[Exclusive Guide] How To Make Baby Hair On Lace Front Wig?

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You sometimes feel uncomfortable when putting a hairpiece on your head. By then, this article blog will help you near to tips on how to make baby hair on a lace front wig. This helps the hair wig look like your natural locks and wearers feel happier. Layla hopes that we can assist you by styling your hair system like a pro.

What should you do before making baby hair on your wig?

Before knowing how to cut baby hair on lace front wig, make sure that you’ve purchased a human hair. Because the wig made of human hair is durable and flexible. You can get a synthetic hair lace front wig, but you may find it challenging when cutting baby hair on it. 

Human lace front wig with a thin lace layer along the front of the hairline, offering a real look. Also, hair strands are sewn into the base by hand only. At Layla Hair company, we only use hair from Vietnam and Cambodia. These hair types are known as high-quality hair in the market now. Plus, feel free to dye and restyle the hair so that it fits your natural locks closely. Bear in mind that maintain proper care and you will have beautiful hair every day. 

Learning how to lay baby hair on frontal, you can easily achieve your desired hair. Human hair wigs with a few baby hair offer an illusion of natural strands along the hairline. It will not reveal the fact that you are wearing a lace front wig. Are you ready to make human hair lace front wigs with baby hairline? Let’s get started!

baby hair on a wig

How to make baby hair on a lace front wig for beginners

To customize and create baby hair on your lace front wig, you will need the following:

— A human hair lace front wig

— Mannequin head or a wig stand

— Sharp scissors

— Razors 

— Tweezers

— Alligator clips

— Hairpins

— A comb

Step 1: Secure the hair

Whether you learn how to cut baby hairs on synthetic wig or a human hair wig, you have to put your wig on a mannequin head. Then secure the hair by using pins. Make sure that the hair will not move when you cut or pluck baby hair on it. 

You cut the excess lace on the front wig for the most realistic look. Cut away small pieces of lace to avoid cutting too close the hair. This step needs your steady hands,  good scissors, and patience. Also, pluck the extra hair strands around the frontal with tweezers to make it less bulky.  

[Exclusive Guide] How To Make Baby Hair On Lace Front Wig?
how to make baby hair on a lace front wig

Step 2: Separate your wig

Use a rattail comb to take 1/5 of an inch in the front to cut baby hair. Separate this small part from the rest of your frontal by clipping the hair. Use alligator clips to secure the hair. 

Comb the hair part and use a razor to shorten hair strands. You can water the hair before cutting. 

Step 3: Dry the hair

If you water the hair to cut baby hairs, you should let them dry before setting them. Hold wet baby hair in one hand and a hairdryer on another hand and start drying. Remember that baby hair is fragile, so you must hold the machine about 2 inches from the hairline. 

Step 4: Set baby hairs

The last step on how to make lace front wig hairline look natural, you style your baby hair to reach natural look. Spray the styling product (hairspray, cream, or gel) on your hair and use a soft-bristled toothbrush to set baby hair at your forehead. 

You would like to learn how to make baby hair on lace closure or other wigs, you can follow this guide step-by-step to get a perfect finished look. 

Tips to lay edges on lace front wig

[Exclusive Guide] How To Make Baby Hair On Lace Front Wig?
how to lay edges on lace front wigs

Perfect wig edges with good design and pattern create a natural look. Hence, the appearance of baby hair is necessary for an aesthetic look. For example, poor styled baby hairs will throw off the look of a hair wig. Here are several tips on how to cut or pluck a wig for beginners. 

Cut short baby hair for straight hair

You’ve purchased long and straight hair, please style short baby hairs along the front of the edge of your hair wig. Use a styling product or comb to smoothen baby hairs straight down. It fits your hairstyle and brings a beautiful look. 

Style baby hairs in waves

To get this look, you need the help of gel to hold the hair. Use a fine-toothed comb to shape the waves and apply hair gel. Remember to cut short baby hairs around your hairline so that it looks natural. 

Make curly baby hair 

Take a small amount of hair gel and apply it in the baby hairs of your lace front wig’s edge. Then you wrap the hair around your fingers to create rings. Try to avoid using heating tools to style or make baby hair on closure wig or frontal as it may burn the hair more easily.

[Exclusive Guide] How To Make Baby Hair On Lace Front Wig?
wigs with baby hair at Laylahair

Our conclusion

That’s all basics on how to make baby hair on a lace front wig that Layla would like to share with you. We believe that you really want to get natural hair for yourself. If you are interested in related things about human hair wigs and other hairpieces, leave your text below. Or want to place an order, don’t hesitate to drop us via WhatsApp link. We’re online 24/7 to support you at any time. 

Layla will customize and adjust the hair accordingly. Tell us your requirement, including hair color, length, and any hair extension you want, we will give you the best one. Our craftsmen are skillful and have many years in this field. We commit to selling you the top-notch hair at affordable prices. The hair is made of 100% human strands, no mixing artificial fibers, and animal hair. Hence, you will feel rest assured when wearing our hair extension.

See you in the next article!

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