How To Tone Down Hair Color That Is Too Light At Home

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To dye hair is never a piece of cake. Even when you have chosen the right color, the result might not be as what you expected. In case your hair turns out to be too light, how to tone it down?

Even though dyeing hair is not a new thing, it is still a hard task to accomplish. Some problems might easily occur when you are about to dress your hair up with a new color, such as picking up the wrong color, meeting an unskilled hairdresser, and the unsatisfied hair dye effects.

How To Tone Down Hair Color That Is Too Light At Home
Too light hair color

Receiving a too-light hair color is a common thing that you might encounter; hence, it is great if you could know how to tone down hair color that is too light at home so that you will no longer need to come to the salon to wait for hours again. In this post, Layla Hair will get you covered with the tips to get a darker hair color by yourself. 

But wait… Before jumping into the detailed instruction, let’s scan through some questions that you might wonder first.

Good news: Everything is fixable

«My hair turned out too white. What should I do now?» or «I dyed my hair too light how do I darken it naturally?» Join and follow many hair forums, you will see these questions many times. Don’t worry, everything can be repaired within a reasonable time. You know, your new hair will grow and gradually change your colored hair. But the process happens slowly, hair strands grow half an inch per month. Hence, it needs time to remove your colored hair and back to its natural tone. 

Typically, unwanted colored hair can be fixed right away by using different techniques. Colorists may add more highlights, adjust the hair hue, to switch up your tresses. However, the process requires time and carefulness. You can apply natural remedies to darken bleached hair, but go to a hair salon is the best solution. Your hairstylist will darken hair dyed with a color softener or remover. Your patchy hair will look better and be improved after the first appointment. And visit your hair salon a few times to make sure that your hair appears the most beautiful in its way.

Sometimes, professionals also advise you to sleep with a deep conditioner that helps fade the hair dye naturally. But you should choose products that are parabens and sulfate-free. The right item will leave your strands feeling smoothy and silky even you leave it overnight. 

How To Tone Down Hair Color That Is Too Light At Home
everything is fixable

Can you tone bleached hair darker?

Getting a too-light hair color is a common problem that many women encounter. And the fast way to get the best look is to tone down the color. Wash your hair daily with dried hair shampoo or dry the hair often, they will reduce the color of your hair quickly. In addition, apply home remedies such as using hot olive oil, vinegar, or vitamin C can tone down the hair color without damaging hair strands.

How do you strip hair color?

You should follow natural methods to eliminate the hair color, such as apply vinegar or baking soda. The mixture of baking soda and clarifying shampoo is a magical tool to remove hair color from bleached hair. Also taking vitamin C or lemon juice for removing hair dye from your hair. Not only strip hair color, it also improves hair health and encourages hair growth. Or use a color remover product if you want to get a fast result.

Can you color over highlights?

You can dye over highlights but it is a challenging task. There are too many different factors you have to consider such as choosing color, how to color hair. You should consult a professional colorist and ask for their help to get the perfect color over your highlights. How to choose the right highlight color? For example, if you have currently blond hair, you can achieve the best result with dark shades such as brown. Don’t dye the your hair red if your hair color is blonde as it can turn pink.

How soon can I recolor my hair if I don’t like the color?

You have just dyed the hair but it doesn’t turn out the way you wanted. You want to fix it. But calm down. If your hair is strong, wait at least 4 weeks to reapply another color to fix your hair. You probably know that chemicals in hair dyes affect your natural hair. It is the reason why you should not re-color the hair right away. Instead of coloring again, you should fix the hair by using natural methods. Applying hair masks at least twice a week to help recover the hair after the previous coloring.

Why don’t you try our colored hairpieces?

How to tone down hair color that is too light at home

When you get trouble with your hair color after dyeing your hair, surely you don’t want to visit a hair salon to fix it. So the simple and easy ways to tone down hair color at home will make the best choice for you.

Shampoo daily

One of the best solutions for “how to tone down hair color that is too light” question is washing your hair daily.

The less you wash your hair, the longer your hair color will last. Therefore, if you want to bleach your hair quickly, you just need to wash your hair daily.

How To Tone Down Hair Color That Is Too Light At Home
Use shampoo to wash your hair daily

Also, you should note that, instead of using a shampoo specifically for dyed hair, you should use regular shampoo. Because these shampoos often contain more bleach and fewer compound that protect the color of the hair. Therefore, your dyed hair will fly very fast.

This method is simple but quite harmful to your hair because the hair dye needs to be carefully groomed. When you plan on bleaching your hair this way, you need to condition the hair and steam the oil regularly to keep it from drying out and damaging.

Dry your hair often

The high temperature of the dryer contributes to faster dyeing of the hair color. Especially if you dry when the hair is still wet, the faster you lose the color. So, after washing your hair, use a hair dryer to reduce the color of your hair quickly.

How To Tone Down Hair Color That Is Too Light At Home
Dry your hair

However, frequent washing and drying of hair also cause hair damage and dryness. So don’t forget to regularly take care and use hair care products to maintain moisture.

Tone down hair color that is too light by hot olive oil

You can make olive oil hotter with a microwave or autoclave, and then apply the oil to the dyed hair quickly and will gradually fade. If your home uses a heater, you can do it by:

How To Tone Down Hair Color That Is Too Light At Home
tone down light hair color with olive oil

– Apply coconut oil or olive oil on the front hair thoroughly.

– Turn hot water on shampoo. Take care not to let the water get too hot, wash it at a moderate level.

Tone down the color of dyed hair with vinegar

Most dyes are washed away by permanent alkaline solutions. So the acidity of vinegar can help us to remove dyed hair color very effectively and quite safely.

How To Tone Down Hair Color That Is Too Light At Home
tone down hair color with vinegar

– Mix 3 tablespoons of vinegar and shampoo.

– Apply evenly to the scalp until the soap bubbles come out.

– Rinse with clean water 2-3 times until you observe that your hair is not colored.

Tone down hair color with vitamin C

To reduce the color of the dyed hair, you need to prepare ingredients that include a few vitamin C capsules (about 500mg), shampoo, and a shower cap.

How To Tone Down Hair Color That Is Too Light At Home
tone down hair color with vitamin C

– First, use one spoon to crush a few vitamin C tablets into small powder.

– Mix with a little water to make a paste.

– Apply the mixture on damp/wet hair (if you want to foam, you can add a little shampoo); use the comb to brush the mixture on your hair like a hair dye.

– Use a shower cap to cover your hair for about 45 minutes.

– Wash with shampoo as usual.

– Repeat this every day for the next two days or until the hair color is desired.

Tone down hair color that is too light with apple jam

Using apple jam to make hair brighter is an effective and economical method.

How To Tone Down Hair Color That Is Too Light At Home
tone down hair color with apple jam

You should mix 1 part of apple jam with five parts of water into the spray bottle and spray on the scalp until the hair is absorbed.

Then wash with warm water. Next, you should use a conditioner to lighten your hair to have lighter hair.

Use baking soda to tone down hair color

Lemon and baking soda are ingredients that contain natural bleach, so they have many useful uses for beauty. Combining these two ingredients will give you a quick and straightforward blend that reduces hair coloring.

– Mix these ingredients and dissolve the thick paste.

– Shampoo over the head with water, wait for the hair to drain, and then evenly apply the mixture just created.

tone down hair color with baking soda

– Use a clean towel wrapped on hair and incubated for about 20 minutes.

– Rinse hair with warm water and wash as usual.

Apply this method about 1 to 2 times per week; you will see the hair dyes significantly reduced color

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Use washing powder to darken your hair

Shampooing with washing powder may seem strange but if you want to own beautiful hair with satisfactory colors, don’t hesitate to take any safe methods!

There is a strong cleansing effect so to protect the safety of the skin and eyes; you should not wash your hair in the usual way, so wash your hair so that the detergent does not flow into the skin and scalp.

How To Tone Down Hair Color That Is Too Light At Home
tone down hair color with washing powder

If you are reluctant to do it at home, be careful to do the following:

– Dissolve the detergent with water in the pot and then beat the foam.

– Bend your head down to let the hair curl out completely, and then use the washing liquid to wash your hair. Massage for a while and then rinse thoroughly with water.

But, Don’t DIY

Many people find out the way on how to tone down hair color that is too light at home, and they perform the process themselves. However, no matter how you hate your new hair color, many colorists advise you not to fix it at home. You should go to a hair salon and ask for help from a professional. Because most color removers are specially created for professional use. If you do it yourself, you may make the hair condition become worse. 

Hair colorists are well-trained and they know how to remove the unwanted color, minimizing damaging your natural locks. They know the best product that suitable your tresses and works effectively on how to darken hair dyed too light. To choose the right color removers, hair colorists have to pay attention to a few key things, such as how much colors you need to remove, which hair dyes you previously used to color your hair and more. For example, you would like to highlights too light how to darken. Hair colorists have to consider that you used permanent or semi-permanent color to dye your hair. So, they know what will be best suited for your hair type and hair condition. 

How To Tone Down Hair Color That Is Too Light At Home
it’s better to have a hair stylist help you fix your hair color

How to fix hair color that is too light at roots? Bear in mind that the color-removal process is highly sophisticated. In the hair salons, they have all the necessary tools, products, and techniques to tone down hair hue. To lighten hair dyed too dark at salon, professionals will try safe products that remove hair dye without bleach or ammonia. These harsh chemicals dry the hair strands out quickly. Now, they use mineral removers that pull out all buildup and slightly tweak the hair color. 

The bottom line

How to tone down hair color that is too light? We hope that after this writing, you have your own way to fix your colored hair. Our sharings above will somehow help you darken your strands effectively. Then, you can savor your nice hair every day. Apply the same techniques if you want to tone down the color of your hair extension. Or you have other toning tips and tricks, let Layla know. We will refer and update our writing. 

If you like this article blog, don’t forget to share it with your friends and peers. Give us comment below if you have any related queries. We will try best to answer all your questions. 

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