How To Remove Keratin Glue From Hair? Secrets Revealed!

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Keratin hair extensions now are a must-have and effective hairpiece for women. The make your tresses longer and thicker instantly and cause no hair breakage and shedding. Plus, you can style the hair as needed. Hair extension is a great option if you are going for any special occasions, such as a wedding or party. However, keratin hair extension is not permanent, you need to remove it after several weeks. How to remove keratin glue from hair or is it easy to remove the hair extension myself? The following post is useful to you.

What is a keratin hair extension?

Just like other common extensions, keratin hair is designed to add more hair volume and highlights to your natural locks. It reaches natural-looking on all hair types and textures. Rather than using glue or tape, wearers use heated keratin protein to attach the extension. It is one of the hair items which are chosen and trusted by most hair experts and customers.

Benefits of the extension:

– Add more hair length and volume to your bio hair 

– Offer a natural-looking effect and allows the hair to move naturally as your own hair

How To Remove Keratin Glue From Hair? Secrets Revealed!
keratin hair extensions

– Available in numerous options of lengths, sizes, colors, and so on. 

– Entirely safe for your existing hair and scalp

– Perfect for all hairstyles, like ponytails, braids, and up-dos. 

Often, keratin hair extensions like I-tips, U-tips, etc. can last 6 months if you maintain it properly. However, the hair will mat and tangles every 3-4 months as your hair grows. You have to remove it before it becomes matted and tangled. 

How to remove glue from hair 

There are different keratin glue brands used to attach the hair extension; hence, you need to remove it carefully and safely. Keratin is applied to the top of the hair in a solid form and then melted by hair pliers or hot iron. To get rid of the adhesive, we strongly advise you to go with a pre-made solvent that can break down the bond and causes it to release from your natural locks. 

How to remove bonded hair extensions with acetone and pliers

How To Remove Keratin Glue From Hair? Secrets Revealed!
remove keratin glue with acetone and pliers

Acetone is considered as a common and effective removal solution for hair extension. Follow our instruction to get rid of the keratin glue safely:

– Before applying the acetone, you should wash your hair with conditioner or essential oil. Use anything that is good for your bio hair and extensions. Then gently brush your tresses to ensure that there are no tangles and knots left. Start brushing the hair on the top of your head, then move down to the hair extension where it is applied. 

– Sit down in front of the mirror and pick one of the keratin extensions in your hand. Section your hair so that the bonds are revealed. Position the keratin glue area and apply 1/8 tablespoon of acetone on the keratin bond. Take hair pliers and gently squeeze the bond to break up and loosen it. Bear in mind that you only squeeze the pliers hard enough to split the surface of the bond. Don’t break it with a jerk! Otherwise, it causes hair damages and breakage. 

– Continue using this hair extension removal solution and doing the process until you squeeze each side of the hair. Once you’ve done, you notice that the glue release from your locks. 

– Allow the solvent to seep and soften the bond. Then you twist the keratin with your fingertips and release it from your existing hair. If the hair extension does not slide easily, don’t tug it. Add another drop of acetone and let it soak for some more time. Come back to get rid of the keratin glue from your hair. 


Other easy steps to remove great lengths hair extensions at home

Spend a little money on a quality keratin bond remover solution and you can easily remove the hair at home. With it, you no need to make an appointment with your hair barber to remove the keratin extension. Online purchase is possible but you should consult others and read the reviews carefully before giving the decision. 

Here’re simple steps on how to remove keratin glue from hair with a pre-made remover:

How To Remove Keratin Glue From Hair? Secrets Revealed!
keratin bond remover

Wear a pair of gloves before applying the remover. Comb the hair first and position the keratin bonds. Add the remover to the bonding and roll the bond with your fingers. If you use a good quality remover, it works effectively on all keratin glue brands, even the strong bond. Continue rolling until the extension loosens up and falls apart from your natural locks. Repeat the process until all bonds are solved. 

There must be some bonding chunks left on your hair strands after removing all the extensions. Add some drops remover again and pull them out gently. Finally, comb the hair with a soft-tooted comb to leave your bio hair with no tangles and stickiness. 

After using keratin bond remover boots or acetone, you have to shampoo your hair and extension after removing. Apply hair conditioner or oil to hydrate and moisturize them. With the extension, let it air dry and store it so that you can reuse it. 

Final thoughts

Try these tips on how to remove keratin glue from hair, and do not forget to let us know what works most amazingly for you! We are more than happy to hear good news from you!

This is not enough – of course, but if you are looking for information about removing keratin glue, this article will never let you down. Also,  if you have other methods on how to remove hair extensions with pliers or other tools, don’t hesitate to share with us by leaving your comment below.

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