How To Part Your Hair Men To Look Good? Advice From Hair Gurus

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You may wonder how to part your hair men to achieve a fuller and thicker hair look. Do you have any tips to master the art of your part? Sleek comb-over or side part, the answer is depending on who you ask as everyone has a different viewpoint. 

Hair experts say that the hair part you create directly affects the way you are perceived. Hence, to answer the answer “where to part hair men?”, “part left, center or right part hair men”, Layla will present some methods to comb your hair that fits your dreamed styles. 

How to locate the hair part for men

Finding your ideal part is the first step in forming hair part men. How can you do that? It’s quite simple. The following are different methods to help you find your ideal part. 

Wet your mane

The first way is super straightforward. You shampoo and condition your hair as usual, and then gently dry it with a clean towel. 

Once you are all clean, shake your head. You will notice where your natural hair starts to separate. This split is your natural part. If your natural strands fall more on the right, you should part on the right and vice versa. If it falls evenly on two sides, that means you have a center part.

Also, to locate the natural men hair part, you can comb in the hair crown and forward instead of shaking the head. Similarly, you should wait about 5-7 seconds and identify the side part where natural locks split. 

How To Part Your Hair Men To Look Good? Advice From Hair Gurus
wet your hair

Locate the direction of your cowlick

If the above method is not useful for you, try this one. You may know that cowlick is at the crown of your head, and the direction of hair growth involves the direction of your cowlick. All you have to do is split the hair part according to the direction of the cowlick. For instance, your cowlick spiral runs clockwise, you need to part naturally on the left. And if it runs counterclockwise, you have a hair part right. 

Let’s say that you have two cowlicks, where should you part your hair men? It’s more simple. Feel free to form part hair men in any way you like because you have a center part hair men

How to part hair men

Once you’ve identified which side part hair men, forming a part is much easier. There are some rules of thumb you should remember when styling your hair part. For example, when you comb the hair away from the top toward the side, you have to hold the crown on the opposite side of your combing direction to get a natural and perfect line. 

Plus, consider using styling products when you part the hair on the side. Whether you want short or long hair side part men, those help keep your hair strands in place and neat. 

Nonetheless, some guys don’t care about the rule and style their side part by which hand they hold the comb. For example, if a man brushes their natural locks with the left hand, he tends to part the hair on the right side as it makes sense. Conversely, you comb your hair with the right hand, and you want to form a left side hairstyle. 

How To Part Your Hair Men To Look Good? Advice From Hair Gurus
how to part your hair men

Men side part hair

Most of the time, the side part hairstyle is preferred by men across the globe. The timeless hairstyle is so simple, sexy, and sophisticated. Moreover, it is easy to lend itself to your facial shapes. It is appreciated by gentlemen and is a popular hairstyle among celebrities right now. Here’s how to get this classic look.

– Start with clean hair. It is a key to get the natural hair part men.

– Next, you add a pre-styler, such as Sea Salt Spray, to your mane, which gives you more hair texture and volume. 

– Form the part to the side you desire with a comb. If you want a curly hair side part, pull your curls across to one side and back. 

– Then, you set a hairdryer at an angle, point it upwards to set the part into place while combing to reinforce the part.

– Finally, finish with a hair styling product to make sure that your hair side part stays in place. Use a high-quality product that fits your hair type and texture. 


Common FAQs about the part in hair men

What side do men part their hair?

A side part is a timeless hairstyle and very popular now. Both sides, left or right, are common, but the left side part is preferred by most men worldwide. 

If you desire a black men hair part, feel free to ask your stylist to create your own hair. He/she will help you find your natural part, regardless of your straight, wavy, or curly strands. 

Which side part works better if you have a cowlick?

As we stated, all you need to do is follow the natural direction of the cowlick in the crown area. Work with your natural hair part on the side and comb it over the top to get a natural look. 

How To Part Your Hair Men To Look Good? Advice From Hair Gurus
different hair parting patterns in men

Few lucky guys have two cowlicks, and they can part their mane on either side. 

How can I determine my natural hair part?

Most hairlines have the parting direction sign at the top of the forehead. So you can wet your hair and gently shake to locate the part. Or if you have two cowlicks, you can form long hair middle part. 

Parting words

Bear in mind that how to part your hair men doesn’t need to be rocket science or framework, gentlemen. With these simple tips, you can get a timeless and sophisticated side part. Also, it helps exude sexy and masculine styles. 

If all this sounds daunting, visit a hair salon and ask the barber to show how to part your hair for men or create your own hair. Are you ready to rock the seductive side part? Don’t hesitate to show us the results. 

And follow our blog right now to update more hair care tips and hairstyles for men and women. 

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