How To Make A Lace Front Wig Look Natural

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The hair market is now developing to meet the increasing demands of customers. Women today always pay attention to their beauty and appearance. They use wigs for different purposes in beauty. Not only make their hair look thicker, but these favorite items also change their hairstyle instantly. If you’re bored with your hairstyle, why don’t you try wearing a lace frontal wig? To make a wig look natural, it requires your patience and effort. If you are interested in how to make a lace front wig look natural for a long time, Layla’s glad to show you how. It’s easy, even you are just a newbie. 

How to make a lace front wig look more natural

Here’re expert hair tips you should know to get your wig look real. Let’s see.

Know your head size before buying a hair wig

Whether you have a lace front wig or non lace front wig, choosing a hair system that suits your head is crucial. Finding the right size wig that is not too tight and loose, making you feel comfortable. Also, it contributes to making the hair look more natural. If you are not sure about the measuring method to make a lace wig from scratch, please ask for someone who has experienced. 

So how to make a cheap lace front wig look natural? Know your size and opt for a perfect wig. Depending on your measurement, you can choose a small, medium, or large size wig. 

How To Make A Lace Front Wig Look Natural
choose the right lace front wig size

Wear suitable hair texture

Wonder how to make a curly lace front wig look natural, it’s quite straightforward. If you were born with curly hair, you should wear a curly hair wig so that they match together. This wig is ready to wear, no need to restyle. 

Or you can purchase a straight wig and restyle it as your desired look. We recommend using a human hair wig as it is durable, flexible, and heat-friendly. Not only for lace front wigs, you also use this hair care tip to make a non lace front wig look natural. 

Get a haircut to suit your facial shape

It is an undeniable fact that all women want to have a great haircut. If you cut your bio hair, you may need to wait for two weeks to get your desired hair. There is one way to help you have nice hair without cutting your natural locks. If you are smart in styling, you can style and cut the hair system. If not, take it to a hair salon and ask a hairdresser to cut in some layers or jagged edges. Get a hair trim that suits your facial shape. Alo, you should wear a wig when cutting so that your hairdresser knows what hairstyle works best on your face. 

How To Make A Lace Front Wig Look Natural
have a suitable haircut

Wear the right hair color

How to make a lace front wig look more natural? Whether your hair replacement system is expensive or cheap, you should wear a hair color that is close to your natural hair hue. They will blend seamlessly and nobody can detect your wig. It gives you beautiful overall hair and a natural look. Ask for the seller or manufacturer to customize your wig. You can change the hair color of your human hairpiece by dyeing. Try to make the hair mix your natural locks and personal style. 

What’s more, don’t choose a hair with a heavy density as it makes your hair look unnatural. Wearing a hair system with medium hair density instead, it will provide a perfect finished look. 


Add makeup powder or concealer to make a wig look real

Getting a perfect hairline, you have a chance to reach a good hair look. How to make a lace front wig or a wig without lace front look natural? Make use of your makeup tools to make the hair look more realistic. First, you have to wear the hair, put it aligned with your real hairline. Using powder and/or concealer to make the base look like your own scalp. Remember to make the color of the lace according to your skin tone. 

How To Make A Lace Front Wig Look Natural
use makeup powder or concealer to make your lace front wig look real

Maintain a proper care to make a lace front wig look natural 

Bear in mind that a wig is not your real hair. You have to take care of it properly and carefully if you want to make it look real and last longer. Ask and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to extend the hair life as long as possible. 

If you skip the caring process, the lace front wig will turn dry, frizzy and dull. Over time, it is damaged. How to make a lace front wig or a wig that doesn’t have a lace front look natural? Don’t forget to add more moisture to the hair by applying a hair conditioner or hair mask. Wash the hair system gently. avoid rubbing since it may lead to tangling and shedding problems. Never brush the hair when it is wet or don’t put too much pressure on the hair when detangling it. Follow proper maintenance, you will make your hair replacement system look natural for a long time. 

Wear accessories 

How To Make A Lace Front Wig Look Natural
wear hair accessories

It is not a bad idea. Just like our natural locks, you can combine hair clips or a headband to make your hair wig look more realistic. Adjust and secure the hair and wear an accessory. Regardless of the wig types, you can use this tip to make the wig look like your real hair. 

To wrap things up

No one wants others to detect that they are wearing a hair wig. So do I. Hopefully, our words have given you an overall idea about how to make a lace front wig look natural and you can hide your secret. Keep in mind that you have to treat the hair system as you would do with your natural locks. Not only to make it look more realistic, you also keep it last for a long time. 

You want to buy a lace front hair wig, come to Layla Hair company to get the best pick. We commit to selling good hair at affordable prices. Once you’ve worn our hair, you will not want to find other vendors to purchase a hair wig. 

Follow our site to keep up to date with new products and get more advice on hair systems and related things. Thanks for reading!

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