash your hair with cold water because hot water would fade your hair quickly. In contrast, cold water will keep the hair color longer.

wash your hair with cold waters after dying
limit the use of hair dryers

Limit the use of hair dryers is also one of the best ways to keep your dye hair color longer. Because of frequent hair drying at high temperatures, the heat will oxidize the hair color; your hair becomes pale and dull. So, you should dry at a low temperature. If possible, it is better to let your hair dry naturally.

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How to lighten hair dye with honey

The process of lightening the hair color seems more straightforward to darken the hair color. By essence, after many times washing the hair, the dark color will fade and look lighter.

Honey is an extremely effective method for your hair to shine and smooth. Hydrogen peroxide and iron in honey help release free oxygen and lighten the hair.

wash your hair with cold waters after dying
lighten hair dye with honey

Therefore, you could mix honey with conditioner and apply it to your hair but avoid using it to your scalp. Then incubate your hair for a while and rinse with water.

Another way that many people uses is to use fresh lemon mixed with water in a ratio of 1: 3 and mix it with a spoon of olive oil. Apply this mixture to your hair and let it dry naturally. After that, you should rinse with water and conditioner to make sure the acid in the lemon doesn’t dry and split your hair.


How to lighten dark hair dye at home

Learn how to lighten hair dye naturally with simple ways at home.

Using baking salt with shampoo

Mix 2 cups of baking salt and 1/4 cup of shampoo to clean deep into the bowl. Do not use metal bowls. The alkalinity of baking soda will open the epidermis on the hair shaft, and helping the shampoo to bleach the dye.

You should use the whisk to mix the baking soda with shampoo. If your hair is too long, you may need to use 3 cups of baking soda to lighten your hair color.

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+ Wet your hair with hot water

High temperatures combined with baking salts will help hair cuticles significantly open.

+ Apply the mixture on wet hair

You can use your hands or whisk to spread the mixture over your hair. After basting, the mixture is evenly spread over the dyed hair to avoid patchy colored hair.

wash your hair with cold waters after dying
lighten hair dye with baking soda

You should be careful not to let the mixture approach the eyes. In other words, you should wrap a towel or cloth around your head to prevent the mixture from flowing to your face.

+ Rinse clean after 5-15 minutes

The waiting time will depend on whether you want to lighten the hair color up a few tones.

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+ Partly drying the hair to check the color

You may need to rewash your hair, and the heat will damage your hair, so you should only dry a small amount of hair for inspection. If you are satisfied with your hair color, you can dry your entire hair. If not, you can mix a batch of hatches with shampoo to wash again.

wash your hair with cold waters after dying
test with some strands first
+ Mix a bit backing salt with new shampoo if necessary

If the hair color is not light enough, you can apply it again. You can increase the effectiveness of the mixture by adding one tablespoon of hair bleaching powder. Don’t forget to wear gloves when using a paste containing bleach on your hair.

After bleaching, you should avoid heat styling for 1-2 days. The process of bleaching might easily damage the hair.


How to lighten hair dye with Vitamin C

+ Crush 15-20 vitamin C tablets in a bowl

You can use pestles to pound or use blunt tools that do not damage the bowl.

+ Add some anti-dandruff shampoo to vitamin C powder

You only need a small amount to create a mixture with the powder. Then use the whisk to mix well.

wash your hair with cold waters after dying
lighten hair dye with vitamin C
+ Wet your hair with hot water

Hot water will open the hair cuticle to make the dye more effective.

+ Apply the mixture on your hair

You can spread the mixture on your hair with your hands. Remember to spread evenly over the entire hair. Otherwise, the hair color will be patchy after drifting the dye.

+ Leave it on for about 1 hour
apply vitamin onto the hair for 01 hour

After an hour, please wash the mixture on your hair with cool water. You can use a conditioner to moisturize if it is dry after bleaching.

The bottom line

Gaining back the confidence about your hair is never an easier task with how to lighten hair dye tips. Girls will no longer have to worry about your dark hair color. Just apply the ways above, and your hair will quickly transform into a much brighter and more attractive look!

Hopefully, this guide from Layla Hair could somehow help you find the right way to treat your hair dye. For further advice on how to take care of the hair, or how to buy a hair extension for special dates, check out our website!

A new world of hair knowledge awaits!

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