Wondering How To Make Skin Weft Hair Extensions? Here’s The Secret!

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Skin weft or invisible tape hair extension is a hairpiece made from human hair. It can be attached to your scalp by a specialized tape system. While it is gaining much interest worldwide, not many people know exactly how to make skin weft hair extensions. 

This type of tape-ins is the perfect hair extensions for hair beauty because they are invisible. Besides, strong and non-damaging tape lays flat to the head so that each extension blends seamlessly with your natural hair. Especially, the extension can remain unaffected by sweat, even they are also waterproof. Hence, wearing skin weft hair extensions is more comfortable, not heavy and hot. 

In the following article, Layla Hair will step into the way how to make skin weft hair extensions at home in a quick and effective manner to refresh your hairdo.

How To Make Skin Weft Hair Extensions?

Skin weft is 100% hand-tied, undetectable tape hair extensions. It looks really natural and lightweight.

Have you ever think about how do they make skin weft hair extensions? Is it difficult to make? Follow these steps, you will have your own perfect skin weft.

Wondering How To Make Skin Weft Hair Extensions? Here's The Secret!
skin weft hair extensions

Before start making skin weft, you have to prepare enough objects:

– Tape

– Bulk hair

– Scissors

– Liquid glue

– Flat iron

Step 1

First, you want to make sure that you have your tape. You cut a piece of tape and the length depends on the length of your extension you want. You can use 99% alcohol to clean your hair when using tape.

Then take a little bit your liquid gold glue, apply and spread it around until reaching the bottom part of your tape. You can get a lot of glue in the center off that tape.

Step 2

The next step on how to make seamless skin weft hair extensions is adding a thin strand of beautiful bulk virgin hair on the tape. You should spread tress out so we can not have a thick part that does not get saturated with the bond weave.

Wondering How To Make Skin Weft Hair Extensions? Here's The Secret!
weaving the hair onto the skin to make wefts

You can just lay hair on tape nicely and try to keep your hair in the same direction. Just press lightly. We recommend pinning tape to the table to make it easier. 

Step 3

Keep adding your hair until you satisfy with the length and the thickness of a skin weft. You can also add hair in different colors to create highlights if you want. 

Apply hair on your tape, press lightly again and hold that down pressing with your fingers moving up. Remember to use thin amounts of hair with your virgin bulk hair. 

Then you go back and just gingerly squeeze your glue on bulk hair so that the hair doesn’t run into your weft and right at the top. 

Get your pre-tape and gently put on the other side of the weft. Continue to pat it lightly because that can help you have a great weft. 

Step 4

You have to let your weft sit 24 hours, the longer you wait to let it dry the better. After waiting, it’s time to cut it into shape. Remember to cut the extra sides and top to make it neat. 

Wondering How To Make Skin Weft Hair Extensions? Here's The Secret!
let your wefts sit for 24 hours

Finally, you use a flat iron to warm up the glue and keep pressing. 

The result is a beautiful seamless skin weft hair extensions that give you beautiful and gorgeous hair. 

Skin weft is suitable for all types of hair. You can attach it anywhere on the head, even in the front. They are great if you have thinning or balding hair. This type of tape-in is nearly invisible because it looks as if they are growing out of your scalp. And you can feel very comfortable to wear. 

How To Maintain Skin Weft Extensions?

After know about how to make skin weft hair extensions by ventilating at home, let find out how to care extensions to keep them longer. As skin weft is made of premium grade 100% Remy human hair, it may last between 12 to 24 months with proper treatment.

Wondering How To Make Skin Weft Hair Extensions? Here's The Secret!
attach skin weft hair extensions


Reapplication is necessary when using skin weft as it needs to be secured closer to your scalp or roots. You can do it at home but we highly recommend getting a professional because they are equipped with the right skills.

Use Proper Shampoo

When wearing skin weft hair extensions, you should use an alcohol-free shampoo that can keep your extension longer. As the shampoo contains alcohol can remove your weft, and dry your hair quickly. You need something that will moisturize, revive, as well as give shine to your hair.

Wondering How To Make Skin Weft Hair Extensions? Here's The Secret!
use proper shampoo for hair extensions

And in order to prevent shedding and tangling, you shouldn’t use many products or wash your hair too often. 

Dye And Curl Extensions

Skin weft extensions are made of real human hair, so you can dye and curl them. However, we don’t recommend doing that by yourself as one needs a very skilled hairstylist to do so. Inappropriate treatment will make hair dry, resulting in broken and tangled hair.

Remedies For Dry Hair

You can use eggs, olive oil, honey, yogurt and so on to make your own homemade remedies for dry hair.

For example, honey is full of vitamins and minerals, so it adds shine and increase hair volume. It also strengthens your hair follicles and has antibacterial properties.

Wondering How To Make Skin Weft Hair Extensions? Here's The Secret!
apply homemade remedies

While yogurt contains many vitamins, protein, and moisture friendly properties. I can help nourish your extensions and simply make them shiny.

Sleep With Extensions

You have to brush your hair and sleep with a satin pillowcase which will help prevent matting.

Final Words

Now you have been familiar with the way how to make skin weft hair extensions and essential tips to take care of skin weft. You can definitely turn your hair into an attractive style without having to go to any hair salon and damaging your bio hair. It does not take much time and is cost-saving, also. 

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