How To Put On A Wig Without A Wig Cap?

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Here are the insights into whether it is possible to put on a wig without a wig cap.

Wigs do not seem to stop being popular. Even celebrities are acing wigs for red carpets, etc. They also make use of them to experience different daily styles. We must say, these products are no longer a precious secret to the makeover of famous people. Instead, they are handy solutions to anyone’s hair troubles. 

Are you going through serious hair loss? Are you finding longer locks? Or do you desire to try out other colors or styles? If so, a wig should be the answer to your concern. Have you chosen your favorite one? Have you already known how to wear it? Then, here is a helpful guide on how to put on a wig without a wig cap for a flawless look.

Can you wear wigs without a cap?

The decision comes down to your choice. If you are not sure, spend several days putting on the wig with the cap and without. Also, ask yourself these questions: “Did I have more comfort with the cap off or on?”, “Did the wig look more realistic without or with it?”

In addition, there are some concerns related to wearing a cap. You should keep them in mind as well before making your choice. 

How To Put On A Wig Without A Wig Cap? Here's How To Get There!
for some people, wearing a wig cap might be not really comfortable

– Some heads are smaller. Some are bigger. If you have a larger head, the cap can feel overly tight. It possibly leads to headaches following a long time of use. If you are among those with a smaller head, the cap is more likely to slip around below the wig. That way makes your wig fall off. Choose to put a wig on without a cap if finding one which fits is impossible to you. 

– There are some nylon or cotton caps. They tend to be problematic to those with sensitive skin. Nylon is probably scratchy. For cotton, it can make your skin dryer.

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– If it is overheating in your place, you should not wear a cap before the wig on. The different layers will increase the heat considerably. The consequence is, your hair and scalp are at risk of damage. The oil and sweat accumulation on the head can result in rashes. It then causes hair loss in the near future.

How To Put On A Wig Without A Wig Cap? Here's How To Get There!
wearing a wig without a wig cap

– It is even possible for the cap to feel tight on those without hair. That is why, when there is an additional layer, however thick it is, it is likely to impose more restrictions on the cap’s freedom. As a consequence, you may be through lightheadedness, etc.

– Do you suffer from complete hair loss? Is your skin sensitive? You still want to wear a cap, do not you? Then, be sure you keep it clean. Its hydration is also another consideration to help you avoid any potential problems.

How to put on a wig without a wig cap?

Prepare the hair

Before you put it on for cosplay, etc., preparing your hair is necessary. Make sure you flatten it. There are some effective ways you can use. 


Braiding your natural hair is one of them. It is not perfectly flat. Still, it lets your hair be well protected. With it, hair maintenance is easier. It eases your way of cleaning and moisturizing the scalp. All you need to do is put your hair in small braids, which will reduce bumps, etc. under your wig significantly.

How To Put On A Wig Without A Wig Cap? Here's How To Get There!
cornrow your real hair


It is enormously favorite. Try it as a step when you learn how to put on a wig without a wig cap. This style brings out a flat surface. Still, it does not leave considerable access to your scalp. Do not worry, though. It is only a small letdown. Cornrows protect your hair well. It will be less possibly bulky underneath your wig. Be sure you split up the hair into small rows to the back from the front. Braid down your head’s length.

Flat twists or twists

They are easy to wear under your wig. That said, they are more likely to frizz and tangle than the other two styles. Bear in mind that lumps will not appear underneath the wig if you make the twists small.

Tips: You can make use of hair products to get the most out of the flattening effect.

How To Put On A Wig Without A Wig Cap? Here's How To Get There!
get rid of excessive oils on your head before putting the wig on

Prepare your skin

Have you finished flattening the hair? Then, you had better apply a cleanser on your skin around the hairline. Remember, the product should not be harsh. Dry the skin. After that, get rid of excessive oils. How to do so? After pouring a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol on a pad made of cotton, wipe along the hair’s edge.

Tips: You should use a serum for your scalp protection if your skin is sensitive.


Wear a wig

Have you prepared the hair and skin? Go by the following simple steps on how to put on a wig without a wig cap.

  • Hold your wig by the nape with your hands. Tilt the head a little forward. You will apply your wig in motion from the front to the back. 
  • Arrange the wig’s front above the eyebrows. Slip your wig in the same way as you do with your bathing cap. 
  • Push back your wig’s front. Stop when it stays below the bio hairline. Position the ear tabs on two sides facing the ears to center the wig. Do not cover them. Does your wig feel comfortable enough? Then, push in your stray hairs.
How To Put On A Wig Without A Wig Cap?
put the wig on your head

Style the wig

Do you use human hair wig? If so, you can rely on the same products and tools like the ones usable on your natural hair. On the other hand, if the wig is from synthetic hair, be sure you give it more care. Stay away from thermal styling tools. Also, do not brush it regularly.

To sum up

Learning how to put on a wig without a wig cap is among the best and most convenient ways of experiencing new hairstyles, colors as well as lengths. When you need a fantastic transformation but do not expect any commitment that you may regret later, the wig should be your option.

Laylahair hopes that the post above somehow helps you know basically how to put on a wig without a wig cap. For any further information about human hair wigs and the ways to install it, feel free to contact us directly via (+84) 98 96 33 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp) to get support.

We are online 24/7, so don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

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