How To Remove Hair Knots In 06 Simplest Ways

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Curly or long hairstyles might look exceptionally attractive, but the risk of getting tangled and messy hair is higher with these styles than any others else. Have you ever been frustrated with knots when combing your hair? Let’s see how to remove hair knots easily. 

The problem is even worse when people try to comb the hair out roughly to remove the knots. The hair, as a result of this careless act, would become even weaker and more tangled.

If all the stuff above hit you, then you should never miss this article. Here Layla Hair shares with you what hair knots are, what causes hair knots, and how to remove hair knots.

What causes hair knots?

There are some reasons for having knotted hair. It was affected by many factors such as hair texture, the frequency of brushing, exposure to wind, and the healthiness of the hair. And we will give you some conditions in which hair knots occurs more easily.

How To Remove Hair Knots In 06 Simplest Ways
tangled and messy hair
  •           Super thick and curly hair
  •           Long and fine hair
  •           Dry and damaged hair
  •           Hair which has been not washed for a time
  •           You sleep with your hair down

And let’s get started with how to remove hair knots.

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How to remove hair knots?

We understand your feeling when you get hair knots and how determined you are to get rid of them. Check this list below, you can see some useful tips. We will tell you something you can do for your knotted hair, as well as how to remove hair knots safely.

Wash your hair the right way

Many people believe that washing their hair every day will keep it clean and smooth, but it is definitely the worst idea ever. In fact, harsh chemicals contained in shampoo will partly destroy hair structure and make the condition for hair knots to occur.

How To Remove Hair Knots In 06 Simplest Ways
wash your hair the right way

It would be better if you wash your hair twice or three times a week and regularly. In case you have to wash your hair every day due to job requirement, look for a shampoo that does not contain too many harsh chemicals like alcohol or sodium lauryl sulfate.

However, if you have already had hair knots, the water and shampoo will coat the hair fibers in the knots and potentially help them pull apart easier. So in this case, washing your hair is an ideal way.

You also ought to brush your hair before you wash it. Combing through your hair will partly help stop it from knotting.


Use proper hair conditioner

As we mentioned above, make your hair dry means make the condition for hair knots to occur. Applying hair conditioner after washing your hair using shampoo will keep it moistened, smooth and reduce the risk of knotted hair.

How To Remove Hair Knots In 06 Simplest Ways
apply hair conditioner

When you apply the conditioner on your hair, leave it for some minutes meanwhile you proceed with washing your body and shaving. Then wash it out after all these processes are done. This will make the hair conditioner soak into your hair more intensely. And remember to ensure the quality of the conditioner you apply on your hair.

Avoid drying your hair too extremely

Using blow dryers or flat irons is what people usually do with their hair. You may think that your hair will dry quickly by them, but they do nothing but damaged it.

How To Remove Hair Knots In 06 Simplest Ways
avoid drying or heating your hair

Avoid wrapping and rubbing your hair is also what we recommend. Gently squeezing it with a microfiber towel to get out the excess moisture is another answer for how to remove tough hair knots.

Protect your hair when sleeping at night

How To Remove Hair Knots In 06 Simplest Ways
twist your hair before sleeping

Braiding or twisting your hair before you go to bed at night will prevent your hair from shrinking upon itself. When you sleep, the friction can happen which also contributes to your knotted hair. To reduce this, you can use a satin pillowcase and wrap your hair with a protective fabric.


Keep long hair tied up

If you have the long hair, another way how to get rid of hair knots is tiding it up. Your hair naturally has the tendency to wrap around itself which causes hair knots. You can care for it or comb it out all the time, so the best solution is to keep your hair tied up, or to wrap your hair in a scarf, or wear a hat, kind of that.

How To Remove Hair Knots In 06 Simplest Ways
keep long hair tied up

This not only helps you reduce the risk of knotting but also help you look more active and strong.

But remember do not keep your hair tied up too long. It needs to “breathe”, right?

Things to avoid when having hair knots

Having hair knots is not something happy, but do not let your feelings control you. At that time you may be very uncomfortable, even very angry and try to comb it out too extremely or tear your hair apart.

How To Remove Hair Knots In 06 Simplest Ways
avoid combing hair roughly

Some people have used a scissor to remove it and had to regret after that. I have to say that it is NOT the right way to get rid of knots if you still want beautiful hair.

The bottom line

This post has told you what is hair knot, how to remove hair knots and some conditions that hair knot occurs more easily.

And remember that these tips and tricks do not have the same effects on everyone. The result depends a lot on individual hair condition, so you should think about it carefully, or simply try all of those above. If you see no positive effect after that, it’s time to seek for the help of a professional.

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