3 Easy Methods To Remove Hair Extension Glue Out Of Your Hair

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Do the glue residue from hair extensions annoy you? It is not a tricky thing to get rid of the glued extensions out of your head, yet how to remove hair extension glue clearly is quite a challenge. There are different ways to do this task that you might haven’t heard about.

Use A Good Glue Bond Remover Or Solvent 

The most professional way to remove hair extension glue from scalp is to use a glue bond remover. There is bonding liquid to secure the hairpiece, so there must exist a kind of solvent to remove it. For example, if you use a Ghost Bond or Walker Tape Glue, there are the paralleling removers that often go with them. 

In case you don’t buy them in pairs, then you can still find a remover at a nearby beauty store. For the best result, go for the super-effective glue remover that could cleanse all the excessive glue residue on your head. Don’t go for anything that is just mild because it might remove your extension, yet it won’t work with the glue left. 

3 Easy Methods To Remove Hair Extension Glue Out Of Your Hair
glue remover for hair extensions

For men, these kinds of solvent can also be effective with fake beards. 

Because these products are specially made to deal with glue in hair extensions, you can rest assured that they are safe to your scalp. 

Use Heat To Remove Hair Extension Glue Residue

Another popular method to remove hair extension glue out of hair is to use heat. In other words, you can use a heating tool like a hair straightener to cleanse your glue residue. 

This method is the best way to remove the glue residue left on the weaves themselves. In contrast, it is not so advisable to apply to your real hair because of the risk of hair damage.

So, how to remove hair weave glue with heat? 

Step-by-step Guide

Insiders' Tips: How To Remove Glue In Hair Extensions?
use a hair straightener to melt the glue

For the best result, set the highest temperature on your hair straightening tool. A flat iron straightener will be the best choice. Let the tool sit for a few minutes so that it could heat up. Next, let’s start!

#1 Place a piece of fabric or cloth over the glued part of the weaves. Make sure it covers both the front and the back part of the glue-in extension.

#2 Use the straightener that you have already heated up to enclose the wrapped extension. The heat from this tool will slowly dissolve the bonds and leave it on the cloth. 

#3 Keep the straightener on the wrapped weft for from 1-3 minutes, depending on how much glue you want to remove. 

#4 When you have put the heating tool aside and pull away the wrapping cloth, you can notice there is still some glue being stuck to the hair. At that time, use the cloth to gently rub the heated part of hair to remove the residue that still remains. 

#5 Once you have done with the steps above, you can use some alcohol to remove any hair extension glue that resistingly stays on the weft. 


Use Acetone To Remove Glue From Hair Extensions

Not only can acetone cleanse your nails, but it also works well to remove hair extension glue. It is cheap and can be found easily at any convenience or beauty stores. 

The 100% pure acetone is a good solvent that could dissolve the glue on your wefts. It is OK if you use nail polish remover but the effect wouldn’t be that good. 

Because you will need to use quite an amount of acetone, consider using a latex glove before doing the job. 

How to remove glue residue with acetone?

#1 To dissolve the glue, pour the pure acetone over the glued weft part of your extensions. You should be careful when pouring the liquid. Just focus on the wefted part and avoid letting it get exposed to other parts of the track. The acetone might cause the hair to dry and tangle. 

use acetone to dissolve hair extension glue

#2 Next, wait for around 1-3 minutes for the acetone to work. It will gradually break the bond and make the glue to become hard.

#3 Once it gets really hard, use an old towel or cloth to wipe gently along the wefts to remove the glue. 

#4 If there is any glue remaining, use your hand to peel it. 


Because acetone will dry out your hair, it is essential to condition your hair extensions after removing glue with it. You can have deep conditioning or apply oil treatment to add moisture to your extensions. This step might be done before using acetone, also. 

Final thoughts

Above are the three common ways to remove extension glue that Laylahair wants to share with you. We hope that you can know how to remove hair extension glue at home and leave your natural hair and weft a nice-looking and luster look for further uses. 

Glue-in extensions, again, are one of the best kinds of hair to add volume to your natural tresses. If you feel interested in getting a good pack of glue in or fusion hair extension, browse our store. We have the top-notch human hair extension products that await your shopping. 

Feel free to contact us directly via our hotline at any time for further assistance. 

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